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6 Reasons To Love Shopping In Las Vegas

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Like most other things, shopping is ramped up in Las Vegas. Glamorous shopping centers, exclusive retailers and great deals abound if you know where to look – and there are certainly plenty of places to look.

6 Reasons To Love Shopping in Las Vegas

Shopping in Las Vegas goes to another level at the Bizarre Shops at Bally's Las Vegas

Nothing bizarre about this bazaar. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

1. It Can Be a Breath of Fresh Air

The Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s Las Vegas and The LINQ Promenade are favorites not just for the cool retailers and attractions within reach, but for the open-air environment that combines shopping, dining, drinking, and attractions.

Take a leisurely stroll while perusing the various shops, pick up a few items and head into a nice bar, hot dog joint, observation wheel or a ramen shack without making a big production over reservations or schlepping your stuff across town and such. Actually, that brings us to our next one…

Shopping in Las Vegas can make you very hungry, head to In-N-Out for a burger and fries.

All this In-N-Out goodness could be yours. Photo courtesy of In-N-Out.

2. You Definitely Won’t Shop Hungry

The dining options at Vegas Strip shopping centers are next-level. We’ve never been ones to settle for food court pretzels and pizza.

Shoppers at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace will find options to match the luxurious level of many of the retailers there, like Sushi Roku and The Palm. You’ll find a more casual approach at the family-style Italian restaurant Carmine’s and Planet Hollywood (ironically located here and not, say, at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino).

The Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s offers the locally beloved Blue Ribbon Chicken, although fast food fans will want to pay attention to TV’s Wahlburgers or the super-decadent Dirt Dogs.

And over at The LINQ Promenade, you may want to make a beeline for West Coast favorite In-N-Out Burger. If you’re in the mood for something else (or come from a state blessed by In-N-Out), embrace the fusion stylings of Jaburritos or nearby Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips. If you just need a little sugar rush, Sprinkles Cupcakes is there to save the day.

Embrace your style or something new from Pier 30 - Las Vegas shopping guide

Pier 30 has plenty of cute clothes too. Photo courtesy of Billabong.

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3. You Can Really Embrace Your Style…

Unless you’re backstage at Milan, LA or New York Fashion Week, you’re not too likely to find as many different style options as you would in Las Vegas.

Apparel retailers like H&M (at both The Forum Shops and Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood), Original Penguin, Francesca’s, Urban Outfitters (all at Miracle Mile Shops), Superdry, Lindbergh (both at Grand Bazaar Shops),  Pier 30 (at The LINQ Promenade), and many, many more that speak to every budget and sense of style.

One of our recently opened favorites emphasizes a more subtle touch of style – Socks & Bottoms at The LINQ Promenade carries all sorts of fun and funky socks and underwear options, from matching family sock sets to pieces that express your fandom or lifestyle to the world.

Elevate your look with taking shopping in Las Vegas to next level - Looking fabulous in sunglasses

Lookin’ fabulous.

4. …Or Elevate Your Look

Although you’ll find them throughout the Strip, high-end designer fashion truly lives at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Louis Vuitton, Versace, Armani, Gucci, Fendi and more have boutiques at “The Shopping Wonder of the World.”

As a matter of fact, the separate Fendi shoe boutique is the only one of its kind in the United States and some shops offer Vegas-exclusive pieces. Whether you’ve got the means to be covered head to toe in fashionable luxury or would just prefer to opt for the designer phone case, this is the place for it.

Is this shoe heaven? 12 AM Run at the LINQ Promenade is pretty much "sneaker heaven"

Pretty much looks like a sneakerhead’s closet. Photo courtesy of 12 AM Run.

5. There Are Some Genuinely Cool Finds

There are a lot of standard issue retail spaces in Vegas that you could find in your hometown, but it’s also home to some cool rarities you might not find everywhere.

The Forum Shops is home to a Leica Store. Photo buffs will recognize the red dot logo instantly, and can experience the high-end optics company’s entire line of cameras, in addition to certain sports lenses. Of course, Leica merch like T-shirts is available, if you want to boast that you’re way cooler than those Instagram people.

Sneakerheads – especially the kinds that are more into the “collect” than “wear” aspect – will want to visit 12 AM Run at The LINQ Promenade. Co-owned by rap legend Nas and Nick Sakai, the store stocks the limited edition releases people camp out for, in addition to apparel from several streetwear brands.

The Cromwell’s Curios shop is an eclectic spin on the hotel gift shop. Resembling a 1940s train station, this retailer stocks eccentric gifts from crystal-studded skulls to vinyl records. Bring back the gift of manly, gin-and-tonic-scented mustache wax for your hipster pal or just keep them well-fed with gourmet snacks.

Welcome to Las Vegas Gift Shop located on the LINQ Promenade

Did your trip really happen if you don’t take home the t-shirt? Photo by Traci Holman.

6. You Can Take A Little Bit of Vegas Home

And what’s a trip without souvenir to remember it by?

Inspired by the iconic sign, Welcome to Las Vegas Gift Shops have locations all around the Strip, including locations at The Forum Shops, the Miracle Mile Shops and one at The LINQ.

These stores have all sorts of Vegas essentials to take a piece of Sin City back home – think T-shirts, lucky dice, candies, flasks, coffee-table books or anything else you can emblazon with a Welcome to Las Vegas Sign or witty motto about fun and debauchery.

You don’t even have to wait for the end of your stay to make it here – they stock all sorts of bachelor, bachelorette or general party gear so you can be well-equipped for any crazy Vegas outings.

Take advantage of all our best shopping on the Las Vegas Strip– You’ll find everything you need and want from our luxury brands, boutique stores and outlet stores.

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