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It’s Tequila Time! Where To Drink The Best Margaritas In Vegas

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While this might mean some bad decisions in retrospect, the (lack of) memory is worth going all out and sampling the extensive margarita and tequila selections offered at the best Mexican restaurants on the Las Vegas StripArrrrriba!

Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

The prime selection at the saucy LINQ Promenade spot Chayo includes more than 50 tequilas, rare finds and exotic limited-editions—plus a beckoning mechanical bull you can ride free. For $21, do a specialty tequila flight, with either three kinds of Don Julio or Patrón. If you win big at the tables and feel like splurging, order from the Featured Tequilas list, with Casa Dragones, Don Julio Real and the truly good stuff: $85-a-glass Patrón Gran Burdeos.

If cocktails are more your thing, taste one of the 11 other tequila drinks, from the Panco Villa with Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila to Mexican versions of mojitos and Moscow Mules. The huge taco platters and tostadas pair great with any of the above and are ideal for groups. Margarita lovers will especially love the specials: 2-for-1 margaritas on Taco Tuesday as well as during daily happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m.


Flavored, exotic, mega-sized—as the name suggests, Margaritville is the grand daddy of all margarita hot spots. This Flamingo corner Strip locale boasts every flavor and mix imaginable, from oversized “boat drink” tequila cocktails to mixed shots. There’s even a 45-ounce, take-home blender cup packed with enough juice to aid your treks walking the Strip.

Feeling bold? Try the 5 O’Clock Somewhere, with Margaritaville Silver Rum and Paradise Passion Fruit Tequila, Bacardi 151 Rum, orange and pineapple juices, sweet and sour and a splash of grenadine. The Chocolate Banana Colada is also dangerously delicious. Picture sitting patio-side and sipping a sweet frozen treat of Pineapple Chocolate Whipped Vodka, 99 Bananas and coconut puree, and topped with a float of Myer’s Dark Rum. Undecided? There’s also a bargain margarita flight, with four different tropical flavors on the rocks: original, watermelon, blueberry pomegranate and mango.

Mesa Grill

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is famed for his love of mixing in Southwest flair to almost everything—and that includes his tequila menu at Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace. For some mind-blowing kick, pair your Chipotle Glazed Rib-Eye with Red and Green Chile Sauce with his raved-about Prickly Pear margarita. Next, sample the popular Cactus or White Peach margaritas, which has just the right hint of sweetness.

While in your tequila-induced haze, nosh on more of Flay’s signature dishes that marry fine Southwestern spices and flavors from the grill: New Mexican spice-rubbed pork tenderloin with bourbon-ancho chile sauce, sweet potato tamale and crushed pecan butter. Since you’re already splurging, down a shot of Patrón Silver or Don Julio with your dessert of deep dish banana cream pie and churros.

Tequila Taqueria

Get the best deals south of the border at the new Tequila Taqueria inside Bally’s Las Vegas. Tucked away next to BLT Steak, this sizzling fiesta is a great stop before you hit the center Strip just outside Bally’s front doors. Even better, it’s open until 6 a.m. for post-clubbing cravings. (Ahem, all you Drai’s partiers across the street.)

There are more than 37 premium tequilas on hand, including Blanco, Reposado mescal and Anjeos.
Our pick? The Taqueria Primo Margarita, with Sauza 901 silver tequila. Pair it with the slow-roasted pork enchiladas on tortillas made fresh daily, or get the tableside guac and Nachos Grande to share. The 10 different bottled Mexican beers here aren’t bad either.

Border Grill

I welcome you to have an all-out foodie fest here. Border Grill at The Forum Shops at Caesars is known for its acclaimed dishes that never disappoint, and its drinks on are naturally on par, too. Being that the popular Mexican restaurant is owned by Top Chef Mastershot tamales Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, the margaritas and tequila cocktails here aren’t your run-of-the-mill varieties. I love the unique flavors in the margaritas—you’ll spot everything from pineapple vanilla infused tequila blanco to blood orange, almond milk and orange cream soda.

Food and drink pairings are especially important here because of the unique flavors that carry over to the dishes. (The short rib enchiladas will blow your mind.) P.S.—Border Grill’s brunch is one of the most renowned in the city and a definite must-try for any visitor or local. Just don’t get so sloshed you forget to shop afterward!

Carlos ‘n Charlie’s

If your tolerance is sky-high and you love a good deal—and anything-goes shenanigans—head to kitschy party bar-restaurant Carlos ‘n Charlie’s at Flamingo. A festive atmosphere means there are always ice-cold drinks to go with the ongoing live music or sports games playing. Dig into jumbo-sized Mayan Pyramid nachos and plunk down some change for a whopping 34-ounce frozen margarita. Bonus: The icy delights come in an array of flavors including passion fruit, strawberry, mango and lime. Two-for-one frozen house margaritas are offered at happy hour, nightly from 2-6 p.m., as well as Wednesday Latin night—the perfect time to show off your moves to the DJ.


Searsucker at Caesars Palace
Order one of the specialty jalapeño and strawberry infusion drinks, or imbibe in the When Doves Cry cocktail, made of Casamigo blanco tequila, hibiscus, grapefruit and lime.

Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen + Bar at LINQ
Go big or go home! The Kick’d Up Caddy cocktail is also available in a 52-ounce punch bowl size. It’s a mix of Patrón silver tequila, grand marnier, agave syrup, fresh lime juice, shaved jalapeño and a spiced salt rim.

