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Gordon Ramsay’s Guide To Winning The Dinner Party

The Ramsay Rules

The holidays, football playoffs and Hollywood award season bring plenty of opportunities to host a dinner party for family and friends. This year pull an audible and improvise to impress your guests with elevated dishes using these tips from acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay. “The key to a memorable get-together is keeping the food fun, easy, and mobile,” Ramsay says. “I love pick and dip items — finger food.”

Throw The Perfect Party

Keep It Bite Sized

“You want food that’s not too awkward. Nothing too clumsy,” Ramsay explains. Instead of big, unwieldy slices, he says to “cut flatbread pizzas into almost biscuit-size pieces”.

Prepare Surf ‘N Turf

Pair sweet roasted honey-glazed lollipop chicken wings with shrimp. “To take your wings up a notch, combine them with a light, crisp shrimp tempura batter that’s seasoned with a touch of curry powder; then add a sweet honey glaze on the wings. Delicious.”

Serve Salad In Mason Jars

Ramsay prefers this easy, no-mess method of serving salad. “Shake it up, walk around with a fork, and eat it out of the jar. Portable. Put the lid back on and go back to it two or three minutes later, and it’s still crisp.”

Freeze Fruit In Ice

Add blueberries, raspberries or loganberries to your ice-cube tray and freeze. “it’s quite nice when you see ice cubes full of fruit. It’s a glamorous way to walk around with a cocktail,” he says.

Keep It Cool

Our favorite dessert is never cake- or biscuit- based,” Ramsay reveals. His preference is a caramelized pineapple yogurt parfait topped with a champagne granita. “We serve it like a shot”.

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