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The Las Vegas Survival Guide

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It’s 3 a.m. and your feet are killing you in those ridiculously tall heels. You’re going to video chat with your husband and the kids on the East Coast in a few hours but this girls’ trip isn’t going to slow down for anything! You’ve gotta look fresh so they think you’re having fun, but maybe not that much fun, like you’re really having. What are you going to do?

A trip to Vegas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some and for others it’s a routine luxury, whether for business or pleasure. Regardless of why you’re in Vegas, it’s good to know a few survival tips from the pros so you can keep the fun flowing.

Before you video chat with your significant other or boss

So you stayed up until sunrise and need to look fresh in a few hours to talk to your boss or maybe your family back home. We’ve all been there. Sometimes those convention after parties get a little more lit than you expected. Hey, it’s on you for not assuming you’d have the time of your life every night you’re in Las Vegas. That being said, it’s time for a power nap and a boost from the spa so you look fresh as a flower before anyone notices.

A 'must do' is get the Golden Goddess Treatment - Survival Guide to Las Vegas

Cleopatra’s Gold Treatment at Qua Bath & Spa at Caesars Palace. Photo by Jerry Metellus.

Head to Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace for Cleopatra’s Gold Collection Facial, which includes a 24-karat gold face mask to lock in moisture and nutrient-filled serums for maximum hydration. This treatment also includes a 24-karat application to the hands and décolletage, so you’ll look great from the shoulders up for your video call and you can talk with your hands all you want. Qua is also featuring a special Express Hydra Facial treatment for the summer. The anti-aging, vitamin-packed facial exfoliates and stimulates the collagen underneath the skin, so nobody will notice you were dancing at OMNIA all night.

Try Vitality's oxygen bar and aqua massage - Survival guide to Las Vegas

Try Vitality’s oxygen bar and aqua massage.

Vitality at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood will breathe some life into you after you ignored your usual bedtime in favor of keeping the party going with bottle service at Heart Bar. Vitality is an oxygen bar, which also has an aqua massage if you really danced like nobody was watching last night.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Need a fresh, new look? Get a VIP hair treatment at COLOR Salon - Survival guide to Las Vegas

Ever gotten a haircut or color so bad you can’t even? Maybe you thought purple highlights and a half shave worked for you after happy hour but you woke up with second thoughts. In Vegas, there’s no need to settle for anything less than exactly what you want, so head to Michael Boychuck’s COLOR Salon at Caesars Palace to get the VIP treatment and undo or redo your ‘do. Celebs and influencers trust their tresses to the master and his staff, so turn your would-be Vegas hair disaster into a masterful makeover at COLOR.

If you’re ready to hit the pool or the Strip but don’t want to deal with your hair, just grab a cute new hat from Goorin Brothers Hat Shop on The LINQ Promenade. They’ve got a wide selection of panama hats, baseball caps and everything in between, so nobody on your Instagram feed has to know you were having a bad hair day.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas…

You never know where the night might lead and in Las Vegas, you should always bet on yourself. What you need is just a phone call away. You probably knew you can order a bottle of wine from room service but did you know you can also score an intimacy kit so you can always be prepared? Order one through room service at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. At The Cromwell and Caesars Palace, it’s a part of the minibar so it’s always within reach.

Embrace the stretchy pants

Admit it. You didn’t come to Vegas to diet. If you didn’t expect to have at least one big splurge meal, it’s time to live a little. Chances are you already planned your dining itinerary to include a few memorable meals. Maybe you’re planning on dining to the max with the Buffet of Buffets. In most foodie towns, dressing properly for a nice meal means getting fancy. In Vegas, it means getting stretchy. Now that doesn’t mean you have to wear gym clothes and yoga pants; just maybe leave your stiff, skinny jeans at home. Think flowy dresses or pants with a little stretch to them so you don’t have to feel bad about having that second fourth dessert at Bacchanal Buffet.

Nobody likes tan lines

Embrace the tan line free zone at the Venus pool at Caesars Palace - Survival Guide to Las Vegas

Venus Pool awaits those 21 and up.

Modern bathing suits are all about the crazy straps and cutout designs. While cute, they don’t always produce the best tan lines. When choosing swimwear for your Vegas trip, consider the potential tan lines and save the kooky cutouts for the models on the runway.

Sun safety is always a good plan so be sure to layer on the SPF. If you forgot your sunscreen, hotel gift shops and pools are stocked and ready to protect your delicate outer layer. Be sure to pick a sunscreen buddy who won’t draw obscene pictures on your back for the sun to set in. That’s never a good look and having to explain why there’s a, well, you know, on your back may make people question your judgement, or at least your choice of friends.

The easiest way to avoid the tan lines is to embrace the European vibe and drop your top at Venus European Pool Lounge. Tops are optional so you can soak up the sun without fear of funky star or diamond patterns left on your skin. Let’s just say sunscreen would be even more important at this venue.

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Avoid the “Vegas girl walk”

Avoid the "Vegas Girl Walk," remember to pack flats in your purse - Survival Guide to Las Vegas

You may be a pro at walking around in heels during a night out in your hometown but if there’s one thing people tend to misjudge about Vegas, it’s the distance between casinos. This means the shoes that made the outfit at 9 p.m. will be the shoes making you miserable by midnight. Skip the grief and opt for flats from the get go, or grab some cute roll-up flats to pop in your purse for when your feet officially surrender. The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and various casino gift shops are great places to find flats but whatever you do, don’t be that person walking barefoot through casinos or on the Strip. Ew.

I feel like I’m forgetting something

Forgot to pack something? Head to the Forum Shops to pick up what you need - Survival Guide to Las Vegas

It’s time to head for the airport and you just know you’re forgetting something. Whatever, viva Las Vegas! Fast forward to unpacking in your hotel room and it’s abundantly clear you forgot underwear. Oops. Perhaps you’re cool going commando but if you’re seeking some new undies, go all out and select some luxury lingerie from Agent Provocateur or La Perla in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. It’s the perfect excuse to upgrade your lingerie wardrobe.

Buddy system

It can be easy to get lost in Vegas where one bank of slot machines kind of looks like the next. Add alcohol and it’s a wonder anybody manages to stay with their groups. It’s wise to use the tried and true Kindergarten method of the buddy system to make sure everyone is accounted for. This is especially important when entering or leaving clubs and bars, so no party soldier gets left behind.

Soak up the booze

A good breakfast and water are essential in the morning - Survival Guide to Las Vegas

A 24-hour town means it’s easy to score late-night eats after a long night of drinking. Soaking up the booze is usually a solid plan so grab a bite before you head to your room or go ahead and get comfy while you order room service.

It’s also smart to alternate water with cocktails so you don’t get dehydrated. Las Vegas is in a desert, after all. Water and electrolyte-replenishing beverages are your friends.

Hair of the dog

All you can drink page at the Las Vegas buffets - Survival Guide to Las Vegas

If your post-midnight snack didn’t ward off the hangover, you can always turn to the time-tested method of “hair of the dog,” aka just start drinking again. Again, room service is your friend. Have some Bloody Marys or mimosas sent up while you rehash last night’s events, and make sure everyone still has all their teeth, unlike the characters from the film “The Hangover.”

If you’re looking for the drinks to keep coming, try an all-you-can-drink option like the add-on at Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas or champagne brunch at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino’s Carnival World Buffet.

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