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We’ve Got A Secret – The Best Off-The-Menu Items At Las Vegas Restaurants

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So you think you got your Vegas food game on lock? You know all the Vegas hot spots and you know exactly what to order at each place.

Well, guess what hot shot? Secret menus are trending right now and some of the most unique and delectable items won’t be found on a traditional menu. Here are some of our favorite secret menu options. But remember, ssshhhh. Keep this between us:

Caesars Palace

Rao’s Las Vegas

The Las Vegas branch of the storied New York Italian eatery has so many items off-the-menu that those items could form a separate menu. Roasted peppers, veal Marsala, sausage and peppers and onions, pasta aglio olio, frutti di mare – the list goes on. Check out the chicken cacciatore with its flavorful sauce along with peppers, mushrooms and peas. It’s an old-school classic.

Restaurant Guy Savoy 

Restaurant Guy Savoy's Vegas restaurant secret menu at Caesars Palace

This dish is so top secret, we can only show you a picture of Guy Savoy.

The dish known as Sea + Land takes the well-worn surf and turf and reinvents it by taking it to the pinnacle of luxury. Executive Chef Julien Asseo has taken the highest high-end items available and put them together on this awe-inspiring plate. A5 Japanese wagyu beef is seared then grilled in a bincho-tan. Maine lobster tail is poached in bouillon then bathed in brown butter. Lobster ravioli, glazed cauliflower, carrot puree, lobster chips, watercress and lobster bordelaise sauce finish this dish of extravagance. It will empty your wallet but fill your belly!

Paris Las Vegas


Yo cuz! The South Philly bad boy Steve Martorano has got a secret menu for you that injects his East Coast swagger with traditional Italian favorites. Items included a fresh, never frozen classic calamari with spicy San Marzano tomatoes, a kicked up home-style steak pizzaiola, a scrumptious and creamy penne cognac with jumbo shrimp and pancetta and luscious spaghetti with jumbo lump crab. These are familiar tastes done Steve’s way. Come and get some…cuz!


Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Gordon Ramsay BurGeR 

Gordon Ramsay Burger's "F Word" burger is on the Vegas restaurant secret menu list

The celebrity chef / television star has a new burger he’s offering for a limited time in conjunction with the airing of his new TV show, “The F Word.” You might yell the “F word” with enjoyment after trying this amazing meat monster. The patty is a blend of 27-day, dry-aged New York strip, ribeye and barbecue short rib. It’s topped with frisee, pickled shallots and lemon vinaigrette. We hope the show – and therefore the burger – gets renewed.

The Forum Shops At Caesars Palace


The Italian joint in the upscale shops attached to Caesars Palace is known for its titanic portions. We used that word on purpose because of the dessert known as The Titanic (pictured above). (#promove) That treat features enormous amounts of ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge and caramelized fruit all sitting on top of a chocolate torta. The tugboat is this dessert’s younger brother, featuring all the same ingredients in smaller – yet still ginormous – amounts.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Center Cut Steakhouse 

Here’s a classic steakhouse meal advertised in an old-school way: word of mouth. A 12 oz salt-crusted prime rib plus a delicious Caesar salad or rich French onion soup for the reasonable cost of $35 is served Sunday through Thursday as long as you ask for it. It’s a winning deal.

The LINQ Hotel and Casino 

Hash House a Go Go 

The country fresh, twisted farm food that comes in enormous portions has something for everyone – including those who are stuck deciding between breakfast and lunch. The breakfast burger features two Angus beef patties. Of course, normal patties wouldn’t really capture what HHAGG is all about, so these patties are stuffed with ham and melted cheese. Your arteries still have room for more so the burger is topped scrambled eggs and the normal accouterments. This might be your answer between breakfast and lunch, but one question you won’t have to answer afterwards is, “What’s for dinner?” Because you’ll be in a food coma.

The LINQ Promenade

Haute Doggery

Haute Doggery at the LINQ Promenade has a Vegas restaurant secret menu item

Mat Franco hot dog at Haute Doggery in the LINQ Promenade. Photo courtesy of Haute Doggery / Facebook.

The frankfurter outpost that offers all things hot dogs on its large menu even has a weenie for those that want to go beyond the print. In honor of magician Mat Franco, who is a resident headliner at the hotel, HD offers up the magic of a weenie named after him. It’s a char-grilled hot dog with mustard, chili, onion, celery salt, and pepper. Now you see it. Now you don’t… you know, because you ate the whole thing and it’s in your belly. Boom. That happened.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger "Animal Style" burger is on the Vegas restaurant secret menu The worst kept secret in secret menus is housed with the West Coast’s favorite burger chain. You can ask for thing as simple as an extra toasty bun on your burger or go protein style with no bun at all and just lettuce blanketing your patties. Why you would do the latter is beyond us but that’s not really the point. If a double-double won’t satisfy your appetite for beef, ask for more patties and more bread – example 4 x 4. You can get a root beer float or extra crispy fries. Most importantly, you can get your burger (or fries) done animal style which features mustard grilled patties, pickles, grilled onions, melty cheese and sauce.

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