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A Jump on Black Friday: Total Rewards Marketplace

Last updated: November 17, 2011 at 4:45 pm. Posted by in Caesars Entertainment, Shopping, Total Rewards. Comments Off on A Jump on Black Friday: Total Rewards Marketplace.

Awhile back, we talked at some length about the Total Rewards Marketplace, where Total Rewards loyalty club members can shop at their favorite online retailers and collect Reward Credits.

If you’re new to the Total Rewards universe, and we sound like we’re blogging in Serbo-Croatian right now, go here for more information about the world’s most ripped player loyalty program.

Anyhoo, Black Friday is coming up, and Total Rewards Marketplace is amping up its juice, or some other mixed metaphor, to give online shoppers even more bang for their buck.


The lovely Mary might be a stock photography model, but she knows a great offer when she sees it.

Usually, when you make a purchase through the Total Rewards Marketplace, you get one Reward Credit for each buck you spend. Pretty great, since you were going to shop online, anyway, right?

But starting Nov. 24, the day before Black Friday, and ending on Cyber Monday (Nov. 28), those who shop via the Total Rewards Marketplace will get up to 13 times the usual Reward Credits for their purchases, many of which will be deeply discounted for, you know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This blog loves it some bang. Especially for its buck.

Even in a town as superstitious as Vegas, we’re liking that “up to 13 times the Reward Credits” thing. We are big fans of Reward Credits. You can use them for free slot play, Las Vegas hotel rooms, dining, spa visits and to make friends and relatives think you’re a high roller.

You can also redeem Reward Credits for sweet merchandise, including a framed photo of your best friend’s mom taking a bath in an oil drum. (Supplies are limited.)

Mom in the tub

What is the matter with you?

Actually, there’s some pretty great stuff you can get with your Reward Credits. See what we’re talking about.

So, skip the chaos at the malls, visit the Total Rewards Marketplace and shop your little heart out online, Nov. 24-28, 2011. Go now. Unless that’s too pushy. Then, go later. At a time of your choosing. We’re not the boss of you.

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