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Bar Person or Club Goer? Find Out In Vegas

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Can’t decide if you’re a bar person, club person or even somewhere in the middle? No worries. That’s what we’re here for. We break down Vegas nightclubs and bars so you can party ’til the break of dawn.

Just remember no matter what you do, Vegas nightlife always wins.


Dance The Night Away: Club goer

Dance the night away at Las Vegas nightclub - OMNIA at Caesars Palace

Drai’s all day, every day.

If your main goal is to dance all night, then you really don’t have to read past this section. You’re lucky because Vegas is known for its worldwide all-out parties, so turn up!

You can catch your favorite EDM DJs and producers at OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace, or the biggest hip-hop acts at Drai’s Nightclub at The Cromwell. So who will it be? Dance to Calvin Harris at OMNIA Nightclub or artists like T.I. or Miguel at Drai’s? You make the call.

Have A Deep, Meaningful Conversation: bar person

You are a Las Vegas bar person if you want to have an meaningful conversation with cocktails

A bar with a view? This one has more than a few. VISTA Cocktail Lounge inside Caesars Palace.

If you’re looking forward to catching up with friends (or get to know that cutie who’s been eyeing you all night), you can forget about it at a nightclub. You can’t hear squat. And even if you were to go with your gals to the ladies room, there will be others chatting up a storm. (Too bad clubs don’t come with subtitles, right?)

When you want to reminisce about kindergarten with your childhood bestie or find a new “friend” to possibly hang out with the entire weekend, bars are your best bet. We love the vibe at VISTA Cocktail Lounge, which has digitized displays of famous city skylines. And if the convo gets stale, you can always point to the “cities” you want to visit and take it from there.


Have A Custom Cocktail: Bar person

You are a Las Vegas bar person if you looking to order a custom cocktail

Mr. Tasty’s Blackberry Mojito at Montecristo Cigar Bar inside Caesars Palace.

You can forget about ordering a fancy schmancy drink at a nightclub. Not only will you be holding up the line, but you’d have to yell your order and nobody likes that customer. At a bar, you won’t have to worry about being a pest. Head to any bar and mixed drinks are the bartenders’ specialty. Have a bougie cocktail and a cigar at Montecristo Cigar Bar inside Caesars Palace. The gorgeous drink you see above is the cigar bar’s popular drink, Mr. Tasty’s Blackberry Mojito. It’s made with Bacardi dragon berry rum, hand-squeezed lime, house-made simple syrup and topped with blackberries and fresh mint.

Feel like drinking something that tastes like a Girl Scout cookie? The thin mint martini at 3535 is one of our faves. Don’t miss the refreshing Wat-A-Pear or any of the other house-made infusion based cocktails.

Any Drink Will Do: Club Goer

Hey, if you’re satisfied with a Jack and Coke or vodka and soda water, then you won’t have any problem going to a nightclub. Besides, you’re here for one reason and one reason only – to dance all night. You want to leave the bar as much as the bartender wants to get to next customer!

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Date Night… Or Not 

Easy Escape: Club Goer 

If you are looking for an escape, then you are a Las Vegas nightclub person

Lucky for you, Drai’s Nightclub opens to the pool area at night. Photo by Erik Kabik.

So you and your squad got free drinks and now you want to ditch the peeps who bought them for you. At a club, you can. If you don’t lose them in the huge crowd, you can always escape to the rooftop — Drai’s Nightclub, VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub and Lounge, Chateau Nightclub and OMNIA Nightclub all have one. And hey, not only will you have an escape route, but you’ll catch some sweet views of the Strip too.

Get To know your boo: Bar person

This brings us back to the aforementioned deep, meaningful conversation bit. Let’s say you met someone at a bar, ended up liking them and want to have another convo. You’re not trying to escape. You want that up-close and personal interaction. (But in case things do go awry, there’s always the “Gotta go to the bathroom” excuse.)


Chill In A Laid Back Atmosphere: Bar person

You’re trying to wind down from your trip, but you still want to sip. If you want a relaxed setting where dress code isn’t required, that’s where Vegas bars come in. Head to Le Central at Paris Las Vegas. You can people-watch and the admire the stunning chandeliers above. Plus if you’re more of an early bird than a night owl, you’re in luck: Le Central’s daily happy hour is from 6 a.m. – 2 p.m. which includes $8 specialty cocktails.

