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Vegas Disasters Reversed

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If you remembered those hilarious “Worse Case Scenario” books, we’re right there with you. While you may never have to fend off an alligator or escape underwater bondage, we’re still drawn to the solutions for these far-fetched situations. But imagine reading something useful that pertained to Vegas mishaps. That’s where we come in.

Heaven forbid anything detrimental happens to you in Vegas, but our handy guide may do you some good while you’re out and about in Sin City. And look on the bright side: You’re far from fending off any alligators.

Lose your squad

Uh-oh! You told your crew you’d be back “real quick” from the restroom at Caesars Palace to touch up your makeup, but guess what? It turned into one serious selfie session. Then you started texting that guy again. (You know who we’re talking about!) Before you know it, your squad’s long gone.

Fear not! If 1) your phone is out of battery power and 2) you have no clue where to look, it’s all good. This is your chance to make new friends. Or, pick a meeting place like under the chandelier at OMNIA Nightclub or under the bosom at Cleopatra’s Barge. You’re guaranteed to find your crew by the naked David statue, over by Nobu Restaurant. You should be back with your gals in no time.

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Who wants to be around a hangry person? Certainly not you. And if you’re the hangry person, we’re sure your friends have seen the wrath before. What’s worse than being hangry? Hangry and hungover. Nothing shrieks disaster more than a hangover, right?

Walk-up food spots like eatwell at The Cromwell work great, especially if you’re going to party all night at Drai’s Nightclub. Even if it’s 2 in the morning and you’re on your last wheel, no worries. Sober up with some serious eats. Tons of places are open around the clock, like Café Americano at Caesars Palace or Hash House A Go Go at The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Check out our favorite late night munchies that’ll take you from hangry to happy.

Vegans, we didn’t forget about you. We’d be a hangry bunch too if we were limited to boring salads and the same old fruit plates  See our blog with the best vegan bites.

Stuck In Line At The Club

How to avoid the long lines to get into the Las Vegas nightclubs

Avoid long lines and be as happy as these partying ladies. Photo of Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas.

You’re in line, your feet are starting to hurt in your five-inch stilettos and you can’t even see the front of the line. What. The. Heck.

There are ways to ditch the line, or at least speed up the process. When you see those guys decked out in suits passing out flyers to a club, stop and actually get one. Your name can be put on a guest list and if you’re with a group of ladies, that helps a lot too. Word of advice: If you’re a guy with 10 other guys, you may never see the front of that line. Split up with your bros and make friends with some of the ladies. This will raise your chances on getting in.

Don’t forget: There’s always the option of buying a table and ordering bottle service. Clubs love these kind of guests. Read our Vegas club guide to find out more.


You may look at this and go, duh drink water! But dehydration in Vegas is no joke. And we all fall victim to it, especially if we’re out having a blast. Nothing’s worse than getting dehydrated in a desert. Besides guzzling water, a sports drink or even taking a B-12 shot, slow down and just take a breather. Sit at one of the many benches in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and admire your surroundings. And because we’re huge fans of ice cream, check out Amorino at The LINQ Promenade to cool down. Here are other ways to stay cool in Vegas.

Wardrobe malfunction

Fix any wardrobe mishaps and get your shop on at The Forum Shops

Fix any wardrobe mishap and get your shop on.

We’ve all experienced last-minute wardrobe mishaps. Broken zipper. A rip in the most obvious and awkward place. A dress size too small. Your favorite heels breaking. It is a total downer and makes you want to say, screw going out!

Lucky for you, shops in Vegas stay open until late. So even if you have a wardrobe malfunction after 10 p.m., there’s hope. And if you’re balling on a budget, make a beeline to The Forum Shops’ three-story H&M. It closes at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 11 p.m. on weekdays. You can even spring for new shoes.

P.S.: Walking barefoot after partying all night counts as a wardrobe no-no. It’s also gross and unsanitary. If your heels are hurting like no tomorrow, pack a pair of roll-up flats in your purse. These are a life saver.

