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This Halloween In Vegas, Celebrate Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

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Ah, the smell of pumpkin lattes (or pumpkin anything for that matter!) just warms the heart and stirs up many memories.

From pumpkin candles to pumpkin pies, the sweet smell with a touch of cinnamon is seriously one of the best things I love about fall. In fact, I’ve been eating pumpkin pecan oatmeal this entire month. Now if you’re a pumpkin lover like me and you’ll be in Vegas within the next couple of weeks, you don’t want to miss out on these goodies offered throughout the Strip. Whether it’s for your palate or for your skin, I highly encourage you to dig in and enjoy it all!

Payard Patisserie & Bistro

Located inside Caesars Palace, Payard Patisserie & Bistro offers some of the best French pastries in town. This popular Las Vegas pastry shop features the Cendrillon, consisting of pumpkin mousse, pumpkin sponge and cranberry gelee. Or, if you’re a caramel lover, the limited-time pecan tart with caramel cream will most assuredly tickle your fancy.

Can’t decide? Get both. We won’t judge you.


Every day in during November (or every Wednesday and Friday year-round), Sprinkles at The LINQ offers its tasty pumpkin cake. The fact that it’s available all year says enough! Laced with fragrant ginger, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, this delightful cupcake also comes with a sweet cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Mmm, mmm!

Pumpkin Cupcakes at Sprinkles at the LINQ Promenade


Side note: If you’re looking for a tipsy pumpkin kind of adventure, head to Yard House, located just across Sprinkles. This popular brewery/restaurant offers delicious pumpkin ales for fall. Pumpkin cupcakes and beer sounds like a glorious combination to us!

Restaurant GUY SAVOY

For folks looking for something heartier, French and super-fancy, Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace presents a special white truffle season menu now through the end of fall. Included in this menu is the pumpkin soup with a poached egg and white truffles. You can order this a la carte or via the white truffle season menu. Impress your waiter and order it in French: Soupe de Potiron à l’OEuf et Truffe Blanche.

Other white truffle menu items worth savoring include Risotto à la Truffe Blanche d’Alba (Alba White Truffle Risotto) and La Pomme Cuite en Croute de Sucre aux Épices (apple baked in spiced sugar crust).

Guy Savoy's Halloween Treats at Caesars Palace

Guy Savoy’s Soupe de Potiron à l’OEuf et Truffe Blanche.


mesa grill

In celebration of famed chef Bobby Flay’s 10-year anniversary at Caesars Palace, Mesa Grill is offering a limited-time  fixed menu through Tuesday, Oct. 21. The four-course meal includes a pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkin seeds (seen below); lobster tamale; fire-roasted venison chop; and a chocolate coconut bread pudding paired with dulce de leche ice cream for a sweet ending.

Fall Season Menu Items at Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace

Qua Baths & Spa

If you can satisfy your taste buds with pumpkin treats, you can definitely treat your face too. Located inside Caesars Palace’s Qua Baths & Spa, relax and enjoy its seasonal and soothing Great Pumpkin Facial. The 50-minute nourishing treatment refreshes and revitalizes your skin with a soothing pumpkin mask. It works wonders by increasing oxygenation and circulation, digging deep into your congested pores. Not only will you leave smelling pumpkin-y, but your skin will thank you big time.

Since we’re only a month into the fall season,  we’re sure plenty of other pumpkin surprises will be offered in the next few weeks and closer to Halloweeen. Come back and visit our blog to find out more ways to get your pumpkin on.



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