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Sip on Vegas’ Most Over the Top Drinks

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There’s nothing wrong with having a Jack & Coke or a pint of beer without any fanfare at a lobby bar. But you’ve likely come to Las Vegas to do things that are a bit more extraordinary than “the usual” – and boy, is Las Vegas great at doing extraordinary, especially when it comes to our booze.

We’ve put together some of Vegas’ most over-the-top drinking experiences for you to give them a … shot.

Best Drinks in Vegas

Take Home Crazy Drink Containers

It’s pretty likely that your mental image of a Las Vegas tourist includes some kind of wacky drink container. Be it an electric guitar, bucking bronco or the traditional oversized yard glass, there are a lot of fun souvenirs to be had in Vegas, filled with boozy, frosty goodness.

Some of our faves include the Eiffel Tower you can get at Paris Las Vegas, the aforementioned bronco found at PBR Rock Bar inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and this Death Star-looking thing (just kidding – it’s a High Roller pod!). But we’ve rounded up a whole selection of Las Vegas novelty drink containers, at least one of which is bound to be your favorite.

The Beer Wall at The Book at The LINQ Hotel + Experience - best drinks in Vegas

The Beer Wall at The Book. Photo courtesy of The LINQ.

Take on the Big Wall O’ Beer

Think “over the top” more in in terms of choice – just look at this pour-your-own beer wall. Don’t you feel overwhelmed by the variety? Or maybe you just feel a little thirsty.

The Book at The LINQ Hotel + Experience is a great spot for sports lovers, with its 50+ TVs, fan caves and food selection in addition to the sports and race book itself. But no matter what team you’re rooting for, we can all agree: Choosing from 24 beers on tap, including IPAs, lagers, stouts and more, is a winning play.

Sip on Clever Cocktails

Just because something is a classic doesn’t mean it also has to be boring. Classic cocktails get a whole new life at many bars in Las Vegas. Take the Smoke on the Boulevard cocktail at Hell’s Kitchen, for instance – it shares a lot in common with the classic Manhattan, but comes to you in a fancy smoke box that lends it a different flavor.

You also can choose from classy cocktail bars and lounges like Alto Bar or Montecristo Cigar Bar at Caesars Palace and Catalyst at The LINQ, or a restaurant known for great libations like GIADA at The Cromwell or HEXX Kitchen and Bar at Paris Las Vegas. There’s always some way to shake things up.

specialty infused cocktails you’ll find at 3535 at The LINQ Las Vegas

Better than waiting all year for Girl Scout cookies.

Imbibe with Interesting Infusions

There’s nothing else quite like the specialty infused cocktails you’ll find at 3535 at The LINQ.

The bar’s 35 unique creations actually infuse flavors like blue cheese, bacon, Nutella and mint Oreos into their spirits, to enhance each cocktail. And there are no substitutions or taste-alikes here – they use the real deal in each infusion.

If the thought of Sriracha vodka, mint Oreo vodka, or espresso-infused bourbon excite you, you’ve got to hit 3535 on your next Vegas bar crawl.



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Kick Some Ice

The LINQ Promenade must be pretty cool, because two of our favorite frosty cocktails are found at Favorite Bistro and ICEBAR.

Favorite Bistro offers the refreshing and gorgeous Crystal Cranberry cocktail that is encased in the very ice that keeps it cold as you drink it. Enjoy this elegant raindrop alongside some modern French bistro fare like short ribs Bourguignon, lamb shanks or brunch time lobster Benedicts.

Across the way, ICEBAR immerses you in the cold. Here, you rent some cold weather gear at the entrance and go in for some ultra-cool cocktails at a bar that’s made of ice. Try one of their ten signature cocktails or if you’re feeling festive, do a shot ski with your squad.

You can always check out other bars in Vegas if you want to explore other places to drink, especially at nighttime.

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