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Color Has More Fun: From Blondes To Brunettes, Why You Need A Vegas Salon Trip

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Wonder how Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton’s hair stay on point?

One word: COLOR.

COLOR Salon owner and celebrity guru hairstylist Michael Boychuck is known as “Colorist to the Stars” for a reason. He’s got hair down to a science. And if this were a science fair, COLOR would be in first place – all day, every day.

Located on the second floor of the Augustus Tower in Caesars Palace, COLOR – Las Vegas’ only Intercoiffure salon – is named one of the Top 100 salons by “Elle” magazine and is also recognized as one of the best salons in Las Vegas by “Travel + Leisure.” COLOR is also approaching its 10-year anniversary in Vegas.

Coming to Vegas to experience all the shows, nightclubs and restaurants? Your ordinary hairdo just won’t do. So ditch the color-in-the-box method and go big in Vegas. We’re dye-ing to see your movie star look. (Don’t be surprised if you have your own paparazzi.)

Get ready for your VIP treatment:

Glow Like J.Lo

Just like her signature perfume Glow, J.Lo’s hair is also a standout. No matter if she goes dark, light, short or long, we’re sure you have at least six favorite J.Lo hairstyles. She’s a client of Boychuck, so you already know you’re in good hands.

Want an appointment with Boychuck himself? (Wait, for real?) Yes, it’s possible. Lucky for us, he books new clients too. Just keep in mind you have to book six to eight weeks out. Call (702) 731-7880 to schedule your hair makeover.

Life’s A Peach 

If you told us before you were going to dye your hair peach, we might have tried to stop you. But just by looking at summer’s hottest shade, we wished we would have thought of this earlier.

If you want the perfect peach tone this summer, COLOR Salon has the experts. The proof is in the pictures.

(Color by Jackie Barajas, creative director at COLOR.)

Brondes Have Fun Too

Can’t decide between blonde or brown? Go bronde. A fusion between two gorgeous colors, this is a great way to transition from summer to fall.

(Color by Jackie Barajas,)

step outside the box 

You’ve done blonde. You’ve done brown. And we wouldn’t put it past you if you did bronde or peach! But if you’re ready to do something really zany like this one with magenta with rainbow streaks, COLOR’s got the touch. This color is so beautiful that we want to reach through this screen and run our hands through it. BTW, you don’t have to wait for EDC or any other music festival to go all out with this unique look.

Or let’s say you’re partial to blue, like this stunning shade. Blues might have more fun and you’ll definitely be turning heads with this one.

(Left: Color by Emanuel Rod; right: color by Jackie Barajas.)

Braids For Days 

There’s a good chance you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan, but even if you’re not, take a look at the braids on the show. Their hair game is serious. And COLOR knows how to give you a stellar medieval-inspired braid. These are just a couple of our favorites, but if you find something you like, bring the picture with you.

(Braids by Jackie Barajas.)

You Can Always Go Blonde

Boychuck can do every shade under the sun, but his forte is blonde, most notably Paris Hilton’s. And even if you’re not a natural blonde, everyone will believe that you are.

We’re sure by now you have an inspiration or two in mind. Before you rush to book your star-studded look, here are a few tips:

Don’t be shy. This is Vegas. Go all out. Have you ever wanted a hairstyle you’ve always dreamed about? Now’s the time to get it. These are some of the city’s most talented hair stylists, so you can trust they’ll take care of you.

Bridal parties are a perfect excuse. Whether you’re the bride-to-be or part of a bridal party, COLOR accommodates for special occasions. You can get everything from hair extensions and 24-hour airbrush makeup to mani-pedis that come with a champagne toast.

It’s not just about color. We went on about colors and even touched on braids. But COLOR is also the master of shears. COLOR is Vegas’ only calligraphy cut partner salon. This means each stylist incorporates high-quality hair-cutting technology, using the precision of a calligraphy pen for perfect layers and volume.

Take a look for yourself why COLOR rocks and get ready for gorgeous.

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