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Feeling Hot-Hot-Hot: 5 Reasons Why Chilli Beans at The LINQ Completes Your Pool Time Look

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I’m a sucker for sunglasses, especially cat-eye ones. Because I have a tendency to misplace my accessories (I know – bad girl!), I never want to splurge too much. But I don’t want rinky-dink knock-offs, either. So what’s a gal to do?

Thankfully, Chilli Beans  at The LINQ offers something perfect in between: You’re not exactly breaking the bank (glasses start from $60), but the styles definitely stand out. What I love is you can pick up and try on as many pairs as you please. This may get you in trouble though – you may want all of them! Since I’m crazy for cat-eye shades, I’ll probably be adding a couple, or even a few, to my collection.

Check out these specs (seen in front and profile view) and discover five reasons why you should be rockin’ a pair of Chilli Beans glasses right now. Las Vegas shopping is about to get colorful.

1. Chilli Beans is not your average sunglasses shop.

You can tell the second  you walk into the store. The bright, welcoming atmosphere gets you pumped up right away – you’re ready to try on your first pair of shades. Chilli Beans also takes current styles up a notch with crazy fun concepts: “Our design team in Brazil is inspired by the passion and spirit of the country,” said Lilian Knigton, general manager at The LINQ’s Chilli Beans.  “We also release exclusive collaborations with Brazilian fashion designers such as Alexandre Herchcovitch and Isabela Capeto.” Fun fact: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Lady Gaga both rocked Herchcovitch’s eclectic, avant-garde designs. If you dig the style Lenny Kravitz, Chilli Beans’ Kravitz Collection has a rockin’ aviator collection.


Located at The LINQ, the Strip’s new outdoor shopping destination, Chilli Beans is just steps away from High Roller, the world’s largest observation wheel.

2. Pool season – need we say more?

Having a great bikini is one thing, but pairing it with stylish specs is another. There are plenty of spring and summer styles to choose from; colors also come into play. “We like to have a mix of colors in our designs,” Knigton said. “This season you will see a lot of translucent frames. We have round clear frames with green lenses. They are really playful and unexpected!”

3. Chilli Bean’s sunglasses also make pool/beachwear planning much more fun.

Once you’ve got perfect sunglasses, you can start planning your head-to-toe look. For the ladies, whether you have glamorous cat-eye glasses or round sunnies, Knigton suggests you can pair it with a simple, solid-color bikini, a printed kimono or cover- up, metallic sandals, gold bangles or a small silver necklace. Guys can rock aviators with geometric print swim trunks, canvas sneakers and a snapback hat for a comfortable, stylish look.


Chilli Beans also sells an array of wide-band watches. Someone’s got her eyes on the grey and purple one.

4. Try it on for size.

I love places where I can try on anything I want, at my own pace, without bothering anyone to unlock a case. It makes exploring at this Vegas shopping destination a lot more fun. Additionally, if you need help seeing which frames flatter you best, the staff is there to help: “We like to start by seeing what the customer is initially drawn to –  if they are drawn to classic shapes, we pull styles with that frame shape but maybe suggest a bolder color,” Knigton noted. “As they start trying on pairs, we can see what works and what doesn’t and from there we can assist the customer better. Face shape and size definitely play a role. And in general, there are two kinds of people – people that look better in larger frames, people that look better in smaller frames.”


We have a winner! Alexandre Herchcovitch oversized sunglasses with a touch of cat-eye. Don’t mind the car selfie.

5. Different looks to choose from, all year long.

According to Knigton, Chilli Beans releases 10 new styles every week in a very limited run: “It’s important to buy what you like when you see it because chances are, they will be gone if you wait!”

This explains why I didn’t hesitate to buy the brown Herchcovitch oversized cat-eye glasses with a matte finish (seen above). You won’t see this style lingering in Chilli Beans forever, let alone any other store.


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