Camera oopsie

Ever try helping your grandparents (or even parents) figure out their tablets or smartphones? It’s the cutest thing ever. Can you imagine leaving them with a GoPro while they’re on vacation? Oh, the possibilities!

Even if things go wrong, own it like this GoPro dad did. Had he used the camera properly, this video wouldn’t have gone viral. Sometimes the best videos aren’t the ones you mean to take anyway. But if you’re paranoid, your bestie can always be your backup photographer. You can also scope out the best spots in Vegas to take pictures.

Stop in at Photo And Go at The LINQ Promenade to memorialize your trip with printed pictures.

Stuck in McCarran airport

Stuck in an airport due to a flight reschedule? Make the most of it like Richard Dunn did. If you thought Tom Hanks in “The Terminal” was good, wait until you see this rendition of “All By Myself.”

This is by far the most creative time spent in the airport and one that led to Dunn get tickets to Céline Dion’s Vegas show and meeting the superstar. We’re dying to see someone do a version of Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears. And who knows? Strangers might even join in the fun with killer choreography.

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Missed your flight

Missed your flight? Read our solution above. OK, bye.

We’re kidding. Missing a flight isn’t fun, but that’s the case in other cities. If you’re in Vegas, is it really a bad thing? That just means you have one more day to party. Hop online and book another night in Vegas.

Got Married… And Didn’t Realize It

Accidentally got married in Las Vegas? Here's where to go to ditch your new spouse.

We think they’re in love… right? Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy doesn’t really remember though. (Photo location – Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace.)

You wake up the next morning and discover… you’re not alone. There’s someone cuddled right next to you. And uh-oh… what’s that ring doing on your finger?

Before you head into panic mode, make sure it was a real ceremony. Wedding coordinators and ministers are sniffing out these spontaneous acts. But if you convinced even the professionals and got married for real, that’s why there’s always the A-word. But say it really is love at first sight. You’ll need to get a real Vegas wedding you can remember.

Or say you didn’t tie the knot but still made a commitment you regret. You can ditch your date as easy as 1-2-3. Nothing says leaving your date behind by escaping on the 550-foot-tall High Roller observation wheel. Check out our Vegas dating blog for more fun and foolproof tips.

the Apocalypse

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

We really don’t know when the world is going to end, but if the apocalypse happens in Vegas consider it a treat. If you want to take cover, hide in the basement but still have the time of your life, Drai’s After Hours at The Cromwell is perfect. Not only are you in the basement, this late-night haunt stays open so late it’s early. We’re talking 10 a.m. early. An apocalypse is one good reason party and we like to think you’ll be safe and sound here.

The Apocalypse: Couples Edition 

You and your sweetie end up in a huge fight that it makes a real apocalypse look like a cake walk. Listen — tiffs happen. You just need a break. And what better way to spend some alone time than a fun, harmless Vegas adult show?

Gals, you need to check out Tyson Beckford in Chippendales, now through the beginning of September. Fellas can have their fix with X Rocks, which incorporates both beautiful dancers and ’80s heavy rock music. Both shows are located inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Once you’ve de-stressed, have a romantic dinner at Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas. Here you can exchange stories of your previous night’s shenanigans.

Embarrassing sunburn 

Sunburn or embarrassing tan lines? Nothing that a soothing spa treatment can't fix

Sunburn or embarrassing tan lines? Nothing that a soothing spa treatment can’t fix. Photo courtesy of Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace.

These are the worst, especially when they happen at the start of your Vegas trip. To avoid these from happening, make sure you slather that SPF generously. A floppy hat never goes out of style, and it keeps the sun rays from attacking your precious skin. Plus, all hotels have a sundries / pool essentials shop.

To avoid the sun altogether (but still have a blast by the pool), we recommend an air-conditioned and fully-stocked VIP cabana. You’ll be living the good life and your skin will thank you. Many Las Vegas spas also offer treatments to soothe your damaged skin that’ll leaving you feeling refreshed and new.

Stay disaster-free and busy with more things to do in Vegas.

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