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I admit it. I’ve been a professional wrestling fan since I was just a kid. It feels good to say that. Yes, since I was just a little boy, the rush of two titans in the squared circle grappling for supremacy (albeit predetermined supremacy) has had me wrapped around its athletically taped, broken finger. That guilty pleasure could only be matched by another – fried foods.

No matter what other taboo pleasures you might have – YouTubing full episodes of the original “American Gladiators,” matchmaking on your friends’ Plenty of Fish accounts, karaoke singing to Avril Lavigne songs, or in my case, “WHOOOOING” along with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair as he applies a figure four leg lock – fried foods are universal. We love them. We know they aren’t good for us. We might even regret them after eating. But the deliciousness always outweighs the guilt.

Vegas deep Fried Food

There is something so comforting about getting your favorite deep-fried treat. Or, the reverse, there is nothing more disappointing than eating a soggy, oily, amateurishly fried gut bomb. Frying takes skill. When done right, masterpieces of both taste and texture are created. Here are our some of favorite deep-fried dishes – Vegas style.

Nobu Restaurant at Caesars Palace

Favorite Fried Food: Teppan Dinner
Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of food that uses a beautiful, often large, iron griddle to cook cuisine. The items can be grilled, broiled or pan-fried. At Nobu Restaurant, the man who made Japanese cuisine essential in the Western Hemisphere, Nobu Matsuhisa, offers a wide arrange of teppan dishes for a variety of prices. Items include squid with jalapeno dressing, Japanese A5 Wagyu, Tasmanian Ocean Trout and Japanese Scallop with Uni. The only thing better than watching the chefs prepare the food up-close-and-personal is eating it right after they are done.

Vegas deep fried food - Fish and Chips from Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips restaurant

Fish and Chips from Gordon Ramsay. Simple yet delicious. Much like Gordon’s insults. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair / Total Vegas Blog.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at The LINQ Promenade

Favorite Fried Food: Fish & Chips
While there are other deep-fried options at this LINQ Promenade takeaway joint that are mighty tasty, you gotta go with the classic fish and chips platter. The batter on the mild, white fish is rightly crunchy and matches nicely with the sauce options such as curry and mango or southwestern ranch. The fish is properly flaky and easy to pull apart. As for the chips, these French fries are thick, so they can hold their own against both the fish and sauces.

British – Mexican fusion nachos and Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace

Nachos Ramsay style. Photo by Jason Leinwand / Total Vegas Blog.

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace

Favorite Fried Food: Kettle Chip Nachos
There is something delightfully decadent about this British – Mexican fusion take on nachos. The tortilla chips have been replaced by crispy, fried kettle chips. Corned beef, short rib and English cheddar cheese sauce all add to the bodacious appetizer. So where is the traditional nacho component? Well, it does have sour cream.

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Guy Fieri’s El Burro Borracho at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Favorite Fried Food: Trash Can Nachos
Sticking with the loaded chips theme, this dish is as over-the-top as the Food Network personality who created it. Guy Fieri’s nachos are literally presented in a mini trash can and go big on that California-Mexican mashup. Tortilla chips, black beans, melty queso casero (queso fresco a la Fieri), pickled red onions, pico de gallo, crema, crumbled Cotjia cheese, cilantro, jalapeño, plus whatever protein you want on top of it. That’s a fried splurge done right.

Brooklyn Bowl at The LINQ Promenade

Favorite Fried Food: Fried Chicken Dinner
There are loyalists that swear that this is the best fried chicken in the country. Yes, they believe that this is the Ric Flair of fried chicken! While that’s up for debate, one thing that isn’t is that this chicken is awesome. Created by the Bromberg Brothers, Bruce and Eric, this is the same bird found at their Blue Ribbon outposts. The coating of egg whites, matzo meal and seasonings make this a unique take on an American classic and one that is worthy of being in the “best of” debate.

Bacchanal Buffet At Caesars Palace

Favorite Fried Food: Nashville hot chicken
This famous fried fowl, courtesy of Music City, is getting to be as popular as the songs made in Nashville. Redolent of cayenne pepper, it’s got all the goodness of traditional fried chicken, plus that heat. It’s like a combination of instruments all hitting the perfect note at the same time, but spicier.

Favorite Fried Food: Stir Fry Station
Most Americans don’t think of stir fry right away when considering fried foods, but, it is right there in the name. In defense of U.S. citizens, stir fry as a technique wasn’t introduced to this country until 1945. In a way, stir fry is the perfect way to eat fried foods because the method, which involves getting oil extremely hot in a wok then quickly frying proteins and vegetables with lighter sauces, is a much healthier version of fried food. But don’t worry, that doesn’t make it any less delicious.

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Old Homestead Steakhouse At Caesars Palace

Favorite Fried Food: Warm Ricotta Fritters
Just the name alone of these dessert staples found at the Caesars Palace outpost is enough to make your mouth water. These doughy orbs are light and golden. They have that crunchy exterior yet remain airy on the inside. It’s an awesome way to showcase the Italian whey cheese. The fritters go perfectly with the accompanying berries and chocolate sauces.

Toby Keith’s I love this bar & Grill at Harrah’s Las Vegas

The Southern Fried Twinkie at Toby Keith's at Harrah's Las Vegas

The Southern Fried Twinkie at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill represents all that is right with America. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair / Total Vegas Blog.

Favorite Fried Food: Southern Fried Twinkies
There are those that said the Twinkie couldn’t be improved upon. It was already a spongy, doughy, creamy tube of processed perfection. Well, friends, head over to this honky-tonk at Harrah’s Las Vegas where they deep-fry that son of a gun. Then they add strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Try that. Then, let’s talk.

Dirt Dog at The Grand Bazaar Shops

Deep Fried Oreo at Dirt Dog in the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally's Las Vegas

Oreos that are deep-fried give diners a deeper appreciation of life. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair / Total Vegas Blog.

Favorite Fried Food: Deep-fried Oreos
The goodness that is a fried Oreo makes me question my parents – all of our parents. Were they hiding this pleasure from us? Did they think a traditional Oreo with its chocolate cookie exterior and sweet, creamy middle was enough for us? Or did they just not know how much better an Oreo is when deep-fried in a vat of oil? Parents everywhere, take note. Take your kids to this bodega outside of Ballys Las Vegas and hit that next level Oreo madness with your children.

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