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Why wait for Valentine’s Day for dinner at the most romantic restaurant in Las Vegas?

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Romantic Dinner on the Las Vegas Strip

Roses and rosé shouldn’t be reserved only for February 14th. Las Vegas restaurants offer many opportunities to wow your significant other with a memorable and elegant dinner. The Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas, with its picturesque views and menu of updated French classics, sets the scene for the ultimate romantic meal. Imagine it now: a table dotted with rose petals overlooking one of the most famous streets in the world. That’s not the case here where you can enjoy a multi-course masterpiece of modern French delights against the ideal backdrop.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant View at Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Talk about a room with a view! There’s not a bad seat in the house though the tables by the windows are highly coveted. The posh décor with deep red tones embodies romance so it’s no wonder hundreds of marriage proposals occur here monthly. No pressure though! Whether you want to pop the question or simply enjoy a magnificent meal, this is the restaurant to choose. Opt for a seating time a bit before sunset to make the most of the view as day transitions to night.

Romantic Dinner with a view in Las Vegas

The view from the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is as spectacular as the cuisine!

Now that we’ve established you’ll wow your date with the view, it’s time to discuss an equally important part of this experience: the gourmet food. Some high-end restaurants offer bites the size of croutons elegantly plated so you think you’re getting haute cuisine but really you just leave hungry. Luckily, that isn’t an issue at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. Executive Chef J. Joho began his formal culinary training in France and honed his skills in kitchens throughout Europe before bringing them to Las Vegas. His menu is complemented by an award-winning wine list featuring an extensive collection of French and California wines, among others.

You know the old saying “When in Rome…?” Well, when at Paris, be sure to pair that wine with a few of his classic French dishes. Appetizers include a wide selection though the foie gras is a must. Choose your preparation of either cold foie gras torchon served with duck prosciutto, fig compote and brioche or warm foie gras with braised Bing cherries and Alsace spice cake. Though not of French origin, several salads stand out among the appetizers. The preparation of the salad with market greens, avocado, sunflower seeds and sherry walnut vinaigrette wrapped in a cucumber slice makes it almost too pretty to eat. Almost. The Non-Traditional Caesar Salad with warm anchovies, capers and a light but complexly layered garlic vinaigrette is also excellent. Several types of caviar are available for those looking to take the early courses to the next level.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Impress your date by ordering your main course in French or at least make your best attempt to stammer through the lines under the English on the menu. Entrecôte de Boeuf Os á Moelle Rôtie, anyone? Oui oui! That’s a bone-in ribeye served with roasted bone marrow for those of you who fell asleep in French class. This delectable dish tastes great no matter what language you use. Steaks and seafood, plus some vegetarian favorites, abound on this menu and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. The Individual Eiffel Tower Beef Wellington served with sautéed snap peas puts an even classier spin on filet mignon nestled in a swirling sunburst puff pastry. The peas are to die for! They’re not just there to brighten up the plate.  Be sure to offer your date the opportunity to pick the accompaniments but strongly hint at the Gratinée Creamed Spinach and Mushroom.

Romantic Desserts in Las Vegas

The first rule of indulging in a nice meal is to save room for dessert. Oh, is that not officially a thing? Anyway, it should be. Your date definitely wants dessert whether that’s admitted or not. The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is known for its desserts, particularly the soufflés. It’s not surprising hundreds are served every night. Choose from six flavors including chocolate, Grand Marnier, banana, caramel, pistachio or the current featured flavor: Nutella. There’s just something magical about these warm and fluffy desserts that envelop your tongue like nothing else can. Soufflés are made-to-order and take a while to bake but don’t worry, your attentive server will be sure to offer you one at the right point in the meal to account for prep time. It will be the perfect finishing touch to a remarkable meal sure to be a highlight of your Las Vegas visit. Your romantic experience at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant may even help secure you a life-long Valentine!

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