So, You Wanna Be a “Diamond in a Day”

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One of the perks of playing at Total Rewards casinos (at resorts in the Caesars Entertainment family) is achieving progressively higher tier levels as you rack up “Tier Credits.”

Total Rewards “tiers” are Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Seven Stars. Each tier level has increasingly appealing benefits. See the details here.

Total Rewards cards

These cards have juice!

In most cases, achieving a new tier status takes time, but did you know there’s a way to become a Diamond player in one day?

Becoming a Diamond player means you’ll have access to the sweet Diamond Lounges at Total Rewards casinos. There, you’ll find snacks and quiet and Internet access and friendly servers who will bring you complimentary cocktails. That’s just this blog’s favorite Diamond perk, but there are others. As a Diamond, you’ll also get priority hotel check-in privileges, and you can zip past lines at casino cages and at Total Rewards Centers. There’s even a VIP room reservation hotline for Diamond players.

Here’s how you get to be a “Diamond in a day.”

You can become a Diamond by earning 3,000 Tier Credits in one day at one casino. You can be a Gold or Platinum member to do this (sorry, no renewals for existing Diamond players).

Pretty straightforward, right?

“How does one earn Tier Credits?” you ask. Your petulance is duly noted.

Here’s how it works: One Tier Credit is earned for every $5 (coin-in) played on a reel slot machine and every $10 (coin-in) played on a video poker machine. For table games, Tier Credits are based on one’s length of play, average bet and game type.

Total Rewards

Insert gratuitous Total Rewards logo here.

More good news: Tier Credits can also be earned in ways other than gambling. You can also earn them when you make a purchase at a participating restaurant or entertainment venue. Earn a Tier Credit for every $5 spent on your entertainment and food purchases at participating outlets. Make sure to present your Total Rewards card. They’re not psychics. Probably.

Some additional small print: If you achieve your Diamond status January through November, it’s valid through March of the following year. If it’s achieved in December, it’s valid for the following year through March of the year after.

One word of caution. The “day” in question isn’t a calendar day, but more like a 24-hour period, so ask someone at the casino’s Total Rewards Center for details.

We’ll see you in the Diamond Lounge!

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29 Responses

  1. It only costs 15,000 in 24 hours to accomplish this…. no big deal!

  2. While it’s certainly not easy, that’s not entirely accurate, Mike. It doesn’t “cost” that much, you just have to wager that much. If you put $100 in a $1 five coin slot machine, spin 10 times a minute for 30 minutes and cash out just $50, it’s cost you $50, but your coin-in is $1500.

  3. To accomplish that you must hit for $5.00 minimum at least 1/2 the time!! THAT’S HARD!!

  4. I’m Diamond , not going to be Diamond again , not what it use to be . Better off saving the money and buying the food, drinks and rooms yourself. It’s no big deal anymore . You have to gamble $55,000 dollars to get it and they still charge you 20 comp dollars to get into the diamond lounge , to get sub par food. Buy a new car and pay your own way you’ll be better off , trust me. You might not get a free buffet or a ten dollar watch ,lol . But you will have a pocket filled money. Oh yea the birthday gift last year 10 comp dollars , this year 5 comp dollars what a joke , a bad joke…..

  5. Lisa

    not very fair to those of us who frequent your casinos all year to become diamond…someone can do that in one day and then maybe never come back. And it does not cost $55,000.00….if you recycle your money as you are playing it counts as coin in…my friend and i both keep track of wins/losses and have never spent anything near that and have been diamond for years…penny machines and playing smart…but i agree, diamond status is not what it used to be…really nothing that special.

  6. Wow, that means you would have to spend a lot of money in 1 day!!:(

  7. Diamond Member use to be great…..Now it is not such a big deal… They have change alot…..

  8. i’ve been going to Caesars properties since 1989 and once the casinos started merging, the ‘comp’ quality and service have gone down hill. Back in the day, you play for 3-4 hours, you could get a $20 comp to breakfast. Now, everything is based on ‘credits’ earned, even after 3-4 hours of play, you discover you only have $5. It’s total BS. And you wonder why, people don’t come to AC to play. Table player are especially screwed since the Pit bosses RARELY update or track ‘bets’ accurately. they only put how much money you started and set the bet to be the table minimum. I rarely stay at the minimum bet and don’t get any credit for when I’m betting higher amounts.

  9. Denise

    So are you saying that if I earn Diamond in October (this month), it will only be good until March 2013, but if I wait till December to earn it, it will be good until March 2014??? doesn’t make sense

  10. I have to agree that the food (in the Diamond Lounge) isn’t what it used to be. It was much better before the economic and housing market crashed (2008), but I think things started to chang after 9-11. Used to have sushi, cracked crab, etc., and now it’s chicken wings, bread, some select deserts, etc.