We also like Bound at The Cromwell. The dim lighting gives it a relaxed feel so if you’re still recovering from last night’s festivities, you won’t have to wear shades. Try the breakfast martini, which includes fresh orange marmalade or the bold and spicy Spicy Fifty.

iBar at the Rio offers reverse happy hour specials from 1 a.m. – 4 a.m. Drinks are half off. You can sit back, play games and even watch music videos to your favorite songs.

seeking High Energy: Club Goer 

Are you seeking high energy atmosphere, then you are a Las Vegas nightclub person

OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace stays lit.

Maaan… FORGET chill. You can chill at home, right? You’ve come to Vegas to live each night to the fullest. Atmosphere is everything and you want to make all your friends jealous via Instagram and SnapChat. You’ll love the gigantic shape-shifting chandelier at OMNIA Nightclub’s dance floor, as well as its rooftop area when you need to cool off. The rooftop has the best Strip views, especially of the Eiffel Tower across the street. You want all the lights, sounds and action you can get. Bring it on, special effects!

If you don’t the party to stop, head to Drai’s After Hours at The Cromwell. This club is open so late, it closes early: We’re talking 10 a.m. early.


One Spot Or Two (Or Even Three…)

Up For A Bar Crawl: Bar Hopper

You are a Las Vegas bar person if you like to bar hop

Get your bar crawl on at The LINQ Promenade.

We’re going to tell you this right now: There is no way you’re going to do a bar crawl in heels. Unless you already wear heels 24/7. But this is your excuse to dress down and hit up the bars at The LINQ Promenade. You can have everything from a juice cocktail at Squeeze to your home state beer at AmeriCAN and cocktails on the 550-foot-tall High Roller observation wheel.

Happy To Stay In One Spot: Club Goer

You are a Las Vegas nightclub person if you enjoy spending time in one spot

OMNIA’s chandelier is everything. See it at Caesars Palace.

Technically, you can club hop but your poor, poor feet will be sorry. Plus, rounding up your squad, weaving through crowds and lining up to get into another club isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun. We imagine you chose your club for a reason and are completely cool with grooving to music there all night.

Rooftop foodie

Casual: Bar Person


You are a Las Vegas bar person if you are going for a casual look

Rooftop casual looks good on you. Photo courtesy of Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas.

You’re not looking to dress up, but dress down. You could probably get away with wearing your PJs and rockin’ a bedhead (although we don’t encourage it — you don’t want to appear like you just left Mom’s basement). BEER PARK at Paris Las Vegas is for you. You can play everything from corn hole to giant Jenga and get your grub on with a full menu. Wash down your munchies with a bevy of beer selections, served in bottles or by draft.

All-out Soiree: Club Goer

Catch up with all your girlfriends at the VooDoo Lounge at Rio.

All the laaaadies… catch up with your gals at VooDoo Lounge at Rio.

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub and Lounge is a Vegas nightclub, but there’s also a spiffy steakhouse when you go down the spiral staircase. You can have a romantic dinner and go upstairs for cocktails and mingling. When you are more than 50 stories high gazing from the rooftop, life can’t get much better than that. Tip: Get the Witch Doctor, a cocktail combining multiple rums and dry ice. Talk about a spellbinding potion.

So… what if you like both?

Can’t decide if you’re a bar or club person and feel like you’re more in between? For bar and club lovers, you fit into our special hybrid category we’d like to call blubber. (Kidding!) Luckily, if you fall in the middle you can have the best of both worlds:

Cleopatra’s Barge at Caesars Palace

Cleopatra's Barge inside Caesars Palace has live shows

Cleopatra stays lookin’ fly. Practice your Egyptian walk at Cleopatra’s Barge inside Caesars Palace.

You’re on a boat people. A boat. Cleopatra’s Barge hosts have acts here sometimes and hey, if you didn’t make the cruise this year you can party here instead. This Vegas lounge also has live shows: Past entertainers include Ceelo Green, Matt Goss and Plain White Ts. You can also enjoy live music and DJs from Tuesday through Saturday nights.

Carnaval Court at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Want to get your dance on and people watch head to Carnaval Court inside Harrah's Las Vegas.

He’s definitely the man of the hour. Head to Carnaval Court inside Harrah’s Las Vegas.

If you want to get your dance on and people-watch at the same time, Carnaval Court is your best bet. We also love the bar’s flair bartenders. They go all out. And the Strip is only a few steps away… perfect if you need to sober up and walk off that alcohol. Since you’re right by the Strip, you’ll be sure to see some crazy costumed characters too.

Bonus: The Piano Bar is just next door and features around 12 hours of free live entertainment daily. Take your pick between Dueling Piano Twins or Fat Elvis.

And if you’re still not sure, just hit up all of these hot spots. Check out more Vegas nightlife and we’ll see you at the next party.

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