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Stay Cool – Our Favorite Cold Dishes In Vegas

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There’s no better time than the middle of summer to focus on eating cold dishes. With record high temperatures, we want to explore summer food dishes that will help keep you cool and bemuse your taste buds. These are items that you can enjoy any time of the year, but for now, hopefully they will help take away some of those summertime blues.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Our first stop is Strip House Steakhouse at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Here you’ll find a diet friendly appetizer and a whimsical take on a chocolate bar.


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Goat Cheese Prosciutto Rolls: Have any of your friends unwrapped a “keto sandwich” in front of you? It’s two pieces of meat with a piece of cheese inside of it. You know, the inside of a real sandwich. Well, keto kids, let’s upscale your sammie with this cold delicacy, a “keto wrap,” of sorts. Calabrian-infused goat cheese, frisee, shaved Parmesan and a balsamic glaze are enveloped by salty, delectable prosciutto. Finally, an item you and the ketonians can agree upon.

Deconstructed Snickers Bar: Deconstruct it, construct it, reconstruct it. It doesn’t matter to us. Snickers are delicious no matter how they are presented. This whimsical dessert features vanilla, chocolate and dulce de leche ice creams, covering most of the flavor components. Then it adds candied peanuts, the oh-so-essential nougat, and caramel to twist the textures into something perfectly new.

A quick trip over to Gordon Ramsay Burger gives us a healthy bowl on the savory side and a unique dessert on the sweet side.

Greek Quinoa: The superfood meets the Greek salad in this filling bowl. Carrots, feta cheese, pine nuts, cucumbers, sweet peppers, iceberg lettuce and scallions co-mingle with red quinoa. The unique spice blend known as freekeh and red wine vinaigrette give the bowl zest and tang.

White and Milk Chocolate Parfait: Forget breakfast. This parfait hits your sweet tooth in just the right spot. Besides the dual chocolate, it also features berries, lemon caramel, oatmeal streusel and shortbread cookies. It’s like seven different European grandmothers got together and each added an ingredient.


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Next we head to Yolos Mexican Grill for a summertime — or anytime – favorite.

Guacamole Fresco: Is there anything better on a hot summer day than pounding some salty tortilla chips with some fresh guacamole and then finishing it off with your favorite cerveza? At Yolos, the guac is so fresh it’s made table-side, so you can start drooling as it’s being put together. Avocados, tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, cilantro and lime create this crave-worthy snack.

Bally’s Las vegas

Sea Thai lettuce wraps at Bally's Las Vegas

We think they’re the lettuce wraps. What’s with all this pressure for us to “take notes” and “remember things”? Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

A visit to Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino will take you to a renowned steakhouse and an luxurious Thai restaurant to cool off.

At BLT Steak, it’s a salad that makes the list. But this salad is special.

Lobster Cobb Salad: The upscale steakhouse does more than just beef correctly. Check out this take on one of America’s favorite salads. The standard greens plus tomato, bacon, egg, avocado and punchy dressing are joined by cheddar cheese, pancetta and tender lobster. Now that’s a special salad.

Moving over to SEA: The Thai Experience, we have a textural and tasty appetizer.

Four Season Roll: This vegan specialty will satisfy diners of all kinds. Cucumber, mint, and lettuce are put inside a soft rice paper roll and served with hoisin dipping sauce. It’s crunchy, cool and delicious.

Caesars Palace

A trek to Caesars Palace leads diners into the restaurants of three celebrity chefs.

Yellow Tail at Nobu Restaurant in Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Yellowtail with jalapeno. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

At Pronto By Giada, diners get down on imported antipasti delights.

Formaggio and Salumi Board: Many visitors will be looking for a quick bite at Giada De Laurentiis’s casual eatery, but you should take your time and when you order, exclaim, “Bring me your finest meats and cheeses!” You will be rewarded with boards including such wonders as gorgonzola dulce from Lombardy, pecorino tartufo from Tuscany, mortadella from Bologna and prosciutto de Parma from Emilia Romagna.

Move over to Nobu Restaurant for cold dishes galore. Choose any or all from a stunning cold item section of the menu that includes spicy miso chips with big eye tuna or scallops, whitefish with ponzu, the addictive Nobu Crispy Rice with Big Eye Tuna, and the world-famous yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno. There’s a reason chef Nobu Matsuhisa is considered a master of his craft.


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Finally, save room for dessert at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Pineapple Carpaccio: Like salads, for us to include a dessert on this list, it has to go well beyond the expected. Not just ice cream or a shake. This dish from the team at Hell’s Kitchen comes to the table in a flying saucer-like bowl with liquid smoke emitting from the vessel. Ice cold pineapple is layered with coconut sorbet, citrus foam, passion fruit and coriander to create one of the more memorable desserts in Las Vegas.

Paris Las Vegas

Head to Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino for cool dishes in stunning atmospheres.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Paris Las Vegas

Delicious cold dishes and a delightful view at Eiffel Tower Restaurant, photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Sit atop the city at Eiffel Tower Restaurant and enjoy an appetizer the French specialize in.

Steak Tartare: Where else would one want to get a proper steak tartare than in an upscale French steakhouse? The raw meat, the truffle aioli, the shaved Parmesan – all on a crusty baguette. This interpretation hearkens back to tradition.

Speaking of classics, make the move to Gordon Ramsay Steak for a Vegas staple.

Shrimp Cocktail: Get this mammoth version of the vintage Vegas bar favorite with bloody mary cocktail sauce, gin pico de gallo and lemon. Feel free to wear your tux or evening gown while enjoying.

Ginger panna cotta at Hexx in Paris Las Vegas

Ginger panna cotta at HEXX. Yum. Photo courtesy of HEXX Kitchen & Bar.

Finally, get an up-close view of the Strip at HEXX Kitchen & Bar for a modern dessert.

Ginger Panna Cotta: An intriguing dessert with a bevy of flavors and textures, this specialty at HEXX features ginger butter milk panna cotta and is studded with goodies including an amaretto roasted pear, bits of madeleine sponge cake, oat streusel, candied ginger and pistachio. It’s a harmonious effort to finish off a meal.

The LINQ Hotel + experience

To get the cold sensation your taste buds have been craving at The LINQ Hotel + Experience, the sea is calling you.

Sushi burrito at Jaburritos in The LINQ Hotel + Experience in Las Vegas

Sushi burrito at Jaburritos. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

At Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, the television star mashes up a few of his favorite items to create a new one:

Tuna Poke Won-Tacos: Comfort food is the name of the game with Guy Fieri and here, he riffs on a Nobu classic with his poke taco featuring sashimi grade ahi, mango-jicama slaw, seaweed salad, scallions, sweet soy sauce and wasabi cream inside a crispy wonton shell.

Head over to The LINQ Promenade to get in on a recent food trend. The sushi burrito joint known as Jaburritos features a menu full of splendid cold items. Grab a bowl or a burrito and take your sushi game to the next level.

The Cromwell

Finally, check out The Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas for some more raw sea creatures at GIADA.

Oyster Crudo: The queen of Cal-Italian makes her second appearance on the list with fresh oysters crudo. Grab a half a dozen raw oysters with a zippy mignonette sauce and shoot them down as if you were sitting on the docks of your favorite beach town.


Did you like our list?  If you did, share it with your friends and invite them to take a trip down to the strip and cool down with some good summer food at some of the best restaurants in Vegas.

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