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There are important questions that people must answer as they go through this life. “What was I put on this planet to accomplish?” “Is all you really need love?” “Does there really need to be a “Will & Grace” reboot?” And, of course, “Which statue throughout the Caesars Empire should I take a selfie with?”

What you might not realize is which statue you are seen with on social media says a lot about who you are, what you represent and what your Vegas trip is all about. Therefore, we offer you this helpful guide on which statue to get your selfie game on with. But, sorry, we still can’t answer that “Will & Grace” thing.

The Greenbacks

The Greenbacks at Harrah's- famous Las Vegas statue to Snapchat or Instagram

The Greenbacks – Mr., Mrs. and the dog too. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

Walk down the main corridor of Harrah’s Las Vegas and you’ll eventually end up face to face with Buck and Winnie Greenback. They are gaudy. They are flashy. Some might say they are a sight for sore eyes. We like to think of them more as “trailer park fabulous.” As you look at them, it might be easy to assume they won all this money on their Vegas vacation. And maybe they did. But then again, maybe they have the swankest double-wide in the entire trailer park. Maybe all that cash is what they rolled into town with. The thing is, win or lose, The Greenbacks don’t care. They are going to have the best time in Vegas no matter what the results. And that dog – Chip – she’ll be eating doggy caviar tonight.

Pose with The Greenbacks and you are probably the person who parties so hard you stumble back to your hotel room with your shoes in hand. It’s more important for your bare feet to be comfortable in the moment than anything else. You can always get a shot of antibiotics to fix whatever you got later.


Pose with Aftermath statue at the Paris Las Vegas

Bronze paint, check. Broom, check. Bonus accessory: Ability to remain frozen for, oh, ever. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

As you enter the Paris Las Vegas from the self-parking garage, you are met by a statue of a man sweeping. The name of the statue is “Aftermath” and the man is likely sweeping up the leftovers of craziness from the night before. Is he sweeping up tears from fights between lovers? Is he sweeping up some of those lovely cards that people on Las Vegas Boulevard hand out to passersby? Is he sweeping up wristbands that got you into the VIP section of the club? Probably all of the above and then some. The gentleman is clearly a hard worker, which makes it all the more odd that he would be wearing a long sleeved jacket. It’s hot in Vegas. But whatever – you do you, sweeper!

Pose with Aftermath and we hope you give the sweeper a kiss on the head. He represents the unsung heroes in Las Vegas – the people behind the scenes who work so hard so you can have all the fun. In fact, you should buy him a new jacket.

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The Crazy Girls Sculpture

Famous Las Vegas statue - Take a selfie with the The Crazy Girls Sculpture

The famous Crazy Girls statue. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

This is the most iconic of all Las Vegas statues. Michael Connie made molds of the real dancers to put it altogether. The motto, “No ‘IFs’ ‘ANDs’ OR…” is the perfect amount of naughty for Sin City. It’s a nod to the current (Crazy Girls) and past (Riviera Hotel) glories of Las Vegas. Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino took this piece of Vegas lore and houses it on the casino floor now bridging the past to the present.

So what does it mean if you take a selfie with The Crazy Girls Sculpture? Maybe it means that you are a history buff. Or, at least, you’re a fan of the buff in general.

Giant Flamingos

Famous Las Vegas Flamingo statue outside the Flamingo Las Vegas

Break out the wide angle lens for these giant birds. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

These monster birds stand at the entrance way to the Flamingo Las Vegas on The LINQ Promenade. They are imposing and gigantic and pink. And if they ever came to life, we’d all be running with the fear of death in our eyes. They already have a foot in the air, so it would be even easier for them to squash you with their giant, webbed feet if they were nasty birds. But we digress. As it is, they have not been reanimated and are therefore a delight to see. There’s something that just screams Americana about flamingos and oversized statues. This is the best of both worlds.

A selfie here means you should be multi-tasking. Hold the phone and take the picture with one hand. Hold sparklers in the other hand. America!

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Joe Louis

The boxer, Joe Lewis famous Las Vegas statue in Caesars Palace

Could you go glove to glove with Joe Lewis? Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

The champ looks ferocious near the sportsbook at Caesars Palace. He is carved from Carrara marble. It is a magnificent stone, good enough for Michelangelo to use for his “Pieta” and fitting for one of, if not the, greatest fighters of all-time.

There was a time when Louis was broke and seemingly with no way to get his life back on track. That’s when Las Vegas came to his rescue. He spent the remainder of his years as a casino host for Caesars, shaking hands of adoring fans and at least getting some of the reverence he earned over the years.

Snap a shot with “The Brown Bomber” and let the world know, no matter how many times you get knocked down, you’re going to get back up.


Statue of David, famous Las Vegas statue at Caesars Palace

Statue of David at Caesars Palace.  Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Take a stroll through Appian Way in Caesars Palace and there he is in all his glory. It’s an exact replica of Michelangelo’s “David” made from the same Carrara marble. He stands 18 feet tall and weighs more than 9 tons. It is a testament to Las Vegas and its impenetrable spirit. We might not have the original but we have an EXACT replica. We can do things your way or we can do them our own way. That’s Vegas.

Take a pic under this nude behemoth let the world know: You’re ready to let your freak flag fly… in a cultural way, of course.


Cleopatra, famous Las Vegas statue at Caesars Palace

Cleopatra’s Lounge at Caesars Palace. Photo by Total Vegas Blog.

Shooting toward the sky from the bow of The Barge bearing her name, this swooping statue shows Cleopatra as if she were launching herself into the sky. Can she fly? We’ll never know, will we? The empress is fashionable and topless, clearly an early advocate for “Free the Nipple.” Her progressive stances on social issues are still being argued today. But no matter where you stand on the social spectrum, one thing people both conservative and liberal can agree on is this: If Cleopatra were alive today, she’d be a huge social media star. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to keep up so much with the Kardashians. We can dream…

Keep your selfie game strong with Cleopatra and let’s all take down the Kardashian invasion together.


Studded throughout his namesake Palace, statues of Caesar await your visit. Being a kind and benevolent ruler, he is there to help you come up with your own answers to life’s questions. “What was I put on this planet to accomplish?” Caesar isn’t sure, but he ruled an entire empire so don’t sweat the small stuff. “Is love really all you need?” Maybe not but it sure helps. As for that “Will & Grace” redux, he gives it two seasons – max, or as he says, “II seasons. Maximus.”

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