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An Instagram Guide to Caesars Palace

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Blogger Sabina at Caesars Palace's Las Vegas Pool

You’ve just just arrived at Caesars Palace, camera in hand, and are feeling a little overwhelmed.

Trust me, I know the feeling. Last week I was tasked with shooting beautiful images of this Las Vegas hotel for my Instagram… and I had no idea where to begin!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sabina and I’m the blogger behind Girl vs Globe. I mainly write about travel and post daily snapshots from all the wonderful places I get to visit on my Instagram.

After three days filled with exploration, delicious food and lots of memory cards, I came up with this shortlist of the most photogenic spots at Caesars Palace.

Here are nine locations all you photography enthusiasts – or anyone wanting to make their Instagram followers green with envy – will enjoy.

Temple Pool

View of the Las Vegas Temple Pool

No visit to Caesars Palace would be complete without a dip in Temple Pool. It’s part of the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, which actually consists of seven different pools – but this one is the most iconic.

For a good clear shot, wake up early and head to the pool before the other guests arrive. Because I was jet lagged after flying in from Europe, I got there at 5 a.m. Although it wasn’t open yet I was able to snap some beautiful close-ups over the rope barriers.

Insta tip! You can’t beat the view of Temple Pool from the terrace at MR CHOW. That’s where the photo above was taken from.

Mr. Chow Restaurant

Las Vegas Restaurant MR CHOW by Blogger Sabina

The MR CHOW restaurant is well worth a visit – and not just for the above view. From a purely visual perspective, it’s a feast for the eyes.

You enter through a set of private elevators, before being welcomed by friendly staff and whisked off to the bar for a drink. The restaurant’s centerpiece is a glossy white futuristic sculpture. It hangs from the ceiling and occasionally comes to life, shifting from shape to shape and changing colors in the process.

It has to be seen to be understood, but here’s a photo to give you a vague idea.

MR CHOW is a world-renowned restaurant, so we need to talk about the food as well. If you’re after an exclusive dining experience and love Chinese cuisine, I would highly recommend visiting.

All dishes are served family-style, which makes for a really fun outing with friends or family. My favorite was the Beijing duck, which was just as succulent as the one I had in Beijing two years ago.

As for drinks, I loved both the cocktails I tried – Red 22 & Collins and the Lychee Martini. But if a glass of bubbly is more your style, remember that a champagne trolley is wheeled around the restaurant, filled with classic brands like Krug, Ruinart and Laurent-Perrier.

Insta tip! Every now and then, a chef will come out and prepare a fresh batch of noodles right in front of the guests. This makes for a fantastic photo or video opportunity!

Montecristo Cigar Bar

Enjoying a Cigar at Caesars Palace's Las Vegas Cigar Bar Montecristo

Clouds of blue smoke, subtle lighting… if you want to snap a few images with an air of mystery, then Montecristo Cigar Bar is the place for you.

I normally don’t smoke, but couldn’t resist trying one of their premium Cuban cigars. The 400-square-foot humidor can hold up to a thousand of them so I had plenty to choose from. I was also pleasantly surprised with all the whisky they offered – and that’s coming from a girl who recently moved to Scotland!

Insta tip! For a clear shot, head to the area behind the bar known as the Courtyard. It has lush plant-covered walls and lots more light.

Cabana at Bacchus Pools

Las Vegas Pools and Cocktails Caesars Palace

As I already mentioned, there are seven pools at Caesars Palace. What I didn’t tell you is that they’re surrounded by luxurious cabanas, complete with flat-screen TVs and minibars.

If you’re looking to party, I’d recommend the Venus European Pool Lounge but there’s one catch. Taking photos in the area is forbidden because of their bikini-tops-optional policy.

If you’re after a real VIP experience, you can’t rival the Bacchus Pool. This area is reserved for celebrities and invited guests only and comes with eight gorgeous cabanas.

If you’re feeling hungry, the menu is full of delicious treats, from sushi rolls to indulgent burgers.The cocktails are very large and very strong – after all, Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and ecstasy!

Insta tip! Walk out onto the balcony of your cabana for a bird’s-eye view of all the action going on below.

FIZZ Champagne Bar

FIZZ Las Vegas Bar at Caesars Palace featuring Blogger Sabina

FIZZ is a 2,750-square-foot champagne lounge, conceptualized by David Furnish and his partner Elton John. In other words, it’s pretty spectacular.

The bar successfully walks the line between elegance and opulence, with a demure color scheme and quirky art, straight from the celebrity couple’s personal collection.

Arachnophobes beware – there are three larger-than-life photographs of tarantulas, which almost had me tripping over my own foot!

Insta tip! The oversized chandelier on the lower floor makes for a dramatic backdrop.

Caesars Palace ANTHOLOGY Suites

Las Vegas Suite View of the Strip

If you want to treat yourself to something extraordinary on your next trip, consider booking one of the Anthology Suites at Caesars Palace.

The photo above was snapped in the Augustus Spa Suite, which boasts a very impressive bathroom overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. But the room is far from the only one with a fantastic view.

The Augustus Executive Suite, which I had the pleasure of staying in, overlooks the Strip as well. I shot the image above at around 5 a.m. – and it was as simple as setting up a wake-up call, climbing out of bed for a few minutes and then going back to sleep.

Insta tip! Bring a wide-angle lens to fit in as much of the Strip as possible.

The Forum Shops

Las Vegas Shopping at Caesars Palace Forum Shops

The Forum Shops are a visual feast no matter which way you look. One minute you can be admiring the opulent displays at Cartier, Burberry and Louis Vuitton, before filling your bags at the more affordable H&M store.

There is also plenty of food available, from the Cheesecake Factory to Trevi Italian Restaurant, pictured above.

The ceiling is painted to resemble the sky and lends everything underneath it a magical blueish hue, perfect for a bit of creative photography.

Insta tip! Don’t miss the free Fall of Atlantis show, delivered by 9-foot-tall talking statues. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there is a lot of fire – make sure your hands are steady enough to get a sharp shot.

Roman Statues

Caesars Palace Roman Statues with Blogger Sabina

You can’t leave Caesars Palace without posing with at least one of their Roman statue replicas. There are dozens of them scattered throughout the hotel, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect one.

Try to shoot your images as early as possible to avoid having too many people randomly walking in the background. We shot the image above at around 1 p.m. and it took a lot of trial and error to keep the passersby to a minimum.

Insta tip! Squat down and tilt your camera upwards to capture the beautiful ceiling.

Caesars Palace Villas

Las Vegas Villa Entrance at Caesars Palace

I’ve left this sweet treat for last, because this location is not quite as accessible as the others. By which I mean: Most guests will never have an opportunity to see this side of the hotel.

But if you can somehow talk your way into touring one of the Caesars Palace Villas, you must do it

These ultra-luxury villas cost around $30,000 per night, so not many of us will have the pleasure of staying there for real.

But a quick walk-through was enough for me to feel like I’d been teleported to a parallel universe – one in which I spend my Sundays playing golf with Leonardo DiCaprio and singing karaoke with J-Lo.

Pretty much everything you see in these villas is worth photographing, so I’m going to leave you with one final shot…

…before figuring out how to convince the hotel management that I urgently need to return to Caesars Palace and do this all over again.

PS: If you get tired of all the photo taking, pay a visit to Qua Baths & Spa. It’s consistently voted one of the best spas in the country – and after trying out their full-body Nobu massage I completely understand why. No photography is allowed inside, so you won’t feel guilty for spending a few hours focusing on nothing but relaxation.

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