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Step Up Your Las Vegas Souvenir Game

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Dice clocks souvenirs in Las Vegas

It’s time to roll. Get it? Photo courtesy of Total Vegas Blog.

A lot of the fun from taking a trip is taking something home to cherish that memory or to share a small part of the experience with friends and family, as if to say “wish you were here.”

Of course, there have always been things like souvenir photos, post cards, keychains, magnets and T-shirts, but if you dig just a tiny bit further, you can find some gems beyond that.

Souvenirs in Las Vegas

Whether you’re looking for a gift for loved ones back home, or something for yourself, we’ve put together this list of items that are either unique to Las Vegas or otherwise outside of the ordinary for souvenirs to take home.

ROll with a Dice Clock

It’s kitschy. It’s kooky. It’s classic. It’s…clocky?

The dice clock is Vegas standard that really deserves to be up there with Elvis, the classic showgirl and neon lights as an icon of Las Vegas.

It’s also practical! It tells the time! Sure, maybe everyone carries a phone with the time on it nowadays. And a lot of us work at a computer with the time displayed in the corner. But it’s good to be prepared – if all those things somehow fail, you can always fall back on your trusty, stylish dice clock.

Strike Gold with Vegas Golden Knights Merch

We’re going to let our Vegas bias show here, but it’s hard to not love our Golden Misfits. And if you don’t have a local team, it’s totally cool to adopt them.

There’s no denying this is a historic team and their games are a great time for home fans and visitors alike. There’s even a case to be made that the Golden Knights are the hockey team of the intermountain west!

Pick up a jersey, T-shirt or plush at Caesars Activewear store at the Appian Way Shops at Caesars Palace or at one of our other gift shops around town.

Or if you’re loyal to your hometown team (fine, be that way), bring home some of Ryan Reaves’ 7Five Training Day golden ale beer, by the local brewing company Able Baker. If there’s one thing almost all hockey fans can agree on, it’s that beer is delicious.

May Your Novelty Drink Cup Overfloweth

Like the dice clock, the oversized drink container is oh so emblematic of Vegas.

Sure, you can get a slush drink in a big plastic container elsewhere, but only in Vegas can you get an electric guitar, a cowboy boot, a bucking bull, the Eiffel Tower, Cleopatra, a bedazzled champagne bottle, a High Roller pod, …deep breath… a regular yard drink, and a ton of other designs all on the same street.

(For those keeping track at home: That’s at PBR Rock Bar, Paris Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Purple Zebra and several other bars, respectively.)

Heck, you can get a seasonally-themed sugar skull drink container this October at Cabo Wabo Cantina. It’s spookylicious.

Take one home and make it a special cup or use it a fun planter or something. Better yet, fire up the blender and make some slushy booze drinks of your own – and then invite us to your place, because that sounds like a blast.

It’s a sign… Take Home a Las Vegas Sign

Here’s another Vegas icon. Is it really a trip to Vegas – especially for a first-timer – without a photo by the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada sign?

The instantly-recognizable sign was designed by Betty Willis in 1959 and was never copyrighted, which means that it appears on all sorts of fun Las Vegas souvenirs.

There’s even a whole store dedicated to it! Welcome to Las Vegas Gift Shops have locations all around the Strip, including some at The Forum Shops, the Miracle Mile Shops and one at The LINQ Hotel + Experience.

Bring home socks, T-shirts, lighters, flasks, wall-art, miniature signs – whatever brings you joy in life, you can get it with this logo on it, in it or shaped like it.

Find the Recipe for Success In A Celebrity Cookbook

foodnetwork everyday italian cookbook Souvenirs in Las Vegas

Get that Food Network flavor at home. Photo courtesy of Clarkston Potter.

Las Vegas: So many celebrity chefs and so little time. In addition to the casino gift shops, you can often get some fun celebrity chef merch right at the chef’s own restaurant. So, after you’ve had a delicious meal at, say, Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas, you can pick up one of the shirts, caps or cookbooks as seen in the display case right by the host stand.

What better way to remember the fantastic meal you just had than being able to replicate it (and more) at home?

There’s even an entire brunch themed after this: The Book Club Brunch at GIADA at The Cromwell showcases some of the Food Network star’s greatest cookbook hits, like Eggs Cacio e Pepe, Chicken Milanese and Chianti Affogato. Grab brunch with the squad and take home a cookbook, why don’t ya?

Photo of a blue car prize at Bally's Las Vegas - Souvenirs in Las Vegas

You could win this car at Bally’s Las Vegas, if you’re lucky. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

And Finally… A BRAND NEW CAR

OK, this one’s a stretch. But hey, you never know when luck will strike!

If you planning on staying at a hotel or going out to eat, be sure to check out the Las Vegas hotels and restaurants that are on the strip.

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