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We’re Flipping Over Flippy the Flair Bartender

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Flippy creating fun cocktails at Carnaval Court at Harrah's Las Vegas

A picture is worth 1,000 words. In this case, all those words would be complimentary of Flippy. Photo courtesy of Harrah’s Las Vegas.

The Ballad of Flippy the Flair Bartender

This is the ballad about a fellow name Flippy
A maker of drinks, he pours them fast and zippy

Flippy is known for his fabulous flair
As much as he is for having no hair

To the customers’ delight, Flippy does pour
Trick after trick, the crowd lets out a roar

Flip, fly and throw the bottles in the air
Flippy completes tricks without a care

With his terrific tricks, he makes many a friend
That’s why they come see him again and again

For 17 years, this has been his home
The spot where Flippy balances bottles on his dome

Welcome to the show, with Flippy its star
Carnaval Court is the setting, a spectacular bar

Next time you’re in Vegas, look for bottles in the air
It’s there you’ll find Flippy, the bartender with flair

Carnaval Court at Harrah’s Las vegas

While his bust is not yet bronzed outside Harrah’s Las Vegas, we expect it to be one day. Until that glorious celebration comes, we shall be the keepers of the legend of Tim “Flippy” Morris.

We like to think of Flippy as the Kurt Warner of bartending. Like the Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Flippy, too, was working for a grocery store, stocking items and living in anonymity. While Warner was plucked from obscurity and had a dream season with the St. Louis Rams that won him both a regular season and Super Bowl MVP, some say Flippy has the been the MVFBiLV – Most Valuable Flair Bartender in Las Vegas – since he arrived on the Las Vegas scene 17 years ago.

We’re Flipping Over Flippy

How does one go from “stock boy” to celebrated bartending trickster? In Flippy’s case, on a whim. When five friends of Flippy decided to go to bartending school, The Flip Man – as he has come to be known (at least by us) – decided to join them even though he doesn’t drink.

And here’s the kicker: Flippy and The Flippy Five came out to Las Vegas together and are still friends nearly two decades later.

Upon arriving in Sin City, Flippy flopped around for six months at a couple of bars before finding his home at Carnaval Court at Harrah’s Las Vegas. He quickly became a favorite of guests and has served celebrities including Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra.

The bartender soon became as much of an attraction as his bar. Flippy used to practice flair eight hours a day and his strategy paid off.

I practiced what I wanted to practice, not what I didn’t,” Flippy recalls. “If you practice what you think you need to practice, you’re gonna get somebody else’s style. If you practice what you want to practice, you’re gonna get your own style.”

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He sees a lot of repeat customers because of his respect for his craft.

“A lot of people think flair has to do with bartending but it actually doesn’t,” says Flippy. “Flair, by any definition in the dictionary, is just going above and beyond and having fun and making people have fun with what you do. If there is one word to describe flair, it’s fun.”

And fun is had by all in the presence of the Flip-meister – a name nobody calls him, and we just made up for this piece. He is known to wear a blowup dinosaur costume, jump on stage and play guitar with the live band at the bar and of course, balance bottles on his bald head.

He does tricks with names like “A Kiss from a Spider’s Toe” that involve multiple bottles landing on multiple body parts. His most popular move is “The Baby’s Pour,” which involves him manipulating a bottle of alcohol as if he is holding an infant child.

But nothing compares to his signature trick and the toughest to learn, “The Pyramid of Death,” which involves Flippy constructing the aforementioned structure out of bottles then balancing them on top of one vertical-standing bottle, then balancing the entire thing on his head, then walking around the entire bar while blowing his whistle and getting the audience excited. Word on the street is that said “Pyramid” weighs around 60 pounds.

While it looks incredibly difficult, Flippy has the trick on lock, having performed it every day for the last 17 years.

“In reality I could do it while checking my phone,” he says.

Flippy balances The Pyramid of Death - Carnaval Court at Harrah's Las Vegas

Flippy balances The Pyramid of Death as cell phones comeout around the bar. Photo by Jennifer Whitehair / Total Vegas Blog.

Yes, Señor Fliperino – also not a real nickname – is such a flair maestro that his skills have gone global.

“I’ve been all over the world (with flair), as close as LA and as far as Australia,” says the multi-time flair competition winner.

And if you’re wondering what to order in the presence of the star bartender, Flippy recommends his signature drink: The Fickle Dip. The FD is a concoction of Captain Morgan Rum, Amaretto, Triple Sec, pineapple, orange juice and lime juice.

The origin of the name is as tasty as the drink itself. Flippy recalls, “I’ve been making the drink for years (under a different name). Somebody came to the bar and requested it. His date went up to the room and he texted her, ‘Are you coming back down?’ She texted back, ‘I can’t, I’m f’d up.’ But it auto-corrected to fickle dip. And so the guy said the name of the drink is The Fickle Dip.”

Now to answer the most important question: With almost two decades behind him at Harrah’s Las Vegas, does Flippy see himself stopping any time soon?

Says our man Flippy, “I’ll bartender till the day I die if they let me. You’ll know I don’t work here when you see the scratch marks on top of the stairs from dragging me out. That’s the only way I’m getting me out. If they wrote up a contract for another 20 years, I’d sign it without even reading it.”

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  1. Tim is one of the greatest entertainer when comes to behind the bar and his smile , dedicated to what he does as bartender is inspiring lots of bartenders I am one of them when I watched him on YouTube. I have never met him . May be one day. This guy is Mr hero in my 8 years flair bartending carriers. I work as flair bartender in Celebrity cruises . May be one day i travel to Los Vegas to watch him live. Thanks.