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It’s Maxim, Just Without, You Know, the Maxim

Last updated: August 18, 2011 at 10:00 am. Posted by in Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Casinos, Total Rewards. Comments Off on It’s Maxim, Just Without, You Know, the Maxim.

The new Total Rewards magazine is on newsstands now!

Which is a complete lie, because we’re fairly sure they’re not sold on newsstands. They are, however, mailed to Total Rewards (the player loyalty club of Caesars Entertainment) members. Not all of them. But quite a few. We think it’s a “tier” thing. Learn more about which members get what.

Total Rewards magazine

Sure, Elton John might have a million dollar piano, but you should see this Las Vegas blog's organ.

That said, you can check out the latest Total Rewards magazine in person through the miracle that is the Internet! Go here for the virtual version that replicates the actual magazine, just without the papercuts.

Yes, companies stopped replicating magazines online back in 2003. But that’s not what this is all about. This is all about the fact you can see professionally-written articles (not like blogs, thankfully) about Elton John (coming to Caesars Palace), a slew of new restaurants at Total Rewards hotels in Atlantic City, playing casino games for free at, how to get Total Reward Credits just by checking in with, something about the World Series of Poker we couldn’t make it through because there were so many words, Hispanic Heritage Month, “100 Days of Reno” and the Great Race to Rewards giveaway sweepstakes thingy we’ve talked about in this blog on a couple of occasions.

Enjoy the new Total Rewards magazine. It’s on us.

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