Vegas Bids Farewell to Imperial Palace, Hello to “The Quad”

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In a much-anticipated announcement, Caesars Entertainment (whose blog this is) has confirmed the popular, mid-Strip resort, the Imperial Palace, will soon be rebranded as “The Quad Resort and Casino.” Or just “The Quad.” Up to you.

The Quad

In typography, that bottom part is called the "tail." A good fit for Sin City, don't you think?

While the name of the Imperial Palace is changing to The Quad, it’ll still be the high-energy party place guests have enjoyed for years.

The Imperial Palace name change marks a new beginning for the hotel which has been a part of Las Vegas since the 1950s. From 1959 to 1979, the hotel was called the Flamingo Capri.

Construction is already under way at the soon-to-be Quad, and the hotel’s casino and porte-cochère (French for “the drive-up entry place thingy”) are perhaps the most visible evidence of the changes to come.

How was the name The Quad chosen? Basically, the concept of a “quad” brings to mind good times for many. A quad is a gathering place, a place to meet and make new friends. It doesn’t hurt that a “quad,” in poker, also means four-of-a-kind. But that might just be us.

The Quad

This blog loves it some fancy new stuff in Las Vegas.

In a way, The Quad is keeping everything people loved about Imperial Palace and is adding more things to love. The things to love will be done in phases. First, the casino (note the sleek new check-in desk, for example) will be revamped and expanded. Next, the hotel’s retail promenade and dining levels will get their make-over. Other renovations are expected to be announced down the road.

In case you wondered, the hotel’s expansive Auto Collections aren’t going anywhere, and neither are the casino’s dealertainers.

So, the IP’s days are numbered! Collect those gaming chips while you still can.

The Quad’s coming. And the party’s just getting started.

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46 Responses

  1. Mitesh Damania

    laughable name. 3535 would have been mediocre but better

  2. At least they didn’t call it The Q.

  3. Marcus Perry

    Everything is alright except for that blue roof on the towers. Those have got to go!!

  4. I been staying there for years. I hope I’ll still be able to afford it after the changes.

  5. I don’t understand the complaints. Less than two years after it takes effect people are going to be perfectly comfortable with it, as if it had always been that. Themed names severely limit a hotel. Excalibur can never be anything but an amped up Medieval Times. The Bellagio is always going to have to feel like a 19th Century Italian circus. The Cosmopolitan was a genius name because it’s a word, an attitude, an aesthetic that’s constantly evolving, allowing the hotel itself to grow and change along with the concept. The Quad is going to come to mean whatever it is they put in it. If what’s in it is cool, The Quad is going to be cool.

  6. I am super excited to see the changes, that’s what Vegas is all about! I do hope that the rates there wont skyrocket there… Imperial Palace has always been best for my budget and I have always enjoyed my stay there…well except the buffett…that needed some serious help lol

  7. IP has the best prices on the strip. please don’t change that. and keep Fat Tuesdays.

  8. I hope the rooms will be upgraded as well! Also, will this be a part of the new shopping/entertainment area planned for the area

  9. Not sure about the name but excited for any change to the IP. I agree, get rid of the blue roof. Make it a complete transformation of that corner or it will just look silly.

  10. Hope the pricing doesn’t get too expensive, stay here all the time! So…. when is the reopening date?

  11. Time for a change…..hope they update the rooms and the restaurants. Love the gaming and the fun atmoshere around the “Dealertainers” but need to add a few newer replacements. Hope they keep the ambiance with that fun experience

  12. Anonymous

    Fun will remain, and so will the rooms, but lots of other changes, including a revamped casino.

  13. Anonymous

    The full change will be complete in December. The prices shouldn’t go up too much, if at all, from what we hear.

  14. Anonymous

    The changes are taking place in phases, but they’re happening. So long, dragons, at some point.

  15. Anonymous

    The Quad is distinct from The Linq, and the rooms will be the last things done from what we hear.

  16. Anonymous

    No worries, Fat Tuesdays will remain both fat and where it is.

  17. Anonymous

    This blog doesn’t hate the buffet! And the prices aren’t likely to go anywhere. It’s all about value at the IP or The Quad.

  18. Anonymous

    We predict “yes.”

  19. Anonymous

    We find blue calming.

  20. Anonymous

    Trademark issues with “Next Generation.”

  21. Anonymous

    This blog is a big fan of laughter.

  22. Will be there tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing all the changes!!

  23. Should be interesting. I hope the remodel also addresses VERY poor wheelchair access to the property and it’s ammenities within. Time will tell….

  24. UK Steve

    I wish IP well in whatever re-incarnation it is called, all I know is that this guy and his wife from the UK loved every minuter of our stay in IP and did so 4 years running. We saw the more glamorous hotels around but IP was homely, it was fun, and it was good value for money and the biggest plus of all it is in a prime position.

    We saw the dealertainers, the Legends lookalike shows, brilliant, and although not there now a group in a little bar near to the entrance who, when they knew we were English, made us feel very welcome. We may never return but IP will stay with us forever, thank you IP and thank you Las Vegas for some great memories.

