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Tattoo’d America At Pop Vegas Celebrates Everything Ink

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You’re in Vegas. You promised yourself you would do something bold. Daring. Something that would make all your friends say, “what the heck?” So, why not get a tattoo? Or if you already have one, why not go all out with a new one?

Whatever you decide, you need to check out the new Pop Vegas’ Tattoo’d America at The LINQ Promenade. With 21 fun-filled installations, including 500 works of art by 100 renowned tattoo artists, you’ll never have a dull moment here.

Tattoo’d America at The LINQ Promenade

This unique Vegas museum takes you on a fun ride through the history and culture of tattoos, which have existed for a whopping 5,000 years. Give yourself a good hour or two to explore and discover why tattooing is a billion dollar industry.

We’ll share with you our favorite moments, but this Vegas attraction is something you’ve got to see to believe.

Tattooed mannequin arms at Tattoo'd America

Give me a hand now, will ya? These tattoos are everything. Photo by Lewis Phan / Caesars Entertainment.

Pull Up Your Sleeves

The above installation is one of the more popular ones and we can see why. The intricate details on each arm took several hours to paint. These are true works of art. The bottom right arm is this blogger’s personal favorite. It follows the water color technique, one of the most difficult tattooing procedures.

Ball pit at Tattooed America at The LINQ Promenade

Take a plunge into fun. Photo by Lewis Phan / Caesars Entertainment.

Ink Pool Party 

We kid you not — there’s a ball pit in this exhibit. If you’re wondering what this has to do with tattoos, the ball pit actually represents all the different color pigments you can get for a tattoo. We’ve shot multiple boomerangs here and we can tell you it’s definitely worth all the jumps.

Black Lights & Pillow Fights 

Here’s something we didn’t know. You can get “invisible” UV tattoos that only show up under black lights. Can you imagine surprising your friends at the next rave or EDC? The pillow fight darkroom showcases these beautiful designs that can only be seen here. Plus, the colorful confetti and pillows give this room a fun, youthful touch.

Not Your Kiddie Pop Up 

We’re not saying we’re against the cutesy pop-up museums (like the ice cream or candy ones). This simply isn’t your usual kid-friendly museum. With everything from vibrating chairs, a peep show and an O-Dome (you can easily guess what that letter stands for) complete with tassels and S&M dressed mannequins, this adult-themed exhibit will make you blush. Some of us (true story) stumbled over our own feet.

There’s a reason for all the sex appeal. Close to a third of people who have tattoos got it because they think it is sexy. Oww!

Fun And Wacky Facts 

While this is a very provocative museum, you’ll still learn some fun facts. For instance, did you know Theodore Roosevelt had a chest piece? Add Andrew Jackson and Thomas Edison to the mix, too. And speaking about unlikely tattoos, how about this gentleman in the Instagram post above?

Get Something Forever (Or Forever ‘Til Monday) 

You can get a tat here, but even if you’re not ready to take the leap you can get a temporary one. This includes henna, which looks so mesmerizing that it might just be your gateway to the real thing. If you do take the plunge, you’ll be the shining star here. The live tattoo studio is open for all to see.

In addition to tattoos and henna, visitors can also get body painting and hand marbling inside the Ink Lab. And if you’re just curious how you’ll look with ink in general, there’s a nearby installation that projects designs onto your body. Simply slip on the provided white clothes and stand in front of the screen. Voila! There’s your full-body tattoo,

Tattood America's oversized props in gift shop

Hey, everyone! Look who decided to get a foot tat! (Not really.) Photo by Lewis Phan / Caesars Entertainment.

Do It All For The ‘Gram, Fam

Tattooed up or not, you’re going to have fun picking up items, taking photos and doing all sorts of poses for Instagram here. And that’s the point — everything is meant to be posted and shared.

Tattoo’d America is open Monday through Thursday, 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday through Sunday, noon to 8 p.m. Admission is $29 ($18 for locals). If you’re here with your boo, you can get the Romantic Package, which includes admission for two, semi-permanent tattoos and cocktail tastings.

This is the first interactive experience at the recently opened Pop Vegas. The exhibit will be available for the next two months, so get here because unlike tattoos, it’s not permanent. Now… let’s get inked!

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