La Gloria at The Forum Food Court in Caesars Palace
The full infusion margarita menu at this famously authentic San Antonio restaurant features Pina Mezcal, with pineapple, Mezcal, orange and vanilla bean.

Lobby Bar at Caesars Palace
Try the Patrón Duels or the Patrón Anejo barrel select, specifically handpicked for Caesars Palace.

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4 Responses

  1. Chantelle

    How could you forget the Margarita’s at O’Sheas? They are the best, I have suffered some embarrassing moments by not respecting the best margaritas on the strip and trust me I have tried most of those mentioned!!!

  2. Sandra

    “There are more than 37 premium tequilas on hand, including Blanco, Reposado mescal and Anjeo”

    I just wanted to clarify the differences in tequila and the aging process.
    The following statement is from and is only describing TEQUILA; Mescal is a different liquor.

    Types of Tequila – Classifications?
    With close to 1000 Tequila brands to choose from, it helps to know the different types of Tequilas and the categories they fall into. Strict regulations on labeling assist the consumer in determining the type of the spirit, where it was produced, and the term it was aged (if any).

    The main two types of Tequila are first split into two categories, 100% Blue Agave, and Tequila Mixto (Mixed). Mixto Tequila contains a minimum of 51% Blue Agave, and the remaining 49% from other sugars (typically cane sugars). The additional products allowed in Mixto Tequilas are caramel color, oak extract flavoring, glycerin, and sugar based syrup. Mixto Tequila can now be bottled outside of the Tequila territory, including other countries, which started January 6, 2006.

    By reading the label on the bottle you can tell which clasification it is in, as all Tequila that is made from 100% Blue Agave will say “Tequila 100% de agave” or “Tequila 100% puro de agave”. All other Mixto Tequila labels will only read “Tequila”.

    The above two categories of Tequila are then divided into the following five types of Tequila and are labeled as such:

    Tequila Silver – Blanco – Plata – White – Platinum
    This is the Blue Agave spirit in its purest form. It is clear and typically un-aged, where the true flavors and the intensity of the Agave are present, as well as the natural sweetness. It can be bottled directly after distillation, or stored in stainless steel tanks to settle for up to 4 weeks. There are some Blanco products that are aged for up to 2 months to provide a smoother or “Suave” spirit.

    Types of Tequila – Blanco

    Tequila Gold – Joven – Oro
    Gold Tequila is typically a Mixto, where colorants and flavorings have been added prior to bottling. These “young and adulterated” Tequilas are less expensive and used in many bars and restaurants for “mixed drinks”.

    There are exceptions however, as a “Gold” or “Joven” Tequila can also be the result of blending a Silver Tequila with a Reposado and/or Añejo Tequila, while keeping the 100% Agave classification.

    Types of Tequila – Joven

    Types of Tequila – Mixto Gold

    Tequila Reposado
    A Reposado Tequila is the first stage of “rested and aged”. The Tequila is aged in wood barrels or storage tanks between 2 months and 11 months. The spirit takes on a golden hue and the taste becomes a good balance between the Agave and wood flavors. Many different types of wood barrels are used for aging, with the most common being American or French oak. Some Tequilas are aged in used bourbon / whiskey, cognac, or wine barrels, and will inherit unique flavors from the previous spirit.

    Reposado Tequilas are also referred to as “rested” and “aged”.

    Types of Tequila – Reposado

    Tequila Añejo (extra aged)
    After aging for at least one year, Tequila can then be classified as an “Añejo”. The distillers are required to age Añejo Tequila in barrels that do not exceed 600 liters. This aging process darkens the Tequila to an Amber color, and the flavor can become smoother, richer, and more complex.

    Añejo Tequilas are also referred to as “aged” and “extra-aged”.

    Types of Tequila – Anejo

    Tequila Extra Añejo (ultra aged)
    A new classification added in the summer of 2006, labeling any Tequila aged more than 3 years, an “Extra Añejo”. Following the same rule as an “Añejo”, the distillers must age the spirit in barrels or containers with a maximum capacity of 600 liters. With this extended amount of aging, the Tequila becomes much darker, more of a Mahogany color, and is so rich that it becomes difficult to distinguish it from other quality aged spirits. After the aging process, the alcohol content must be diluted by adding distilled water. These Extra Añejo’s are extremely smooth and complex.

    Extra Añejo Tequilas are also referred to as “ultra-aged”.

    Types of Tequila – Extra Anejo

    Other types of Tequila spirits you can find on the market include Tequila Liqueurs, Tequila Cremes, Tequila Infusions, Flavored Tequilas, and Tequila soft drinks. Many of these products are used in specialty cocktails, restaurant dishes and desserts. Mixto Tequila is standard for most liqueurs and flavored products, but it is best to check the label and look for “Made with 100% Agave Tequila”.

    Types of Tequila – Liqueurs, Cremes, Infusions, Flavored ~ Powered by Cooked Agave

    Copyright © 2002-2015 ~ ~ All Rights Reserved

  3. char

    I know there are too many places to review margaritas in Vegas but I’ve never had a margarita like the ones at Javier’s in the Aria. Not to be overlooked! And even without comparison I know they have to be better than the Margaritaville chain restaurant’s drinks. Try the original and the Jalapeño. You will never want another elsewhere.

  4. Dave Printz

    Where is the sangrita? Have to have it for a proper tequila y completo!