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What to Wear in Vegas for Men & Women

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Planning a trip to Las Vegas and don’t know what to wear? Aside from booking a sweet suite, one of the most challenging tasks for both new and returning visitors is picking what to pack for your Vegas vacation. Let’s face it, partiers seeking day clubs, nightlife and great cocktails are going to have radically different suitcases than families traveling with young children.

But have no fear: We put together an easy and quick guide on what to wear in Las Vegas, whether your plans include sightseeing, lounging at the pool or dominating the dance floor at a nightclub.

Ready, set, shop!


Sightseeing, attractions, shopping, casual restaurants

+Examples: Walking the Strip, hitting The LINQ promenade and Eiffel Tower Experience observation deck

Whether you decide on an impromptu ride on Rio’s VooDoo Zipline or a spin on the High Roller observation wheel, you’ll want to be comfortable when you’re out and about during the day. The biggest rookie mistake? Thinking walking the entire Las Vegas Strip is an easy, short stroll. Take a look at this interactive Strip map to help plan your day. The Strip is four miles long with quite a few traffic lights, so you’ll likely be out of breath just getting from Harrah’s Las Vegas to Planet Hollywood. Our advice? Pace yourself and wear comfortable shoes. If it’s blazing hot outside, dress cool and note there are tons of bars and eateries right off the Boulevard, so you can pop in, bask in the water misters and enjoy the sights on your break.

While summer temperatures seem to last about six months (generally from May to October), the casinos are also heavily air conditioned, often to a wintry chill. If you want to plant yourself there for several hours, it might be best to bright a light jacket or sweater. And girls, don’t even try to walk the Strip in wedges or heels. Flats or tennis shoes are ideal—flip flops work too, but beware that your feet will turn black by the end of the day from street dust. If you plan on partaking in some shopping sprees, you might want to pack an extra duffel bag or suitcase to fill with all your goodies.

Vegas’ signature buffets are prevalent up and down the Strip, as are plenty of gluttonous restaurants (hello Guy Fieri!). Be sure not to wear anything too tight, so you can take advantage of our foodie town.

Dayclubs and party pools

+Examples: Drai’s Beach Club, Venus Pool Club, Flamingo GO Pool, The LINQ Pool

As the birthplace of the daytime pool club, Las Vegas is all about skin when partying poolside. Think of how you would get ready to go to a nightclub—except swap out your clothing for a swim suit. Don’t be surprised if you see girls hit the pool in full makeup, false eyelashes, fully styled hair, jewelry and high heels or wedges—this is very common. Grab a barely-there cover-up and cute, teeny bikini from Beach Bunny or Victoria’s Secret and you’re ready to hit the waves.

Guys, make sure to at least run some gel through your hair, and don’t forget the Ray Bans—leave the gym shorts at home…

*On another note, most of the party pools feature heavy security at the door. Don’t bring gum, mints, or any kind of OTC or prescription pills in your bag—you’ll get searched and they’ll get tossed immediately.

Hotel pools

+Examples: Hotel pools at Bally’s, Harrah’s, Paris and Rio; Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace and Beach Club Pool at Flamingo

Feel free to come as you are—all the main hotel pools are so big that they attract every kind of age and look under the sun (literally). From covered-up conservatives and families from around the world to bachelor and bachelorette parties and couples on a romantic retreat, there isn’t one set dress code. Pack your flip-flops and sunscreen and throw on a cover-up—the pool provides towels, restrooms, food and cocktail service.


Upscale dinners, shows and bars

+Examples: Seeing a show at The Colosseum or Zappos Theater, Restaurant Guy Savoy, Giada, Nobu and Mesa Grill

Another great thing about packing a Vegas wardrobe is you can pretty much go as casual or dressy as you want, and no one will bat an eye. Hit Celine Dion at The Colosseum and you might see looks ranging from a truck driver to a girl going to prom. Every ethnicity, culture, demographic and traveler type hits Vegas eventually, so expect a wide range of styles all meshed together in concert halls and restaurants.

Dress a little on the nicer side if hitting one of the more upscale restaurants, such as celebrity chef concepts—think a button-down or blazer for the guys and a cute dress for the ladies (don’t forget a cardigan in case it gets chilly). Shows do not have dress codes, only nightclubs do; however, you’ll undoubtedly be taking enviable vacation pictures—might as well add a little glitz and glam to your outfits!

Upscale lounges

+Examples: FIZZ, Vista Cocktail Lounge, Lobby Bar, Le Central, Bound

Take bar-hopping to a glamorous level and hit these swanky watering holes around the Strip. You don’t have to dress up as extreme as if you were going to a nightclub (but can if you want to), but at least be mindful enough to look ready to hit the town. Guys, definitely transition your look from day to night and nix shorts and flip flops. Many of these fancy lounges are filled with beautiful people dressed to the nines, so why not splurge on some sequins or that designer shirt you’ve had your eye on?

Your heels don’t have to be the highest, your dress doesn’t have to be the shortest and your pants don’t have to be Tom Ford—just make sure you look presentable enough for sipping that handcrafted cocktail or Dom Pérignon.


+Examples: OMNIA Nightclub, Drai’s Nightclub, Chateau Nightclub

Prepare yourself: dressing up can get pretty competitive when it comes to going to actual Las Vegas nightclubs—real, doorman-heavy, music-pounding, heart-pumping nightclubs with velvet ropes and guests lists. You don’t know how many times I have put together what I thought what the hottest, most unique outfit, only to realize me and 1,000 other girls had the same idea that night. (That said, it isn’t all about how you look. The real objective here is dancing with your friends, drinking until dawn and listening to the DJ spin as you dance.)

As far as what to wear in Las Vegas to gain nightclub access, groups of girls dressed to the nines bypass lines a lot faster than the less well-dressed. Put on your best rhinestone party dress and some dressy heels and you’ll be fine. Dark jeans and a sexy top works, too! For men, some nightclubs have strict rules when it comes to shoes and hats—and don’t be caught dead in shorts and flip flops here. Jeans are always allowed as long as they are nice (read: no holes!) and preferably darker. Don’t wear tennis shoes, as you may get rejected immediately, even with a table reservation. Groups of men with nice dress shoes will always be favored over those with more casual kicks. No hats, either. Female partygoers can’t resist a man who dresses up, so pick a nice designer shirt that’s cut well and fits great. Zegna, John Varvatos, Hugo Boss, Versace and Armani Exchange are all excellent places at The Forum Shops at Caesars to find a suave dress shirt for the night.

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