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Get All Up in the Grill of Total Rewards

Last updated: March 20, 2012 at 10:33 am. Posted by in Caesars Entertainment, Total Rewards. Comments Off on Get All Up in the Grill of Total Rewards.

The spring edition of Total Rewards magazine is out, and it’s our favorite installment ever. Read it.

Total Rewards, of course, is the player loyalty program of Caesars Entertainment, and the Total Rewards magazine is its official publication.

Total Rewards magazine

Why do photo captions always have to "be interesting" or "provide useful information," anyway?

Why is this our favorite edition? First, it features the new look and feel of Total Rewards, specifically some nifty light trails that look like the result of a wild night of partying at Nikola Tesla’s place.

It’s also our favorite edition so far because of the wildly entertaining mention of this blog on page 7. But mostly the Total Rewards stuff.

Fascinating fact from the magazine’s page 3: According to a recent poll on the Total Rewards Facebook page, 23% of gamblers believe their significant others bring them luck. Also, 21% use jewelry as a good luck charm (hello, gender bias) and 4% believe their players card brings them luck.

Thanks the miracle of the Interwebs, you can peruse the spring edition of Total Rewards magazine online. Perusing is like reading, but just sounds fancier. Check it out.

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