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Today’s Twofer: Megaritas at Rio Las Vegas

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Do we look out for you, or what? Here’s today’s irresistible Vegas twofer: Get two “Megaritas” for what should be the price of one inside the Village Seafood Buffet at Rio Las Vegas.

Megaritas at Rio Las Vegas

Bring it, bro. Note: The bartender is not a member of this blog's actual family.

No, that’s not a typo. They’re classic margaritas, just, you know, mega.

The ridiculously reasonable $25 gets you not only 45 ounces of liquid courage, but also the sweet Rio logo specialty glasses. Glasses which, we should add, are large enough to later be utilized as a hot tub.

margarita Rio Las Vegas

It's not just the height, it's the girth.

The Village Seafood Buffet is the only all-seafood buffet in Las Vegas, as far as we know, and we tend to know everything.

Find out more about the Village Seafood Buffet and its watering hole serving up these “Megaritas.” Because if Vegas is good at anything, it’s making up new marketing terms. Just ask your favorite “bevertainer” at Rio Vegas.

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