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14 Ways To Get The Most Out of The Voodoo Zipline at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

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There’s one comforting thing about riding the Voodoo Zipline at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino; the onlookers at the swimming pool 51 stories below may hear you scream, but they can’t see the ridiculous look on your face.

For some the comfort might end there, because like most thrill rides, the Voodoo Zipline is meant to spike your adrenaline levels and get your heart racing. For others, the 30+ miles per hour speeds are exactly what they came to Vegas to find.

In order to give readers the best tips for getting the most out of this Las Vegas attraction I volunteered to give the zipline a try and came away with 14 things you should know before you go.

VooDoo ZipLine at Rio las Vegas

Zip through the Vegas skyline - VooDoo Zipline at Rio Las Vegas

Zip thru the Vegas skyline. Photo courtesy of Voodoo Zipline.

1. Skip The Line

The Voodoo Zipline is designed to send two riders at a time over the edge, so before it’s your turn you may have to stand in line awhile. No one likes waiting, so here’s how to avoid it. Book your ticket at and you’ll be able to choose your ride time. If you want to ride during peak times on Thursdays – Sundays, then this is the easiest way to beat the line.

2. Avoid Peak Times

Two more ways to maximize the fun and minimize the wait is to ride during the first part of the day and early in the week. If you’re feeling spontaneous and aren’t planning to book online in advance, then you can still get in, get your kicks and get out in less than an hour by riding when things are less busy. Time is precious in Vegas and you want to pack a lot into your schedule before jetting back home, so here’s my best tip for those in a hurry; arrive early at 11 a.m. when the attraction first opens and/or on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll be flying high before you know it.

3. Identify Yourself

If you’re at least 18 years old, you must have photo identification. Blame the lawyers, but this is mandatory. I saw a European couple nearly get turned away because they didn’t have their photo ID. Ultimately, they were allowed to ride after producing an electricity bill, a long-form birth certificate, a referral from their proctologist and a Federal Reserve Note with a portrait of Ulyssess S. Grant, but the whole thing was rather embarrassing for everyone. Don’t be a troublemaker. Bring your photo ID. Ok? Thanks.

4. Buy The GoPro Video

There are no cameras or selfie sticks of any kind allowed on the zipline so if you want to capture your experience and share it on social media, I recommended adding the GoPro package. You must do this beforehand. If you don’t purchase it they don’t turn it on, so there’s no changing your mind later.

Getting ready to take off on the VooDoo Zipline at the Rio Las Vegas

Strike a pose if you purchase photos of your experience on Voodoo Zipline. Photo courtesy of Voodoo Ziplines.

5. Leave The Photography To The Professionals

The GoPro video isn’t the only camera option. There’s also a pair of still frame cameras mounted in just the right spots. You’re encouraged to have your buddies take all the pictures they want, but don’t forget, you’re on the top of a building and you’re rocketing away from them, so they won’t be capturing your face. The only way to get a share-worthy shot is to break down and buy it. Do it and prove to the world that you survived the trip.

6. Check Your Bag

The zipline has a 450-pound weight limit so your suitcase has to stay behind, but the great thing is there’s plenty of storage. If you’ve checked out of your room (or haven’t yet checked in) and have your luggage in-tow, the staff will store it for you while you experience the zipline. And for small items that you may have taken to the top of the tower with you, there are cubby hole lockers. Empty your pockets and leave your purse in these while you ride. The last thing you want to do is lose your wallet or your rental car keys.

7. Going Up

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who have a fear of heights and those who don’t. If you’re riding the Voodoo Zipline then you’re either excited to be 51 stories above the valley floor, or totally facing your fears. (Way to go!) Either way, choosing the glass elevators is a good way to start your journey. The short ride to the top gives you a great view across the southern part of the city, including a good look at the new Las Vegas Raiders football stadium construction site.

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8. Say Cheese

The first person you’ll meet at the top of the Masquerade Tower is the photographer. They will pose you with your back to the Strip. Smile big because it’s an incredible backdrop and many people consider this the most impressive photo-op of the Strip.

9. Admire The View

While you’re taking a deep breath before descending to the launch zone, take a few seconds to look around. The views are unbeatable. I’ve been to the top of the High Roller Observation Wheel, the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck and the Stratosphere, and this view of Las Vegas is my favorite. You’re not too close to be boxed in by other hotel towers, and not too far or so high that everything seems like it’s miles away. I compare this view to the difference between the view from the Empire State Building and the one at The Top of The Rock at Rockfeller Center.

10. Fright Night

I rode the Voodoo Zipline during the day, which has its own set of thrilling surprises, (which I won’t spoil here) but if you want to really get freaked out, I’m told it’s better to go at night. In the dark, you can’t really see where you’re going, which adds an extra fear factor.

11. Open Your Eyes

Speaking of really scaring someone, Manager James Puckett told me that he’s seen some people bring their friends up blindfolded. If you want to really torture your best friend then slip on a blindfold before entering the lobby downstairs and pull it off right before it’s your turn to ride. The added shock value will have them hanging on to you for dear life as they scream across the abyss.

Say Cheese! Zipping through the air on the VooDoo Zipline at the Rio Las Vegas

Smile you’re on camera. Photo courtesy of Voodoo Zipline.

12. Take A Seat

The Voodoo is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which means even if you’re getting around in a wheelchair you can still have a thrill of a lifetime. Ease up to the top of the tower on the elevator, and once you’re ready for your ride, Travis and Isiah the friendly ride ambassadors, will assist you into the zipline’s ski lift-like seat, and strap you in tight. That’s how Vegas rolls!

13. Say “I Do”

Dropping off the edge of a building is a fantastic way to take the plunge. Puckett says many couples have ridden the zipline as part of their Las Vegas wedding day festivities, some in their wedding gown and tux. For the ultimate Rio Las Vegas experience, you can even have resident magicians Penn & Teller perform a rooftop ceremony before being sent down the wire to your happily ever after.

14. Weak Stomachs Rejoice

Relax, you’re free to load up at the buffet prior to takeoff. According to Puckett, in the four plus years that the Voodoo has been operating, only one person has lost their lunch. The ride is smooth and there’s no lurching or sinking sensation, so motion sickness is not an issue.

That’s it. You’re all set for an exciting experience. Las Vegas is America’s playground and if my elementary school days were any indication, there’s always one piece of equipment that the whole class wants to play with during recess. I’m here to tell you, the Voodoo Zipline at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is worthy of wearing that crown.

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