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Kind Heaven Promises An Experience Unlike Any Other In Las Vegas…And The World

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It’s not every day you hear about digital holographic monkey wrestling in Vegas.

But then it’s not every day that Jane’s Addiction lead singer Perry Farrell rolls into town to announce Kind Heaven — a new 100,000-square-foot, 360-degree immersive entertainment experience opening at The LINQ Hotel & Casino in 2019.

“Kind Heaven represents Immersive Artistry’s unique approach to entertainment, which blends storytelling with mythology and technology for a 360-degree communal experience that thrusts the audience directly into the action,” said Immersive Artistry Co-Founder and CEO Cary Granat.

Costing $100 million and using state-of-the-art RF technology, advanced wearable tech, projection mapping and and more, Kind Heaven will create a personalized adventure for each visitor as they explore Southeast Asian culture, music, food, fashion and, yes, confrontational holographic monkeys.

The mind-bending vision of Kind Heaven brings together Granat — founder and former CEO of Walden Media (The Chronicles of Narnia film series) and former President and COO Miramax/Dimension Films (Scream series, Scary Movie and Spy Kids franchises, From Dusk Till Dawn); Immersive President Ed Jones  — an Academy® Award-winning visual effects pioneer (Star Wars’ The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones, E.T., Who Framed Roger Rabbit?); and Farrell, lead singer of rock bands Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros and founder of Lollapalooza, one of the most successful music festivals in history.

Kind Heaven – Las Vegas Attraction and Destination

Kind Heaven concept art for Level 1 - street scene.

Kind Heaven, a 360-degree immersive experience, has been proposed for The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Concept art provided by Immersive Artistry showcases the different levels and experiences of Kind Heaven.

Now Farrell brings his love of Southeast Asia to The LINQ and The LINQ Promenade to build, what he calls, “the missing link.” Kind Heaven, says Farrell, is an “immersive entertainment complex” and will feature “every form of art.”

“Lollapalooza forever changed the way fans experience live entertainment and Kind Heaven will take that to the next level, mesmerizing the audience through sights, sounds and deliciously exotic smells,” said Farrell. “Nothing like this has ever been attempted before. It’s going to be incredible.”

Visitors to Kind Heaven will take a virtual train from the entrance into a man-made version of Southeast Asia. Level one is themed as a night market, showcasing the vibe found in famous late-night street markets in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Vendors will be hawking assorted street foods as customers mill about.

Kind Heaven Level 2 - The forest

A forest level is just one of the experiences in Kind Heaven, a 360-degree immersive experience, that has been proposed for The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Concept art provided by Immersive Artistry.

Bars will include traditional style Western service, but will also offer something completely different. At The Dispensary, guests will order feelings. They will tell the bartender how they feel or how they want to feel, and the bartender will create a mixture of alcohol and herbs based on their desire.

Level 2 is The Forest, which Granat stated is all about the “elevation of spirits.” He compared it to the chill vibe of “Burning Man at dawn” and promised that visitors would find lost temples and cities, tree houses and lush vegetation as they explored.

“We’re enveloping audiences in multi-sensory experiences and transporting them to places they have never been before,” added Jones. “It is a new transitory experience and art form, not to mention a quantum leap forward from the traditional theme park experience.”

Continuing the elevation of spirits, guests will move on to Level 3, The Sanctuary. Granat called it, “the best of Nepal and Bhutan.” Being built above where the Vortex currently sits, this area will give visitors a chance to look down at the proverbial mountains and clouds. The founders are looking to showcase a Southeast Asian version of EDM here to complete the vibe.

Kind Heaven

Kind Heaven, an 360-degree immersive experience, has been proposed for The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Concept art provided by Immersive Artistry.

Music, of course, will play a huge part in Kind Heaven. Farrell will be curating the program and his team is currently scouting Asia to bring in more than 130 different artists. Along with electronic dance music, rock, reggae and jazz will be featured genres. The Dynamo stage will be a performance area with a capacity for 1,000 concert-goers. Farrell, as he has done in the past, will create supergroups to play the room.

“Kind Heaven has the potential to become a must-visit Las Vegas destination that will appeal to our global travelers and transform the streetscape at the LINQ Promenade,” promised Bob Morse, president of hospitality for Caesars Entertainment.

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