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Avoid A Vegas Fashion Faux Pas

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Woo hoo! You’re headed to Vegas, baby. You got your vacation time approved, booked your hotel room and your day-to-night itinerary is already brimming with activities. But now it’s time to pack and suddenly… you’re stuck. You either 1) want to shove everything in your suitcase “just in case” or 2) ditch packing altogether and just have a wild Las Vegas shopping spree when you get here.

Before you exceed your suitcase weight limit at the airport (We’re guilty of it!) or spend hours stressing about the perfect outfit, let us help. We’re here to guide you in planning what to wear in Las Vegas. But more importantly, we’ll show you how to avoid any of these typical Sin City fashion faux pas. Happy packing!

Do not show up to nightclubs in sneakers

Men's fashion hats for the Las Vegas nightclubs

Photo courtesy of Goorin Brothers Hat Shop.

Sorry, fellas. We have to call this out first. Why? Because we’ve seen it happen one too many times, even to our own friends. Imagine waiting in a crazy long line, only to be turned away because of your Jordans, Adidas or Pumas. You’ll get a lot of love for these on the streets, but the clubs are a whole different ball game. The doorman considers these as a huge fashion no-no. Unless you’re the artist who’s headlining at the club, you won’t even make it inside. Neutral colored shoes, with no visible athletic logos, are acceptable. While we’re on the subject of street wear, baseball hats and snapbacks aren’t permitted either. If you want to look fresh with a hat, check out Goorin Brothers Hat Shop at The LINQ Promenade. You’ll stand out from the crowd and who knows? The doorman might even ask where you got it from. Check out more of our tips on how to get into a Vegas nightclub to avoid any other blunders.

Barefoot anywhere is not cute

We’ve all witnessed it. It’s mortifying. And hey, you could have seen it in your own circle: Girls trotting around the casino or along the Strip, heels in hand. (Side note: We suggest you watch some of the fashion victims seen on Vegas Girl Walk.” It’ll change your life.) OK, back to our guide: If you’re leaving your hotel room in five-inch stilettos, then you better bring it.

Looking fabulous has its sacrifices, and comfort is one of them. Despite having the cutest dress in your group, walking barefoot kills your entire outfit. Casino floors and the ground outside are downright filthy. If you absolutely cannot stand your heels any longer, carry a pair of roll-up flats in your purse. It will save your life. Also, ditch the heels if you’re sightseeing along the Las Vegas Strip. It spans 4.2 miles and your puppies will be barking — scratch that, howling — to go back to your hotel room. Wear flats or snag some cute flip flops from Havaiana’s at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops.

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Cute outfit + no coat = Another Vegas no-no

Las Vegas shopping for a New Year's Eve outfit

If you’re planning your Vegas trip, please check the forecast and dress for the weather. Sure, Vegas is notorious for its blazing summer temperatures — we’re talking 100-plus degrees in the middle of summer. So that means winter time is fine and dandy, right? Wrong! We may not be as cold as the East Coast or Midwest, but we have our fair share of brisk temperatures. It can get as cold as the high 20s, not to mention extremely windy. All the alcohol and hot toddies in the world won’t be enough to warm you up.

Avoid this fashion blunder and pack your favorite dress coat, especially if you’re going from one hotel to another. Otherwise, you’ll look silly standing outside in your tiny dress and catch a really bad cold. Tip: Instead of babysitting your coat all night while dancing (or kicking yourself for forgetting it somewhere), check it into the bell desk. It’s conveniently located inside the hotel entrance and you can drop off and pick up with no problem. It’s complimentary, but we always leave a tip for the awesome service.

Don’t follow every single fashion trend

Take it from Wendy Albert, fashion expert and senior marketing director at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Miracle Mile Shops: “Just because it’s in, doesn’t mean it’s in for you and your body type.”

It makes no sense to jump on the bandwagon if a certain look doesn’t flatter your figure. Those ’90s-inspired slip dresses or wide-leg jumpsuits? Hmm… definitely not for everyone. Vintage fit jeans or a dazzling pair of earrings or bracelet? A win-win for all!

