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10 Best Museums In Las Vegas

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You may not be a museum buff, but we’re convinced we can make you into one! Even if you dreaded grade school field trips, we promise you’ll appreciate each of these Vegas museums. We’ve grouped them fit for your personality and itinerary:

10 Best MUSEUMS in Las Vegas

10 Best Museums in Las Vegas Guide - The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas.

Learn all the secrets of the Mob, all without the trouble that used to come with it. Photo by The Mob Museum.

1. The Mob Museum

Location: 300 Stewart Ave. (Downtown)
Admission: $26.95 ($16.95 for children 3-12)

What you know about that thug life? In this case, we’re talking about the mobsters who once ran in the streets in Las Vegas. Discover all the secrets of Sin City’s original gangsters including Bugsy Siegel, Tony Spilatro, “Lucky” Luciano and Al Capone — all without getting into any kind of “trouble.” The beloved Mob Museum not only invites you into the world of the bad boys, but also the FBI agents who took them down. One of our favorite parts happens when you first walk in – you can take your photo and look like a suspect in front of a police lineup backdrop. The building itself also has rich history: It’s built within a restored 1920s courthouse.

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2. Cannabition Cannabis Museum

Location: 450 Fremont St. | #140 (Downtown, inside Neonopolis)
Admission: Take a wild guess!

We may be out in the desert but in Vegas, there’s still a whole lot of green. At the upcoming Cannabition Cannabis Museum, this downtown hot spot takes it to new heights. We’re talking a 23-foot blown-glass bong.

Opening later this fall, the 21-and-older immersive interactive museum will showcase the world’s largest bong, made by Chihuly Glass in part with Jerome Baker Designs. If you’re familiar with Dale Chihuly’s work, you’ll know he’s one of the best-known glass sculptors of our time and has larger-than-life exhibits all over the world.

The museum’s 360-degree theater set up has separate rooms showcasing fascinating facts about cannabis. There’s also a ritual room, as well as CBD products for sale.

Cannabition opens later this fall. And to end this on a high note, ticket prices are — you guessed it — $4.20.

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3. Erotic Heritage Museum

Location: 3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr. (west of the Strip)
Admission: $30 (discounts available for locals, students, seniors and those in military)

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Maybe cannabis isn’t your thing and this is more up your alley (or hey, you may like both). The 24,000-square-foot Erotic Heritage Museum has both permanent and featured exhibits. You’ll get a deep, rich history of you-know-what through art, film, lectures and much more.

The world’s largest erotic bicycle is one of the museum’s most talked about pieces. The bike reaches the top of the two-story museum, towering at a whopping 22 feet tall (just a foot shorter than the aforementioned bong). The bike can hold four people comfortably, with its gears interlinked to move in unison. We won’t go into further detail, but let’s just say you’ll have the ride of your life.

For History Buffs – Or Those Who Want To See History Made Fun

The Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas.

See? This popular outdoor exhibit is so popular, it even has an adorable cat / mascot. Photo by The Neon Museum.

4. Neon Museum (Also Known As Neon Boneyard) 

Location: 770 N. Las Vegas Blvd. (Downtown)
Admission: $19 (discounts available for students, locals, seniors and veterans)

We all have our hoarding issues (this writer refuses to give up her ’80s Barbie and the Rockers doll), but Downtown’s 2.5-acre Neon Museum has the coolest hoarding collection of all. You’ll be glad someone held on to all this “junk” — 150-plus restored signs that all contribute to the city’s history. Take a stroll through the outdoor boneyard for a full-on vintage Vegas experience. Some signs are as tall as a house.

The guided tour is about 45 minutes long. A couple of tips: Wear comfy shoes and come with fully charged phone to get the most out of your trip. (To avoid the sun, head here at night. You’ll also see about a dozen of the signs lit up.)

Real Bodies exhibit inside Bally's Las Vegas.

This brings your old-school textbooks to life, doesn’t it? Photo by REAL Bodies at Bally’s Las Vegas.

