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Top 14 Las Vegas Photo Spots

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We live in a time where we take photos and videos of everything. We’re talking food, simple trips to the store and every single adorable move your kids and / or pets do. If you’re heading to Vegas, you need to go the extra mile with your picture-taking. Since you’re coming to the party capital of the world, your posts, snaps and tweets will be the talk of everyone’s news feed.

We talked about a Vegas bucket list a few weeks ago, so think of this blog as your Vegas picture bucket list. You’re going to flood all of your friends’ feeds anyway, so make sure it’s worth it. We’re going to give you the top photo spots in Las Vegas.

And if you’re wondering why you would need to take photos of ones we’re already providing, these are all spots worth seeing in person. Besides, seeing Vegas in pictures is what got you to come here in the first place, right? Enjoy.

Omnia NIghtclub

We’re starting this article off with a bang. Plus, this is probably one of the only photos of the night you’ll take sober — just saying. Before you start sipping, take a photo of this stunning chandelier inside OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace. Once you post this beauty on Insta, you can groove to the sounds of world-famous DJs like Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki, Fun fact: This metallic fixture is 33 feet wide and weighs a whopping 22,000 pounds. And just like you, the massive chandelier also moves to the music.

Costumed characters on the Strip

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Catching an “Alan” impersonator from the blockbuster hit, “The Hangover” is almost like spotting a unicorn. Once you see him in person, you’ll be rejoicing from here to eternity. This is someone you’d love to have a picture with — even if it means tipping the guy or buying him a drink. We’ve seen Alan hanging around the front of Caesars Palace, where the movie location is based. If you hear Alan saying one of his catch phrases like, “This isn’t the real Caesars Palace, is it?” then you really hit the jackpot.

The Forum Shops 

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace - Top Photo Spots in Las Vegas - Caesars Las Vegas Blog

Here at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, you can shop and sight-see at the same time. The spiral escalator is a beauty. Now that’s what we call shopping in style.

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Chippendales wall

Now we ready to party. #miagoesmia #h2h #chippendales #vegas #bacheloretteparty

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Come on — everyone’s doing it. Guys and gals alike get a kick out of this wall outside of the Chippendales theater at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. We sure do. Strike your sexiest pose or get downright playful for the naughtiest photo on everyone’s feed. You can touch this poster wall as much as you want but hands off, ladies! The real ones are for us.

Bonus: If you’re coming this summer, you can see Tyson Beckford through July 9, 2017. Holla!

Statues at caesars palace 

Caesars Palace is known for its world-renowned shows, restaurants and state-of-the-art suites. But anyone who has visited Caesars Palace can tell you there are a lot of statues. One of the most talked about statues is the Statue of David replica, located along Appian Way next to Nobu Restaurant. Located on the other side of Nobu Restaurant, you’ll find a topless Cleopatra statue at Cleopatra’s Barge. (We’ve been told that people rub on this statue for good luck.) Both statues (especially the one above) leave nothing to the imagination. You bashful ones out there might even blush a little. Don’t let that stop you from taking a quick picture.

Garden of the Gods pool oasis

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If you don’t already have a waterproof phone case, now’s the time to get one. Taking photos from a pool gets you unique angles, like this one at the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace. The great thing about Garden of The Gods is that there are several different pool areas to choose from. Whether you’re into a relaxed vibe or dig more of a lively atmosphere, you’re still going to get that perfect shot.

The High Roller (Part 1) 

View of Las Vegas from the High Roller - Top Photo Spots In Las Vegas - Caesars Las Vegas Blog

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane: Nah, it’s the High Roller observation wheel, the tallest wheel on the planet. Standing at 550 feet high, there’s really no way to take a bad picture. We like getting a shot of the Strip from a High Roller cabin with a “photo bomb” of another one. Hey, we don’t mind one bit. By the way, these cabins can fit up to 40 people. You can share it with strangers, friends, partake in a Happy Half Hour with your own bartender or even do yoga.

The High Roller (Part 2) 

High Roller at Night, Photo by Jennifer Whitehair - Top Las Vegas Photo Spots In Las Vegas -  Caesars Las Vegas Blog

Purple in Vegas has never looked so good. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair.

