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An Incomplete List of People Living Their Best Las Vegas Lives

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Some say eat the rich. We say — just eat like the rich.

And don’t stop with a gourmet buffet. Holiday like the rich. Soiree like the rich. Hold sway like the rich.

These opulent out-of-towners prove it’s easy to live like the moneyed class when you’re getting rich in the Las Vegas experience. Let them reveal how you can also dive into affordable luxury, define wealth by your standards and set up your good life to start as soon as you touch down in this delightfully sinful city.


emerge from extravagance

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Your elegance will be waterproof when you’re materializing from one of seven celestial bodies of water that comprise the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace. You won’t be exactly swimming in the money, but you’ll surely be rolling in the glow of poolside splendor.

werk the art


Here, you are a master of movement, light and shadow. The plebs can’t help but fall in line when you match your good looks to portrait busts and powerful statues that capture Caesars’ rich history. This is custom art created to inspire swag status of the highest order. Snapchat flower crown filter for what?!


savor the suite life

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Others have champagne showers. The more affluent prefer to immerse their palates in a sparkly, bubbly bath. Experience has taught them to sip before they Strip because they know a good night out is made even better by a pregame stepped up with some in-suite vintage champs.




Sun-kissed by pure bliss — this could be you, but you’re playing. Start slaying at one of the swankiest boutique accommodations in town, Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace. This 4,700 square-foot rooftop deck in the Nobu Villa is topnotch, yet what lies underneath will have you riding a private elevator to an even more heightened, gilded indulgence.

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feast upon The Finest

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Pull out your silver spoon to scoop up some stone crabs, crayfish, mussels, shrimp and more when you hit the best buffet in Las Vegas, Bacchanal Buffet. Though your splendid smorgasbord may start with fresh-caught fare, it can end any way you like. You can afford to be selective with more than 500 items on the menu and nine open kitchens to choose from.


Get Lavishly sudsy

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Come on in, the water’s divine, the towels are plush, the soap is sumptuous and the night ahead is flush with opportunity. Then step on out and enjoy a taste of fine dining, revel in some upscale Las Vegas nightlife or take in a few first-rate shows. An exquisite ladies’ night in also works when bathing in beauty gives you the clothing-optional feels.




Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace will make your mind, your body and your spirit great again. The sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation has treatments that will help you regale yourself with a level of pampered privilege typically bestowed upon royalty. It’s truly a majestic experience — and it must commence here.


Robe it when Others Clothe it

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One down. One to go. And not a pair of pants in sight. If there was ever a scene in which lacking a pair of pants paired best with a drink in each hand, Vegas is it. Going sans pants is more than fine — it’s the embodiment of being unbothered. Live the luxe life with zero cares to give. You’re at the empire and everyone knows the emperor needs no clothes. Bottoms up!


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