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“Total Vegas” App Puts Las Vegas at Your Fingertips

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There’s a new smartphone app in town, and it’s going to drive Sin City fanatics wild. It’s time for an exclusive first look at the new “Total Vegas” app, now available in the App store.

This free, new app manages to pull together all the Las Vegas resorts in the Caesars Entertainment family, and could very well be an essential tool for anyone serious about getting the most from their Vegas experience.

Total Vegas app

We're just getting started, baby!

Once it’s installed, the app presents intuitive categories: Casino Resorts, Shows & Concerts, Dining, Nightlife, Bars, All-Inclusive (Passes), Things to Do, Gaming (like Gambling, but fancier), Total Rewards, Services, Offers, Stay Connected, Maps and No Resort Fees.

In the Casino Resorts section, the app lets you check out a variety of room types at your favorite Strip hotels. If you find one you like, just use the “Book” button to make a reservation.

Total Vegas rooms

Your feelings of omnipresence will pass. Probably.

Under Shows & Concerts, the app is updated automatically with all the enterainment offerings at Caesars Entertainment resorts, and the results can be easily sorted by name or distance. There’s also a handy “Buy Tickets” function. In some cases, the app’s buttons shoot you off to the Web via your smartphone’s browser, but it’s still convenient to have a virtual jumping off point for Las Vegas in the palm of your hand.

Total Vegas app

Bonus: The app puts carnivores at your fingertips, too.

Speaking of distance, use of GPS technology is a great asset to the “Total Vegas” app. In several sections, you can see precisely how far you are from a given entertainment venue, shop or restaurant. That’s sure to help keep your dogs from barking! (That’s a figure of speech. The app can’t actually keep your dogs from barking. They can, however, tell you about the Caesars Entertainment PetStay program.)

The Dining area of the app let’s you search by restaurant or chef name. Foodies rejoice!

Total Vegas restaurant

Remind us to kiss these app-makers on the mouth.

Restaurants can be sorted by restaurant name, price range, distance or cuisine, and the listings provide an easy, one-touch way to call for reservations. We think this might just be the second most useful function in the entire app! (Wait for it.)

This blog’s very favorite part of the new “Total Vegas” app? The Stay Connected section! There, you can tap into a variety of sources of useful, up-to-the-minute content, including Facebook, Twitter and (thanks for waiting) the award-winning Pulse of Vegas blog!

Yep. The app magically pulls in real-time, text-only teasers for the last five posts on this very blog. Objectively speaking, this makes the “Total Vegas” app the best. App. Ever.

Total Vegas app blog

We have a lot of app designer kissing ahead of us.

The text-only teasers from this blog are, of course, accompanied by a link that lets you easily visit the photoglorious (not a real word) version of the blog via your phone’s browser, as illustrated below.

Total Vegas app

Yay for more us!

What else do you need to know? Did we mention how free it is?

Oh, and before we go much further, we should acknowledge that while “Total Vegas” makes it sound like the app covers all of Las Vegas, it doesn’t. It includes just the parts owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment. The name alludes to Total Rewards, the Caesars Entertainment player loyalty program. Trust us, that’s plenty of Vegas for just about anybody.

“Other highlights,” you clamor?

The aforementioned Total Rewards members can use the app to check account balances. Total Rewards is free to join, and one can even join via the app. Told you it was a great app.

Total Vegas app

Total Rewards members love them some Total Rewards. Just saying.

Under the section called Gaming, there’s a Rules and Tutorials section, with a Cleopatra’s Barge full of useful information about blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, and mini baccarat.

The Offers area is sparse at the moment, but we’ll take a buy-one-get-one-free cocktail deal anytime. Just show the offer at any Total Rewards booth to take advantage of the offer. We hear there will be more offers coming soon, and considering the GPS capability of the app, we suspect some could be “location aware,” so check the app often for updates.

In the Things to Do section, under Golf, the app even helps you book a tee time.

Total Vegas app

Told you.

Did we mention how much we love having ready access to maps of some of the Strip’s most frequented and labyrinthian resorts?

Total Rewards app

Bar and lounge locations, check. Restroom icons, check.

Real-time, real useful and the perfect Sin City travel companion, “Total Vegas” is a must-have app, so download it (again, free) today. It’s available for iPhone and will soon (2-3 weeks, we hear) be available for the Android.

Does this replace the previously-released Total Rewards app or Caesars Palace app? Answer: We have no idea. You tell us.

We’d love to hear what you think about the “Total Vegas” app! What functions do you love? What upgrades would you like to see in future versions? What’s cool, what’s missing, what’s stoking your Vegas fire? Post your thoughts in the Comments section once you give it a test drive.

Here are a few more screen grabs just to whet your smartphone’s whistle. Have fun with your new app, and be good. Wait, it’s Vegas. Nevermind. Just have fun.

[flagallery gid=93 name=”Pulse of Vegas Exclusives”]

And let’s not forget that the restaurant listings provide an easy, one-touch way to call for reservations.

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