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11 Las Vegas Facts That are Obviously, Undeniably True

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What a time to be alive—in one of the entertainment capitals of the world.

Get the things to do in Las Vegas lowdown from Sin City visitors who have stomped the Strip with the truth and nothing but the truth. There’s no denying these fun facts once you’ve see them in action…


1. This City Saves Lives

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We don’t recommend perfecting your breaststroke before arriving in Vegas when feigning a stroke could be much more, ummmmm…beneficial? The guys at the many Garden of the Gods pools at Caesars Palace may not really be lifeguards, but they can give you life. Just dive in and let your lack of romance yell, “Halp!”


2. Your Sunglass Game Will Never Be Better


In Vegas, the sun shining in your face has never been hotter and the need for sunnies has never been greater. You’ve brought out the big ones, the expensive ones, the ones that give good selfie. But if you lose some, you can always grab some chic, new ones from the Brazilian accessories store, Chilli Beans in The LINQ Promenade.


3. Our Fruit Has Been Known To Get You Tipsy

At Venus European Pool Lounge, all drinks are topped with the freshest fruits—when they’re not carved from them. However, the sunbathing is topless. Taking in these real (and spectacular) surroundings will cost you, fellas. But this 21-and-up retreat is always free for the girls.


4. We Make Shopping Outside A Lot Cooler


These two acres is the place to be. Open-air shopping is the life for thee. You can find Grand Bazaar Shops at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard & Flamingo Road–directly in front of Bally’s Las Vegas. But you don’t have to worry about finding yourself drenched in sweat after a day of shopping. The retail space boasting 120+ stores will be blasting you with much-welcomed mist as you stroll through the bazaar-like market picking up one-of-a-kind merchandise.


5. Our Parks Are Better Than Your Parks

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Forget swings. Our parks have beer! Offering over 100 distinct varieties of the frothy stuff, Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas is the perfect place to park it when you’re looking for backyard eats, stadium-like treats, sporting events in HD and a giant game of Jenga in case pool and other bar games can’t stump you.


6. We’ll Work Our Magic On You!

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This is no illusion. We’re not conjuring up the sexy. No sorcery has invaded your eyesight. That is, in fact, Channing Tatum bringing his “Magic Mike” magnetism to Mat Franco’s show—where magic is reinvented nightly. We can’t promise stripping-hot headliners popping up at every full-scale production, but we can guarantee a magical showcase that stuns the crowd just like a taboo male revue.


7. Stacking Chips Is Way Better Than Eating Them

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Can you feel it? That’s the elation rising as you get richer stacking your chips in a Vegas casino. A completely different feeling comes over you when you’re eating chips. Actually, it’s all the feels (in stages)…guilt, shame, a heavy bloating sensation, the creep of calories to your thighs… Stop the swallowing and the wallowing. Time to put the bag down and dollars up. There are table games to be won.


8. We Can Be Soooooo Hollywood

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The Universal Pictures movie premiere of “Jason Bourne” was held at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Monday, July 18, 2016. And this wasn’t the first time star power hit Caesars Palace. We can go ahead and add Matt Damon to the constant influx of A-listers who have enriched the empire since its opening 50 years ago. Yet, we don’t let this parade of blockbusters, red carpets and celebrity-stays go to our heads. We do, however, applaud the fact that almost 30 feature films have used our Roman resort as their backdrop.


9. Even Our Burgers Have An “Entourage”


Coming in hot—and meaty, and tasty—is the newest addition to the Strip, Wahlburgers. “Entourage” executive producer, Mark Wahlberg, teamed up with his brothers Paul and Donnie to bring the Wahlfaves from the original menu to the Grand Bazaar Shops. Get your “Triple Decker” and “O.F.D. Originally from Dorchestah” burgers from the walk-up window or make your way inside where you might find yourself sipping specialty drinks with the stars.


10. Every Floor Is A Dance Floor

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Did you know the High Roller at The LINQ Promenade is giving yoga lessons? Yep it’s official, you can find your Zen at 550 feet in the air. But not everyone wants to get into Lotus position above Sin City. Some would rather flare into a b-boy power move with the Vegas skyline at their feet. Did you also know the High Roller does not give dancing lessons? Nope, you have to find the beat all by yourself.


11. The Party Never Stops


After Drai’s Nightclub, it’s the after-party.

After the after-party, it’s the hotel lobby.

At valet, it’s a twerking party.

Vegas—where postgaming might be more prevalent than pregaming. Not sure what we mean? Press play on this parking lot playfulness and you’ll see that even purses get dropped like they’re hot long after the club doors close.


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