Too many patterns are an eyesore


New Year's Eve Las Vegas pink dress and red shoes

You’d figure this is common sense, but you’d be surprised. Outrageous looks may work on the runway, but they’re a bit too loud for Vegas. Yes, even Vegas.

“Wear one patterned or flashy item at a time,” Albert says. “The item will stand out more if it’s not competing with other elements of your outfit.”

So we’re not shunning prints all together. Go ahead and don those leopard prints, flamingo patterns or crazy geometric designs — just not from head to toe. Pair it with something neutral. The same goes with neon: A pop of this bright hue goes a long way. Any more than that, you’re competing with the Strip. And sorry, but the Strip will always win this one!

The same rule applies with flashy name brand logos

Leave a little mystery, ladies and gents. Let people wonder where you got that designer bag, hat, shirt, belt or coat without the label plastered everywhere. You want to leave others curious, not blind them. It’s distracting and obnoxious. Plus, no one says you have to stick to name brands, anyway. It’s all about wearing something unique, whether it’s from a high-end retailer or vintage boutique.

Don’t look like everybody else

New Year's Eve Las Vegas black dress

Photo courtesy of House of CB

On top of ditching trends that don’t flatter your look, you don’t want to play it too safe either. When striped collared shirts were all the rage, everybody knew it. We once walked past a nightclub line and saw hundreds of men in this print. It looked like one long barcode! While that go-to look diminished over the years (thank goodness), you still don’t want to be a clone.

Be creative. We love our sparkling dresses, but so does everyone else. Stand out with statement earrings, a gorgeous bracelet and an antique-style clutch. Also, keep in mind that looking different doesn’t mean you have to reveal way too much skin.

“Pick one asset to focus on at a time,” says Albert. “If you feel good in what you are wearing, you will look good too.”

Some last-minute what to wear in Vegas tips:

  • Want a bold, unique look? We suggest shopping at boutique stores. Located inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, House of CB offers an array of trendy women’s apparel including statement shoes, bodycon (fitted) dresses and swimwear. The London-based brand is worn by many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Gigi Hadid and Demi Lovato.
  • If you’re going out to eat at a fine restaurant, keep your colors simple. If you’re wearing a suit, stick with black, dark grey or navy blue. Add a pop of color with a patterned handkerchief or fun bow tie. Ladies, you can’t go wrong in a nice fitting skirt and simple pair of heels.
  • Women can’t go wrong with a little black dress. “You can dress it up or down, wear it day or night, and can quickly change your look with the addition of a jacket, scarf, belt, sparkly shoes or accessories,” says Albert. “The little black dress is a staple that can be worn over and over again.”
  • When in doubt, refer to Pinterest or fashion blogs. Hey, we do! We love The Style Bungalow and actress Jamie Chung’s blog, What the Chung. Both blogs show a mix of luxury wear and affordable stylish pieces. We’re all about that.
  • Use your common sense / judgment. A stunning ball gown looks great at a fundraiser dinner, but you wouldn’t wear that to a nightclub. Also, a fitted crop top goes well with a high-waist skirt for a night out in town, but a baggy crop top with sweats? Leave that ‘fit for the morning after.
  • Spend the extra dough and get your hair done. It’ll complete your look. Head to Drybar and get a blowout inside Miracle Mile Shops. Karly Holden, retail marketing manager at Drybar suggests the Drybar Mai Tai: “Beachy, beautiful blowouts never go out of style.” Or, go with the most popular service, The Manhattan: “It’s timeless, sleek and looks great on everyone.”
  • These days, it’s all about minimalism. Pack light, bring your best accessories and whatever you forget, Vegas has your back with the best shopping on the Strip.

One last thing before you head out the door: Be comfortable in your skin. After all, you know your personal style better than anyone. We’ll leave you with these wise words from Albert: “Wear what you like. Confidence will always make you look beautiful.”

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