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FLY LINQ Provides Endless Fun

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Where: The LINQ Promenade
When:  Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Tickets: $25 for daytime flights (before 5 p.m.), $30 for nighttime flights (after 5 p.m.) Get tickets.
Restrictions: You must be between 80 – 300 pounds or 36 – 136 kilograms.

Remember on hot summer days when you were a kid, how much fun it was to line up behind the other kids at the diving board at the municipal pool, waiting to take that jump and for a few seconds defy gravity? Well if Las Vegas is one big playground, then the newest attraction on The LINQ Promenade is about to bring those feelings rushing back.

FLY LINQ zipline sends you soaring more than 1,00 feet across The LINQ Promenade

The newly opened FLY LINQ Zipline sends thrill Seekers Soaring More Than 1,000 Feet Across The LINQ Promenade Towards The High Roller Observation Wheel. Photo by Nina Corpuz / Total Vegas Blog

Opened on Nov. 9, the FLY LINQ is the only zipline in the heart of the Strip. Riders launch from a 12-story tower and soar 1,121 feet from Las Vegas Boulevard, down the outdoor shopping and dining district and finish at the High Roller (the world’s tallest observation wheel, which is another pretty cool attraction). Along the way guests experience a thrill that is reminiscent of those days long ago, jumping into the deep end.

Anticipation starts to build from the moment you arrive at The Promenade and see other flyers zipping above you.

After getting your ticket at the Center Strip Box Office on The Promenade, the expectancy grows as you take the elevator up to launch level, go through the safety steps and get strapped into a harness for your launch. The wait is short, but holy cow can’t your turn just come already!?!? And then, after all the buildup, you FLY. From here on out, it’s all heart pumping adrenaline.

After the first seated ride, all I could think about was wanting to do it again.

I hung around the landing zone a bit following my ride to gauge the reactions of the other riders, and they all seemed to be saying pretty much the same thing. One lady exclaimed, “Oh my god. I’m still shaking. It was amazing!” I nodded my head in agreement, ready to ride again.

That’s the best way to describe it. Zooming down the wire at speeds exceeding 30 mph is so much fun that you’re going to want to ride it again and again and again.

The only Zip-line on the Strip

FLY LINQ riders await lift off and zip through the sky

FLY LINQ riders await lift off on the Strip’s newest attraction. Photo by Aaron McElherne / Total Vegas Blog.

One of the things that makes it so much fun is that the view is pretty incredible. The FLY LINQ is situated in the perfect Sin City urban canyon, the iconic Caesars Palace is right behind you as you await the release, and several center Strip hotels are visible as you fly down the Promenade.

Riding during the magic hour just after sunset with the wispy Las Vegas clouds tinted pink and orange can really heighten the experience. The colors magnify the neon and LED lights of the city to provide one heck of a visual experience.

While you’re more than 100 feet off the ground, you’re still within shouting distance to the people on the ground. Be sure to let out a few loud “woooooooo”s as you pass over the crowd, to let them know how much fun you are having. When they shout and wave back it kind of feels like you’re starring in the best parade ever.

Riders on the FLY LINQ zipline land near the base of the High Roller

Riders on the newly opened FLY LINQ Zipline approach the landing near the base of the High Roller Observation Wheel. Photo by Nina Corpuz / Total Vegas Blog

The planners and the engineers really hit a home run with this attraction. Something exciting happens when you feel like you can conquer the laws of physics by flying through the sky. After the first ride, all you’ll think about is wanting to repeat the experience.

You’ll have so much fun that the whole thing might feel like a time warp. Suddenly you’re a kid again, back on that diving board ready to jump, defy gravity and, for a few moments, fly.

And that’s why Vegas exists. For experiences and moments like this. When people think of Las Vegas, they think of life-changing jackpots, huge stacks of poker chips, and taking the house for a cool million. But unless you’re a World Series Of Poker pro, you’re better off making your dreams come true with “only in Vegas” experiences such as the FLY LINQ.

The FLY LINQ zip-line at night at The LINQ Promenade

Ziplines for the FLY LINQ cross over The LINQ Promenade. Photo courtesy of Caesars entertainment.


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