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Studio Life: Go Behind The Set At Caesars Entertainment’s New Studios

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I shake hands with one of the old-timers, a guy I recognize from a film shoot we did together a few years back. His name is Bill and he’s been in the film and television production game in Las Vegas since the 1970s with the stories to prove it.

Bill tells me of a hawker back in the day who put up a sign on an empty lot of land reading, “Coming soon. Las Vegas soundstage.” Every few years the sign would move to a new parcel of desert, but the stage was never built.

Bill looks at me; his demeanor now with real excitement. He exclaims, “We’ve all been waiting for something other than a converted warehouse.”

What has Bill so excited is Caesars Entertainment Studios, a full-service production studio located off Flamingo Boulevard and Koval Lane, just east of Bally’s Las Vegas. The 48,000-square foot facility is designed for television, movie and eSports productions.

Caesars Entertainment Studios Las Vegas - Who Wants To Be a Millionaire stage

Featuring more than 48,000 square feet of production space, Caesars Entertainment Studios’ soundstage is capable of hosting any production including “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” shown here. Photo by Erik Kabik.

Caesars Entertainment and Las Vegas have become synonymous with Hollywood and with some of the most memorable scenes in movie history. Think about it. What’s “Rain Man” or “The Hangover” without Caesars Palace?

Open just two weeks, Caesars Entertainment Studios is already buzzing with a full season of the popular game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” being shot on location.

I arrive at the studio as wide-eyed, would-be contestants pin their hopes and dreams on a test that tells them if they’ve made the cut as a competitor or if they must console themselves by spending an enjoyable day watching the tapings as audience members.

Note – I took the test. I’m not allowed to say anything about it other than that I wouldn’t have made it on the show as a contestant. But, just between us, I blame that on the test for not focusing more on my areas of expertise. Seriously, no questions about 1980s professional wrestling?!

No matter, l take in the show as a supportive part of the crowd, silently judging contestants when they waste their lifelines on easy questions.

The stage is beautiful. The Millionaire set takes up about a quarter of the entire facility, which seems to be about the size of a football field. I immediately take notice of the soundproofed ceiling and walls, an important element for all productions. The rest of the building is dedicated to different departments, staging areas, and everything else it takes to make a hit television show.

Retro trailers house the contestants and host Chris Harrison, he of “The Bachelor” fame. A large equipment area has enough full-scale cases and boxes filling it that it could double as the final scene of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Hair and makeup have their own space and so on and so on. Everything is clearly thought out.

As for the show itself, the jovial throng of fans catches a good one. The contestant, whose name I’m not allowed to say, does really well. With a smile on his face, he tells me the story on how he ended up attempting to become a millionaire.

“I have a little sister who passed away a few years back, ” he said “She and I had always talked about doing the show. We bonded over game shows so when I heard about the auditions I went online and said: ‘I’m gonna go ahead and try for this.’ ”

“I was actually in Wisconsin visiting the group that’s here with me and I got the email on a Thursday. On Friday, I drove back. We got to Vegas on Sunday. I drove to LA on Monday and I had the audition on Tuesday. Then this happened and it’s incredible, just absolutely incredible.”

Las Vegas is known as a city where dreams can come true. With the addition of this new studio, the dreams of many more people can now become a reality. Whether a hopeful contestant or a grizzled cameraman, welcome to your new dreams courtesy of Caesars Entertainment Studios.

Caesars Entertainment Studios Fast Facts

  • 400 tons silent AC/250 tons of silent heat
  • 10,000 amps of power
  • 3,500 square foot lobby
  • Hair/Makeup and Wardrobe Gold Rooms
  • Talent and VIP Gold Rooms
  • 24-Hour security
  • 250 dedicated parking spots

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