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Today’s Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Weirdness

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As cheesy publicity stunts go, this one ended up being pretty charming. The folks at a storied Sin City institution, A Little White Wedding Chapel, and a local sandwich shop, Capriotti’s, hosted an event where people were wed to, wait for it, sandwiches.

Little White Wedding Chapel

We do love us some Vegas kitsch.

Note: Don’t look at that photo too long, or you may need a sedative.

Yep, guests were invited to dress in outlandish costumes (on Jul. 21) and were treated to free, official-looking marriage certificates and photos with their new spouses, “Bobbie” sandwiches. Yes, we said the name of the sandwich, knowing full well we’re playing right into their hands by talking about this stunt. Sigh.


Do we love Captain Morgan? Yes. Do we love Captain Morgan in flip-flops? Somewhat less.

It was hard not to get into the spirit of the event, mostly because everyone in attendance seemed to be having so much mayo-fueled fun.

It’s estimated more than 200 people took part in the event, with longtime officiant and taskmaster Charlotte Richards overseeing the nuptials.

Happy Hoofers

These fun-loving ladies are members of a local dance group, the Happy Hoofers. Cute, or what?

Of course, the chapel’s resident Elvis impersonator Frankie Castro got into the act. You think being an Elvis impersonator is an easy gig? It was about 110 degrees out, and Frankie mentioned, “This suit weighs about 20 pounds.” No kidding, and much of it is metal!

Frankie Castro

Elvis and sandwiches just, you know, seem to get along.

Among the Little White Wedding Chapel’s distinctions is its famed drive-through window. Open 24-hours-a-day, of course. And, naturally, we got a pic!

Drive Through Wedding

The drive-through window at A Little White Wedding Chapel proves there's a wedding for every taste and budget in Vegas.

We hear guests deemed to have the wackiest costume will get a year’s supply of Bobbie subs. We have no idea who won. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a puppet of the Bobbie sandwich publicity machine. Much.

Vegas weddings

Ladies, please, take this a little less seriously. You're marrying sandwiches.

A mass wedding to sandwiches? Of course! It’s another “only in Vegas” moment. And, yeah, that’s probably for the best.

Vegas Little White Chapel

According to this sign, at some point, Joan Collins and Michael Jordan were married at this chapel. We wonder if they actually know that.

In case you’re in the mood for a Las Vegas wedding with a little less, oh, sandwich and Elvis, take a look at these lunchmeat-free alternatives.

Update: Here are the winners and runners-up. Come on, Capriotti’s. You can’t say you’re having a contest then say, “We can’t choose just one winner.” Cop out!

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