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Las Vegas Shopping: A $20,000 Bag and 4 Other Great Men’s Accessories

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Las Vegas shopping is unlike shopping anywhere else in the country, and the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is one of the preeminent retail destinations in the world. Thanks to the wide range of stores and boutiques at the Forum Shops, there are ways for men of all taste levels to find great accessories to complement either professional outfits or casual street looks, at price ranges accessible to all. Even men for whom the word ‘shopping’ provokes an instinctual reaction to go and watch football or ‘do work on the car’ can get excited about any of these worthwhile additions to your overall style.

Since the selection available and the number of stores at the Forum Shops can be a bit overwhelming, here are five men’s accessories and five different Forum Shops stores that will complete various looks and pique conversational interest, all for a variety of reasons:

Slide-out Business Card Holder at Ermenegildo Zegna, Forum Shops, Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The Slide-out Business Card Holder – Ermenegildo Zegna ($195)

This sleek, stainless-steel framed, leather sided card holder will make a great first impression with your clients and contacts. Quickly dispense up to 15 cards by sliding them out with your thumb, while the cards are held firmly in place by an interior pressure tab. Though it’s sturdy and shiny, the leather sides make it soft to the touch and an interesting conversation piece to hand around. Guys; you can NEVER have too many conversation piece accessories! Not available online.

Ted Baker London Kort Leather Messenger Bag, Navy, Forum Shops, Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The Kort Leather Messenger Bag, Navy – Ted Baker London ($348)

For the last few years, navy color suits and pants have certainly elevated men’s style. Gentlemen, you need navy in your accessory drawer as well as your wardrobe; the color pops with any black or dark gray sweater or suit, and it also accentuates your attention to details as well as your knack for making interesting choices. The renowned soft yet sturdy quality of Ted Baker leather goods means this is an item that should last forever; consider picking up a matching navy wallet, as well.

AllSaints Rok Crew Beanie, Forum Shops, Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The Rok Crew Beanie – AllSaints ($75)

New this season, this cable-woven chunky style fall/winter cap is one of the lightest, warmest, most comfortable winter hats ever made. One of the most perfect add-ons in this article, it can be worn into the coffeehouse or the office with hipster street style day clothes just as easily as professional boardroom attire.

John Varvatos Antique Printed Flag Scarf

The Antique Printed Flag Scarf – John Varvatos ($228)

Though for most men scarves are hardly a necessity, they certainly add flair to any winter outfit. That’s why this iconic scarf printed with the American flag (in either black and white, pictured, or classic red-white-and-blue) exceeds in this regard. Unlike a lot of cheaply made men’s scarves, this one’s fringes are shorter and less interfering. The soft texture of the cloth (which is surprising, given it’s a print) will make you want to wear this with motorcycle jackets as well as pea coats and black or navy blazers. Plus, it’s light enough to wear well into the spring!

Alfred Dunhill Alligator Briefcase Bag

The Alligator Leather Briefcase Bag – Alfred Dunhill ($20,000)

The price you read on the way into this paragraph really is true; this leather-lined briefcase bag, covered in alligator, retails for no less than $20,000. Based on the fabulous structure and velvety feel of the bag, both inside and out, it’s probably worth absolutely every penny. Although there is most definitely a specific type of buyer for a one of a kind accessory like this, for everyone else this item admittedly falls into the category of mere curiosity. But the Alfred Dunhill store at the Forum Shops also has numerous other extraordinary accessories, including gorgeous Rollagas lighters and reversible 100% leather Italian belts. Any men’s style connoisseur should schedule a little tourist stop at this amazing store. Not available online.


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6 Responses

  1. That Ted Baker messenger bag is everything! If my man had that in his closet, I’m sure I’d steal it for myself!!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing!! I LOVE the Ted Baker bag!! My hubby must have it!! Great picks Dan!

  3. Kate

    Nothing like a well-groomed and dressed man! Would love to see my man rocking any of the above mentioned accessories.

  4. With Valentine’s and me and my bf’s anniversary right around the corner, this article came at just the right time. The suggestions on this list provide many classy, grown-up items, which would be a nice change from the usual video game or movie tickets I get my bf. I especially love the Ted Baker Kort Leather Messenger Bag – sexy!

  5. rachelle

    Dan, great article and loved all your picks! I must say that business card holder is going to be a great gift for a birthday coming up soon – might even have to grab that beanie too! Thank you, and looking forward to your next article!

  6. Amara

    So many excellent options, what to choose is the difficult part!