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A Man’s Day At Qua Spa & Baths At Caesars Palace

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Qua Baths and Spa now offering Las Vegas spa days for men

Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace. Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Las Vegas Spa Day For Men

If abracadabra was broken up into two words, those two fun-to-say words still wouldn’t be as magical as these two words – “spa day.” Spa days are so important that some people build entire vacations around them. Spa days have become so popular that “spa tourism” is an actual term now. Spa days are so relaxing that people actually take off work to experience them.

I, on the other hand, took a spa day for work. I wondered why spa days seem to be dominated by women. Why haven’t men jumped onto this trend in the same way? With the goal in mind of breaking the stereotype that “spa days” are mostly for women, I bravely checked out Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace.

Without knowing what I was getting into, I felt my efforts were comparable to Billie Jean King’s in her famous “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match with Bobby Riggs. She broke boundaries to show that an athlete, no matter the sex, could achieve things otherwise thought impossible. I lay on a table and let a very skilled body artist knead her able hands into my flabby, worn-down body. It’s easy to see how similar Billie Jean and I are, isn’t it? She probably felt like it was something she had to do, too.

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Amra is a body artist originally from Montana. She told me how many years she has been practicing her craft, which was many, but I don’t remember the exact number because I think she massaged it out of my head.

If the word serene were personified, Amra would be the human form of it. Everything was super chill from the jump. I went for the one-hour Signature Hourglass Treatment, which gave me the option of experiencing as few or as many different facial or body treatments as I wanted in that time.

We started with a lower extremity and foot scrub for five minutes. Here, Amra cleansed my feet with a rosemary and mint gel and followed that up by exfoliating with Aromatherapy Associates Olive Pitt Scrub. As my beastly calves have been neglected from scrubs recently because I’ve been out hunting wild animals so my family has enough meat to get us through the hard winter months, this was a worthy way to start and made a neglected area of my shredded man bod feel loved. Also, the only thing I am good at hunting is for new menu items at delicious restaurants. BOOM! Self-roasted!

Treatment Room at Qua Spa and Baths now is offering spa treatments tailored for men clientele.

Treatment Room at Qua Spa & Baths. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Next up was a classic Swedish massage for 20 minutes using a blend of essential oils of cedarwood, eucalyptus and peppermint concocted by Amra. How this differs from a modern Swedish massage or even a classic Danish massage is not something I can answer. What I can say is that I would love to make this a regular part of my weekly routine. The healing nature of this technique does the muscles a world of good. I can only imagine how loose and limber I would be if I experienced this regularly. I’d probably be the next Billie Jean King.

Treatment number three was a gentlemen’s mini-facial lasting 25 minutes. As the description of this involves many words I don’t understand, I’m going to let Amra tell you how it all went down:

I began your Mini Gentlemen’s Facial with a double cleanse using Phytomer’s Global Pur. On the second cleanse I used the Clarisonic, which helps to clean the skin six times more than what my hands can cleanse. I then incorporated a double-hand brush massage over Phytomer’s Pure Pore Heating Mask, which was a deep cleanse for the skin. I then toned your skin with Phytomer’s Oligomarine hydrating toner. I applied Phytomer’s Serum Relaxant onto the skin, layering it as your mask. Finishing your facial, I used Hydrafacial’s eye and lip cream, then applied Phytomer’s Facial Control as your moisturizer.

Right? How good does that sound? Remember: just because you hunt for meat for your family doesn’t mean can’t look fabulous doing it. (I remind you, I’ve never hunted for anything except for bargain DVDs at the old Blockbuster Video. BOOM! I’m slaying myself!)

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My one-hour Hourglass Treatment concluded with 10 minutes of mini reflexology as my mask rested on my face. Peppermint oil covered my feet and Amra massaged my tootsies in places that correlated with different bodily organs, thereby giving me maximum relaxation opportunities and also maximum opportunities to say “oohhhh” and “aahhhh.”

My only problem with the one-hour Hourglass Treatment is that it’s only an hour. Boo! That said, Amra is a real pro who explained everything as we went along, including the benefits of each procedure. I felt totally comfortable in her skilled hands and completely relaxed after the treatment.

I spent the next few minutes asking Amra how many of those classic Blockbuster DVDs it would take to get another Hourglass Treatment. Sadly, the answer was none. My loss, certainly. But also Amra’s loss because she could have had her own copies of “Face/Off” and “All Dogs Go To Heaven 2” on DVD.

The next few hours were then dedicated to me experiencing what other things the spa has to offer – you know, for research. There are four different types of saunas: There is a traditional sauna that uses cedarwood that is, what’s the word… traditional. There is a sauna so humid that the pores on your face open enough that you can shave without cream. And, as a bonus, if you are as good at shaving as I am you will only cut yourself once while doing it. There is a specialized herbal sauna, that is, what’s the word… specialized. And there’s an Arctic Ice Room that cools you down in 55-degree Fahrenheit temperature. While I enjoyed this room, I was troubled that the temperature of the Arctic is probably going to also be 55 degrees someday soon. Climate change is real, y’all.

This guy knows what’s up. Roman baths at Qua Spa & Baths. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

If that’s too cold for you, you can jump right into a Roman Bath or as we in the modern day like to call it, a giant hot tub. There are three different temperatures of baths, but if you don’t go for the hottest, then do you even hot tub, bro? Or, to take it to yesteryear, do you even Roman Bath, sodalis?

In conclusion, dudes, if my time at Qua Spa taught me anything it’s this: Follow the ladies’ lead on this one, guys. Spa days rock.

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