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Where Holly Goes, So Goes This Las Vegas Blog

Last updated: July 29, 2010 at 5:15 pm. Posted by in Caesars Entertainment, Celebrities, Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Shows, Planet Hollywood Resort, Promotions. Comments Off on Where Holly Goes, So Goes This Las Vegas Blog.

Let’s see. What would it take to drag us away from our comfy, air-conditioned cubicle on a balmy Vegas day like today? You guessed it: Holly Madison!

Holly Madison, star of Peepshow and the endlessly-fascinating reality series, “Holly’s World,” sauntered into the Pleasure Pit at Planet Hollywood to help publicize the fact that her hotel, and others in the Harrah’s Entertainment family, don’t charge the resort fees common in much of Las Vegas.

No Resort Fees

Please, Holly, the incessant flirting with this blog. It's embarrassing.

There were more details about the evils of resort fees, but we were far too busy watching Holly Madison work the gaggle of photographers and bloggers who mindlessly follow her everywhere she goes. Ahem.

Adding to the fun was the unveiling of a graphic representation of how much Vegas visitors needlessly spend on resort fees each year, an amount estimated to be about $12 million. Hello. That’s a lot of clams.

Holly Madison

That's what 12 million bucks looks like. And there's some cash in the photo, too.

We did our due diligence as a Las Vegas blog and counted each and every dollar on display at the event. It came out to be about $160,000. Apparently, it wasn’t supposed to be a “literal” $12.7 million. Still, a lot of clams.

When Holly Madison was asked about the discrepancy between the “graphic representation” of $12 million and the actual $160,000, Madison said, “Look! I’m pretty!” Some things, you just can’t argue with.

no resort fees

Bonus currency factoid: On the back of a $100 bill, the Independence Hall clock reads approximately 4:10.

Seriously, though, resort fees (an average of $20 per night) suck. Like a jet engine.

As if Holly Madison talking about resort fees weren’t enough to get their suckiness to sink in, there’s also a new giveaway, free to enter, to drive the point home. You could win $21,900 (a year’s worth of resort fees you’d spend somewhere else). Enter, already.

Thank you, Holly, for making what could have been a dry presentation about how to save gobs of money in Vegas into quite the spectacle.

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