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There’s no right or wrong way to do Las Vegas, but there are certainly ways to make the experience more “yours.” You can meticulously research hot spots ahead of time, join a tour group or just take a bus up and down the Strip.

To take a unique and rare deep dive into Las Vegas, Caesars Entertainment has created a series of Vegas Curated experiences that bring you behind the scenes of what makes the city a unique adult playground. For many of these, you’ll be taking home more than souvenirs – you’ll be bringing back newfound knowledge and maybe even a new skill or two.

5 Las Vegas Curated Experiences

Learn how to make the perfect cocktail with the bar staff at Bound at The Cromwell

Learn to make a stiff, classy drink at Bound. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Mixology Master Class at Bound at Cromwell Las Vegas

Anyone can make a drink: Glass. Ice. Jack. Coke. Congratulations, you’ve made a Jack & Coke!

But there’s a big jump from making a drink to crafting a cocktail, not just in flavor and complexity, but the satisfaction you get from making something really tasty for you and your friends.

This Vegas Curated experience teaches you how to create four of Bound’s popular speakeasy-style cocktails using professional bartending tools and glassware, as well as premium ingredients. You’ll also muster up some inspiration to take home with you and come up with some flavorful creations of your own.

The next time you have company over, your newfound bar skills will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Las Vegas Curated Experiences: Learn bar tending flair at Bird Bar at the Flamingo Las Vegas

Flair bartending is way better than your morning cardio routine. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Flair Bartending at Bird Bar at Flamingo Las Vegas

If Bound’s mixology class is a college professor with shelves of interesting books, this Vegas Curated experience is the spring breaker that’s been partying for the last week… or maybe it’s been the last year?

It’s hard to keep track of time when you’re having a good time, anyway.

With this Vegas Curated experience, you’ll get to develop your flair bartending skills at Flamingo Las Vegas’ Bird Bar. The hosts will teach you different styles of flair bartending, which would apply to different settings, and you’ll likely have as much fun at nailing these tricks as you will at failing them.

By the end, you’ll have some very cool moves up your sleeve for the next time you have a cocktail party.

The Flamingo Hotel exterior circa 1947 Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau

Talk about a throwback. Photo courtesy of Las Vegas News Bureau.

Flamingo Uncovered

The mob. Eccentric millionaires. Larger-than-life characters. There are some crazy stories to be told about old Las Vegas. And even after years of refreshes and remodels, a lot of that history still lives on in a resort as old as Flamingo Las Vegas.

After meeting at Flamingo’s Garden Bar, this Vegas Curated experience kicks off a two-hour walking tour exploring the history of the property and the stories of old Vegas that are hidden in plain sight. Your host will even take you in back-of-house areas that are otherwise inaccessible, to give you the full story behind this Vegas icon.

The Beer Wall at The Book at the LINQ Las Vegas Hotel & Casino - Vegas Curated Experiences

That beer wall has some great advice: BEER YOURSELF. Photo by AVABLU / Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Around The Wall in 24 Beers at The Book at The LINQ

For those uninitiated in the world of stouts, hazies and sours, it can feel like you need a degree in Beerography just to figure out what to order from a well-stocked beer bar.

In this Vegas Curated experience, a cicerone – basically a person with a degree in Beerography – helps you dive into a selection of eight beers, explaining various subtleties, similarities and differences as you taste them. You’ll also pick up a skill – the cicerone will go over pouring technique, which can affect the taste and texture of the beer.

Vegas Curated Experiences: Develop your chef skills with Giada's executive chefs

Develop your chef skills with some fresh ingredients at Giada. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Lunch with Chefs of Giada at The Cromwell

Making a home-cooked meal is great. Eating a chef-designed feast is great. Learning the skills to make home-cooked, chef-designed meal of your own? That’s like… double great!

Giada is known for delicious Italian cuisine, which is what you’ll be making at the Lunch with Chefs Vegas Curated experience. Giada’s executive chef and executive pastry chef will guide you through a four course meal, using professional grade kitchen utensils and fresh ingredients.

Once you’ve cooked up these signature dishes, you’ll get to the best part – a family-style lunch where you get to try the class’s culinary creations. And before you go, you’ll get a gorgeous booklet with the day’s menu and recipes, so you’ll have a memento – and quick-reference reminder – of the experience.

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