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Food Fight: Q&A With Anne Burrell


Las Vegas is used to hosting prizefights—but this time, the knives really did come out. In the new Food Network series Vegas Chef Prizefight, eight chefs battled to become head chef at Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse at Flamingo Las Vegas. The champion of chow is Lamar Moore, veteran of several top Chicago restaurants.

Anne Burrell

Vegas Chef Prizefight host and judge Anne Burrell. Photo courtesy of Food Network.

Hosted by Anne Burrell, the seven-episode series challenged chefs to create dishes and prove they have the talent leadership and determination to run the high-profile restaurant. Moore and his competitors showed their skills in restaurants including BLT Steak, El Burro Borracho, GIADA, MR CHOW and Restaurant Guy Savoy.

“We brought in a group of chefs who were participating in this interview process, and the last chef left standing now gets to be the head chef of the brand-new Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse in the Flamingo,” says Burrell. “It’s very exciting!”

Vegas Chef Prizefight competitors

Vegas Chef Prizefight competitors. Photo courtesy of Food Network.

What technical skills were you searching for?

We were looking for all of it. The chef of such a giant organization needs to have great experience, great leadership skills, and clearly great cooking abilities. There was a lot involved in this because there’s a lot at stake.

Why is Las Vegas such a great backdrop to host this type of program?

To put your head down, hone your craft, learn as much as you can, accept your failures as much as your successes, keep a level head, and to remember that
being a chef is also about being a great leader and teacher.

Las Vegas has become a culinary mecca. What makes it so appealing?

In such a small area, there is probably the biggest collection of world-renowned chefs, probably more than anywhere else in the world. People come to Vegas to get something that they can’t get in their normal life.

Vegas Chef Prizefight judges

Vegas Chef Prizefight judges. Photo courtesy of Food Network.

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