5. Real Bodies at Bally’s Las Vegas 

Location: 3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd. (inside Bally’s Las Vegas)
Admission: $29.95

It’s one thing trying to keep your eyes open while reading from a boring biology book. It’s another thing seeing the biology makeup of actual bodies at REAL BODIES at Bally’s Las Vegas. Here you’ll get the science lesson you didn’t get in the classroom. See a variety of bodies up close including the heart, lungs, brain and more. One of the most jaw-dropping exhibits might help you kick an old habit. You’ll see the massive difference between a smoker’s lung and a healthy one. You’ll leave with a lot of knowledge, and maybe leave behind your pack of cigs…

6. Hollywood Cars Museum

Location: 5115 Dean Martin Dr. | #905 (west of Strip)
Admission: $20

If you’re both a car and movie aficionado, this is one tour you must take. Inside the 30,000-square-foot Hollywood Cars Museum, you’ll see cars from 100-plus different Hollywood films and TV shows. This includes the Delorean from “Back To The Future,” the Batmobile from “Batman Returns,” the “Knight Rider” car, “The Hangover” car, “Bonnie and Clyde’s” death car from the movie and cars from the first “Fast And Furious,” including the one driven by the late Paul Walker. There’s also a sparkling section showcasing Liberace’s blinged-out cars and memorabilia.

7. National Atomic Testing Museum

Location: 755 E. Flamingo Rd. (east of Strip, near UNLV)
Admission: $22 ($16 for children 7-14)

Let’s sing The Gap Band’s classic hit, all together now: You dropped the bomb on me (baby), you dropped the bomb on me…

If you’re fascinated with nuclear bombs, the 10,000-square-foot National Atomic Testing Museum is something you don’t want to miss. If you were in Vegas in the ’50s, then you probably remember the huge mushroom clouds from the Nevada Test Site.You’ll learn the history of nuclear bomb testing and the media buzz around it, see interactive displays including fun pop culture items, get up close to real equipment from former test sites and read stories from site workers.

If you need even more of a breakdown, there’s a Disney cartoon that simplifies everything. Stick around for the 10-minute movie inside the Ground Zero Theatre. In case you weren’t around in Vegas in the ’50s, here you’ll get a feel of what it was like to watch a nuclear bomb test. The seats rattle and you’ll even feel a burst of wind. We’re certain after you leave this place, you’re going to tell everyone that this museum is the bomb.

For The Young Ones – And Young At Heart 

8. Pinball Hall of Fame

Location: 1610 E. Tropicana Ave. (east from the Strip)
Admission: Free (just bring your own quarters)

Note: The Pinball Hall Of Fame will soon close from its current location. It will reopen on the Strip at a later date. 

Located only just a few minutes east of the Las Vegas Strip, you can go retro and choose from several vintage pinball machines (more than 150 machines) at the 10,000-square-foot Pinball Hall Of Fame. In addition to rows and rows of pinball machines, you can also find popular arcade games. Sooo you know all those quarters you saved up in your car (or have buried at the bottom of your purse)? Bring ‘em all here. We bet you’ll have such a blast that you won’t even miss your smartphone.

One of the best museums in Las Vegas - Discovery Children's Museum

Looking for a way to entertain your kids? They’ll love you forever for taking them here. Photo by Discovery Children’s Museum.

9. Discovery Children’s Museum

Location: 360 Promenade Place (Downtown)
Admission: $14.50 (discount available for locals and military members; free for guests younger than 1 and older than 99)

If you’re with the kiddos, they will love you forever for taking them to the Discovery Children’s Museum, which has more than 100 hands-on exhibits. Kids love the miniature Smith’s grocery store area. The little ones can place their items in miniature shopping carts and take them to the cash register, where they’ll most likely interact with an equally young cashier. (Get your cameras ready because these moments are the cutest!)

There are also several interactive stations, a huge indoor playground and even a hurricane tunnel to give them a fun (but safe) little scare. You’ll have fun watching your kids have fun and since it’s so close to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, you can unwind with serious shopping therapy afterward.

10. The Nevada State Museum at Springs Preserve 

Location: Inside Springs Preserve, 333 S. Valley View Blvd. (northwest of Strip)
Admission: $8 (Free for children 17 and younger)

Within the 180-acre indoor-outdoor Springs Preserve attraction, you’ll find the fascinating 13,000-square-foot Nevada State Museum. Read up on history starting from millions of years ago all the way to present times. Learn about the state’s animals and plants, Navada’s state fossil (the ichthyosaur) and the Hoover Dam, as well as stories about Native Americans and early settlers. You also learn how Vegas came to be the dazzling, glittering city it is today.

Discover more things to do in Vegas.

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