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Mango Tequila And Wasabi Gin? What To Drink At Hot Las Vegas Bar 3535

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One of the newest Las Vegas bars, 3535 features the Chocolate Chai Peanut Butter Martini.

Chocolate Chai Peanut Butter Martini


No matter what you’re taste or level of tolerance, 3535 has a drink for you. One of the newest Las Vegas bars, 3535 is a unique mix of infusion bar and social hot spot at The LINQ Hotel.

Vegas is the perfect place to try, do, see –and drink–things you probably never would at home. Here are the top recommendations for all kinds of drinkers.

You won’t find the Pig Newton anywhere else. A popular best-seller, it boasts Ancho & bacon-infused Jim Beam bourbon, fig-infused Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, sweet vermouth, orange bitters. The espresso bourbon is also a must try, as it is infused for one month in a bourbon barrel.

Middle Ground
As a huge fan of the Kennedys, I opted for the delicious J.F.K., which the menu describes as “A tribute to our 35th president with blue cheese & olive-infused Aviation gin, dry vermouth, garnished with blue cheese-stuffed olives.”

Playing It Safe
There’s no way you won’t like the Thin Mint. This guaranteed crowd pleaser is a dessert martini done light, and while it has heavy ingredients, it’s actually a pretty light finish. It’s packed with Mint Oreo-infused Skyy vodka with a splash of cream, crème de menthe, crème de cocoa and a crushed Oreo cookie rim. Another cocktail no one can resist? The Wat-A-Pear, made with watermelon and rosemary-infused Tito’s Handmade Vodka, St. Germain liqueur and fresh watermelon juice.

The infusions aren’t limited to mix drinks, which is why 3535 is especially catering toward fans of any genre. There are several options for each, and here are some of the most popular:

Bourbon: Butternut squash-infused Wild Turkey bourbon
Whiskey: Beef jerky-infused Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
Cordials/liqueur: Chocolate chip cookie dough-infused Grand Marnier cherry liqueur
Gin: Wasabi and ginger-infused Bombay gin
Rum: Vanilla and raisin-infused Bacardi 8 year rum
Tequila: Mango, citrus & jalapeño-infused Sauza tequila

One of the newest Las Vegas bars, 3535 features the Barbecue Bloody Mary.

Barbecue Bloody Mary



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