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Las Vegas Shopping Q&A: Jeweler Alexis Bittar Talks His First Store at Forum Shops

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The Strip has recently gotten its very own sparkly Alexis Bittar boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars. Located on the second floor next to Baccarat, the 987-square-foot haven features design details reminiscent of Bittar’s art-meets-fantasy aesthetic. Think beveled glass,jj grey lacquer paneling, framed silk walls and mirror decor. Shoppers can also pick up one of his rare fine jewelry pieces here, in addition to antique selection pieces he has acquired from traveling. Cue the Las Vegas shopping spree!

Bittar recently chatted with Total Vegas Blog about his inspiration and most celebrated pieces.

Why did you chose Las Vegas to open a retail store?
Las Vegas is a major crossroads for many people from all over the world. I am really excited to be a part of this.

You’ve done a lot of designing for celebrities. Do you have any cherished pieces or moments that stand out? 
I’ve been fortunate enough that people from all walks of life appreciate my designs. I like to think my designs are accessible to anyone regardless of age or status, that people can love and wear my pieces regardless of how old they are or where they are from is amazing. I think my pieces are also distinctive in that they celebrate individuality, which I think resonates with anyone.

Who have you not worked with that you want to? What’s your dream collaboration?
I love Comme des Garcons’ s subversive and unorthodox approach to fashion—it would be amazing to collaborate with them!

When starting on a new seasonal collection, where do your ideas and inspiration come from? 
I look at historical references, especially antiques. Nature is also endlessly inspiring. I try not to look at jewelry, but look at the latest collections on the runways and see what made an impact and what was missing. I try to get that energy and embody it in jewelry.

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