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Today’s Vegas Find: Cork Pets at Paris

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You know you love those Vegas tsotchkes. Dice clocks. Elvis keychains (complete with swiveling hips). Giant plastic cocktail glasses bearing the logo of your favorite Sin City hotel or bar. We love those Vegas souvenirs, too.

Our latest find doesn’t quite have the same cheese factor as those classics. It’s actually kind of, gasp, tasteful. And charming. Check out these Parisian Cork Pets for sale at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas.

Cork Pets Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Love animals? And wine? Done deal!

What better way to remember a special bottle of wine? Or maybe someone who didn’t start out all that special, but who ended up being special after they loosened up with a glass of wine or two? Hey, everything’s sexier at Paris.

The Cork Pets in the “Lucina K. Line” are made by Florida artist Lori Strickland. Each pewter piece starts as a hand-carved wax sculpture, and each pet is finished by hand. Every critter comes complete with its own story.

A Parisian Cork Pet will run you $49, but hey, you’ll be spending a lot more than that on daiquiris and keno, so that should keep things in perspective.

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