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How to Hook Up in Vegas Without Even Trying

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For many people, a visit to Vegas means an opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Often, though, the most difficult part of meeting someone is breaking the ice.

At Rio Las Vegas, the ice-breaking is easier than you’d think.

When you visit iBar at Rio, several of the tables are equipped with Microsoft Surface devices. The tables have touch-sensitive screens that are a complete blast.

Witness the end of awkward silences!


Why rely on charm to meet people in Vegas when you can rely on technology?

Talk about a conversation-starter.

We stopped by iBar to get some exclusive video of Surface in action. And, yes, this blog could moonlight as a hand model, thank you.


Microsoft describes its Surface device this way: “It enables experiences that change the way people collaborate and connect with a 360-degree interface.” Translation: Vegas hook-up, baby! Not that this blog condones that kind of thing. Necessarily.


With "Virtual Vegas," easily check out tons of things to do in Sin City.

Aside from the potential hook-up factor, the Surface tables at iBar also happen to provide some useful information (we hate when that happens). Guests can easily get a preview of popular Vegas shows and learn more about Las Vegas hotel amenities.

But mostly it’s about the pinball simulation thingy. It’s awesome.


The awesome pinball thingy.

Try out the Surface-enabled tables the next time you’re at Rio Las Vegas.

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