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Well, Yeah, Actually, This Kind of Sucks

Last updated: July 19, 2010 at 9:34 pm. Posted by in Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Restaurants, Things to Do in Las Vegas, Total Rewards. Comments Off on Well, Yeah, Actually, This Kind of Sucks.

This Las Vegas blog is sorry to announce that the widely-beloved Buffet of Buffets is no longer available at its ridiculously-low, former price. As of today (Jul. 17), the price is $39.99 for Total Rewards members (and their companions under 21), and $45.99 for non-members.

We know, we know. Slight bummer. However, we are highly-trained marketing professionals, and are well-equipped to assist you with your Price Increase Suffering Syndrome (we’ll spare you the acronym).


Stop the whining, and load up!

While the real reasons for the price bump are pretty boring (popularity of the program far exceeding expectations, adjusting the price point to manage demand to maintain reasonable line length and service levels, blah, blah), we’ve compiled a list of ways to spin this price adjustment to make it good news! (See how spin works? It’s not an “increase,” it’s an “adjustment.” Fun, huh?)

Spin #1: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Whether you’re talking about your love life or Vegas buffets, this timeless sentiment puts it all in perspective. Let’s live in the moment.

Spin #2: Like a challenge? Now’s your chance to get your money’s worth and stick it to the MAN. Show everyone who’s boss, get your all-day pass and eat like you just won a reward challenge on “Survivor.” That’ll show ’em.

Spin #3: It’s Vegas, baby! We don’t play by the rules.

Spin #5: See? Told you we don’t play by the rules.

Spin #6: Look at all the wonderful food! There are people on our planet, right now, that are having mud for lunch. We should feel lucky to have such abundance! Makes fretting over spending a few bucks more for unlimited food seem kind of silly, doesn’t it?

Flamingo buffet

Stop undressing these buffet desserts with your eyes.

Spin #7: You know how sometimes you try on a pair of pants, and they don’t fit? So, you try on another pair? Sometimes, the right fit takes some time. The same goes for Capitalism. It’s an inexact science. Ultimately, it’s supply and demand. Basically, if you dislike price adjustments, you dislike a market economy that matches curves to equilibrium.

Spin #8: Sad about the price jump? Take control of your own destiny. Try your luck in a Las Vegas casino, win a Vegas jackpot, buy a Las Vegas resort and give away buffets for free, all the time.

Spin #9: Dude, it’s a few bucks more.

Spin #10: This is still an awesome, awesome deal! Did we mention that the still-low price of $39.99 (you are going to join Total Rewards, right?) is for all-day, all-access, all-you-can-eat buffet gloriousness at some of the world’s premier resort destinations?

Hey, wait a minute, that last item wasn’t exactly marketing spin. It’s just plain true. So, take a deep breath and dig in at your favorite Vegas buffet. Or all of them.

Of course, we’re sorry for having to raise our Buffet of Buffets prices. Of course, we’re sorry some of the advertising on the Strip still reflects the earlier price. (We’re fixing it!) And we’re sorry if we didn’t get it right the first time. Nobody’s perfect. Giant gaming companies are people, too, you know.

Flamingo buffet

Nothing says, "Loosen that belt another notch!" like a Vegas buffet.

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