  25. Kawika

    What a lame and stupid name! What are they tryin to do with LV? Destroy it? This isn’t LV, this isn’t the spirit they tried to build for decades… When is this gonna stop? The Quad looks like nothing but another big “modern” conception just like that shit called”City Center”! No themes, no fun! Most of all LV hotels are amazing.. What’s going on since 10 years? Who runs this city now?? Did you guys stoped to take a look at the strip recently? Kids, food courts, modern arts conceptions,…! WTF! It’s NO LA! It’s Las Vegas..well it was. This is sad, very sad! The more they build, the more LV looks like a freaking shithole!

  26. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your passion, Kawika. Actually, this blog runs Las Vegas now. That’s right, it’s all us. The good news is Capitalism wins in Vegas. If something’s a bad idea, it dies, whether it’s the name of a hotel, a new show, whatever. So, time will tell. There are still plenty of themed offerings around. Something for everyone. Because we say so, and we run this city.

  27. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing those kind words, Steve, despite calling the IP “homely.” (We know what you meant.) The IP will still have that same spirit, we hope. Just a few tweaks!

  28. Anonymous

    How’d that go, Ruth?

  29. Anonymous

    Good thought, Craig…we’ll have to find out more about that.

  30. Arilara

    If I booked rooms for Feb under imperial palace was comped with my total rewards, with the change in Dec my rooms are still reserved right??? Arilara215

  31. Dorothy

    I began my career at IP and was a massage therapist with IP for nearly 5 years. I enjoyed working there and enjoyed my wonderful coworkers. I was so sad to be laid off after the decision was made to close the spa. I am looking forward to seeing the new construction. I hope they renovate the spa as well. IP will be missed by many

  32. Anonymous

    There will be a lot of the IP still around, Dorothy…and some great new stuff, too. We’re interested to see how it all turns out, too!

  33. Anonymous

    You’ll want to contact the hotel on that one. We are a blog.

  34. wow… I live in Las Vegas and completely missed this update about the name change. Picking up a friend for dinner who is staying at IP and came across your blog post. Love the up to date news you provide and will be subscribing to updates from now on. Thanks much!

  35. Suh

    I’ll be at Imperial Palace in 12/12.

    Does the construction into the building will be finished at that moment?

    Sorry about my english. I’m from Brazil.

  36. I’ve been to Vegas numerous times over the years. I’ve stayed next door at The Flamingo most of those times. In total I’ve probably spent 5 minutes inside the IP. It looks like a dump. The view from the towers at The Flamingo is appalling. People drying towels over the railings of their balconies. It has the appearance of a very low-class hotel. The IP has been in need of an upgrade for many years. I hope this works out for them.

  37. Follow up question…

    What moron thought marketing Vegas to the entire family was a good idea?

  38. Any update to the IP is welcome as long as they do something about those elevators. They are the worst in Vegas. Anyone who has stayed there knows.

  39. Anonymous


  40. I am truly saddened by the demise of all the themed casino hotels. Everything now is just becoming bland and generically modern. For example, The Aria gives me the feel of a random Indian Casino. Nothing now separates Vegas casinos from those in Reno or in the middle of nowhere on Indian land. Next thing you know they will be rebranding Caesar’s Palace something ridiculous like “The Quad”…oh wait, some marketing genius already thought of that for the Imperial Palace. Well, at least it’s a real word unlike “Vdara.” But seriously, I vaguely remember people talking about meeting at the “quad” in old movies or TV shows taking place at college campuses. If the purpose is to modernize, why use a word commonly uttered by guys wearing raccoon fur coats to football games while driving their Model A Fords? I think of “the quad” as being just around the corner from the malt shop next to the five and dime not the hottest place on the Strip. Sadly, the Imperial Palace hasn’t been the happening place on the strip for decades, but I still liked it. I have a feeling that this rebranding will make it lose any of the retro old Vegas appeal it had. At least they knew enough not to get rid of the Dealertainers…I love those guys!

  41. I totally agree, Kawika. This bland modernism or overpriced luxury is not fun or interesting. Nothing separates these new casino resorts from any other casino resort in any other location. Vegas has been losing business to all of those other casinos for years yet instead of trying to set Vegas apart, they are trying to be just like them. Vegas tried to market to families and that was big flop. Vegas is sin city, so many families have no interest in bringing their children there. How do you get drunk and gamble until 3am with kids in tow? Also, what high roller is going to want to contend with dodging strollers, crying babies, and kids who sneeze fudgesicle juice? You’ll notice now in many high end casinos, like Wynn, there are signs saying “No Strollers.” But who wants to be the one to actually enforce that? I sincerely hope Capitalism shows this new modern trend to be a dud and that Vegas marketers realize instead of ignoring their history, they should capitalize on it.

  42. Oh no…”The Linq?” Is that the name they chose for the shopping district? “The Quad” wasn’t ridiculous enough, so they had to make up a word?

  43. What’s wrong with a raccoon fur coat?

  44. wendy

    I will be staying at the Quad in march, but I am concerned about sooo many bad reviews. I didnt realize the Quad will be under construction, could you tell me which area of the hotel is the best to stay in during the remodel to make our visit the most pleasant? Also from what I have read I defintly want to avoid the elevators if at all possible, correct????

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    quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate individuals like you!
    Take care!!

  46. Raul

    Used to stay for years at the imperial. BUT every since the close the balconies is a total no no… One of the eye catchers of the now Quad were the balconies. So people please!!! Open them again. And get the people who like that back.