  11. McGuffey

    I have to agree with the comments below. Diamond used to be special…the best perk I see now is no waiting in buffet lines..and a couple gifts a year. The perks have really skinnied down since the 7Stars level appeared. Wonder if Harrahs/ Caesars could exist without its diamond patrons.? I talk to a lot of people in casinos that are starting to wonder if spending ALL of their entertainment budget in these casinos is worth it. Some of the Indian casinos offer more in cash/ free play. How many 7Stars could there possibly be?

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks for your post, Nick. Not that we can do anything about this. We are just a blog, but our team members read the blog, and they might be able to help. Fingers crossed.

  13. Anonymous

    Note: It’s not technically spending if you’re winning. We’re just saying.

  14. Anonymous

    We appreciate hearing your thoughts about this.

  15. Anonymous

    True dat.

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks for clarifying that, Dean. These large numbers being cited don’t take any wins into account.

  17. I made Diamond In July and could have sworn they said it was good until March 2014. I think I even asked about it in August because my card say March 2013. Anyhow, I have never been charged any comp dollars for any of the diamond lounges in Vegas.

  18. I am not a Diamond but I get FREE rooms and $25 free to play when ever I go up! I love the casino’s and the benefits they give me!

  19. A couple points about Diamond levels the new listings on the TR site are awful as they don’t state anything. At least in the past there were specific listings per properties, which was beneficial. If the new corporate process is to not list them, so they can slowly pull them away then let me go on record as saying it’s a bad one. There isn’t much point in ‘chasing’ a status that doesn’t describe it’s benefits, what’s there now doesn’t really offer any incentive for a player to get much beyond platinum, as the benefits listed are marginal at best.

    I understand this isn’t a POV question or issue, but as you’ve advised in the comments, others do read this and hopefully they’ll take the feedback. I’ve also sent the feedback through the site email.

  20. Anonymous

    Let’s face it, they are not building $300,000,000 casino for you to win. You keep betting and spinning the wheels and then put in another $100. They have cut down on comps and watch the smallest bet to get an edge.

  21. Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment! Actually, the house always has the edge. Loyalty programs do provide some value for one’s gambling dollars, however.

  22. Anonymous

    Definitely appreciate the feedback, and your thoughts always get into the right hands.

  23. Anonymous

    Well, thank you for saying that. People seem to forget that there was a time when loyalty programs didn’t exist at all. Getting perks for your play is pretty sweet.

  24. larry robidoux

    It is nice having a Diamond card but it isn’t the only way to get good comps. I have been gold/Platinum and Diamond with all 3 I have been givin good comps althou the Diamond and Platinum were a little I got Diamond in a day at Imperial Palace on New Years Eve 2009 and it was good till March 2011 so it was well worth the time and money I played. The offers were great following this and I believe for a few months the Money was around $500 or so and was getting atleast 3 to 4 offers a week for free rooms/food/ enteries and so on. It was nice but overwhelming. I still think that Harrahs/Caesars Total Rewards is by far the best comps in Vegas and I wouldnt play any place else…

  25. Matthew Montgomery

    You can also get Diamond Status by becoming a member of Founders Card ( The annual fee is $795, but there’s a $300 discount with a referral code. Pricy, but a good way to get Diamond “befoe” your visit (It took 3 weeks for my status to jump from lowly Gold to Diamond, once joining Founders Card!)

    Use my referral code FCROBERT815 for a preferred invite at:

  26. Chris

    Diamond status is not what it used to be. true statement… There was a time when there was no loyalty program. Also a true statement… But there was also a time when I could ask the pit boss if he could get tickets for the hottest show in Vegas tonight, and he would get me those tickets at no charge. When the craps table was packed, and the pit boss would make room for me (even if he had to ask someone to leave). Vegas has had many faces over the years (good and bad). They have grown to rely on volume and not the whales. Loyalty programs exist so that a player may chase that next level and spend more then they might normally spend. Just stick to your bankroll plan (what ever that may be), and enjoy your gambling experience. If you get something from the loyalty program that is a little icing, the ‘cake’ comes when you it that jackpot or roll the dice for an hour.

  27. If you wish for to get a good deal from this paragraph then you have to apply such techniques to your won blog.

  28. Helena

    I am a Diamond member and have been going to Harrah’s in Philadelphia,Pa. for the past two years. Whenever I visit the Casino, my fiance and I visit the Diamond Lounge. The menu selection is fantastic in taste and presentation. All servers and hosts are most cordial and are always there to assist. This is the only Diamond Lounge I have visited so I cannot compare to others.

  29. Deb

    I just got diamond status in July, spent three nights at Caesars Palace in August and was truly treated like royalty. Private hotel registration office with complimentary soft drinks and sweets. Got free tickets to my choice of some decent shows. I went to “Million dollar quartet”. Got to jump ahead of about 100 people at the buffet for breakfast and totally loved the diamond lounge where the staff was excellent, had a few bombay saphire martinis and nice appetizer buffet. It was very comfortable and a pleasant oasis. Look forward to checking out the other diamond lounges on my next trip to vegas!