Afraid of heights? We get it. And it’s OK. This view is utterly gorgeous  When you take this shot, stand by the fountains that are right behind Sprinkles, the popular cupcake shop. This is our favorite angle of the world’s tallest observation wheel when we’re walking along The LINQ Promenade.

The High Roller (Part 3) 

We just can’t get enough of the High Roller, can we? If you’re an adventure seeker (and an expert photographer with sweet editing skills), take a helicopter ride over the Strip and you’ll capture angles as breathtaking as this one.

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Welcome to Las Vegas sign 

Taking a photo at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign makes your Sin City trip official. We’ve seen it all: People jumping for that perfect mid-air photo, while others pose with showgirls for a classic Vegas shot. (Side note: The showgirls come around here often, so there’s a chance you’ll see these dashing dames too.) But since we’re big romantics, we dig the lovey-dovey pictures the most. If you’re thinking about doing an engagement photo shoot or even your wedding day photos, this is a sweet spot to do it.

Paris Las Vegas 

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While we’re on the subject of romance, our blog wouldn’t be complete without the romance of France, right in the heart of the Strip. We love taking a picture of Paris Las Vegas and when the sky’s a cool blue color like this.

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Room selfie

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Everybody does it and since you’re in Vegas, you might as well take it to the next level. We suggest taking one with your squad in one of The Cromwell suites. As you can see, these ladies slayed their mirror selfie.

the fireworks

New Years Eve Fireworks at Caesars Palace - Top Photo Spots In Las Vegas - Caesars Las Vegas Blog

This photo from New Year’s Eve is lit. If you’re ringing in the New Year in Vegas, the fireworks on the Strip are wild. It’s a picture-taking gold mine. Whether you take the photo from the pedestrian bridge connecting The Cromwell and Caesars Palace, the High Roller or right here in front of Caesars Palace, your photos will rock. Take a look at our favorite New Year’s Eve in Vegas spots to get you psyched for 2018. If you’re planning a trip sooner, the Strip has a fireworks display on Fourth of July as well.


You’re not hallucinating. #vegas #magicmountains

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Finally, let’s take a break from the Strip and expand our horizons. Whether you’re driving from L.A. to Vegas or venturing to the California / Nevada state line to score serious shopping deals, make a quick pit stop to Seven Magic Mountains. It’s fun and colorful like Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino, minus the calories.

You may be asking, why colored rocks in the middle of nowhere? According to Seven Magic Mountains artist Ugo Rondinone, he said the location is physically between the natural and artificial – the mountains and desert representing the natural and the highway and traffic representing the artificial. This was his fun way to depict both. Don’t put this mini road trip off for too long: Seven Magic Mountains is only here until 2018.

With all these photo opps, even a person with mediocre skills can snap killer photos. We can’t wait to see them all.

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  1. Sandip Sehdeve

    Fantastic Post, Great Pics????

  2. Tayla

    I love Vegas… Me and my sis went for 4 days last September, and we are already planning on another Las Vegas adventure next Spring!! We went to New York New York twice, and rode the rollermcoaster there also, and we went on the top of the Effle Tower. But i have bad vertigo when im buzzed so at the time it was a bad idea, but my sis got some gourgeous pictures on top of it of Vegas!! We also went to Fremont Street and that was awesome also!! We didnt do everything we wanted too like go on top of the stratosphere but we will do that next time for sure!! There is just so much to do, and so much to drink lol, I’m excited to go back!!

  3. I used to live in Las Vegas and it seems that everything changes from year to year ! God willing coming to Vegas in June for the NHL Awards and expansion draft. Can’t wait ! #vivalasvegas

  4. Ed Gruberman

    These always seem to mostly be Harrah’s/Caesar’s properties, so how about Voodoo lounge?

  5. Jeannie Garcia

    Hi, Ed! You’re right. Voodoo Lounge at the Rio offers amazing views as well. That’s why we’re open to suggestions because they can add to ours and give visitors even more options. We’ve mentioned Voodoo Lounge in several past articles, including where to go for a bachelorette party and where to watch fireworks. Thanks again for your input and we’ll continue to show love for Voodoo Lounge!