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The Life Of Bourbon Room Believer Troy Burgess

Troy Burgess Rock of Ages at Rio All-Suites Hotel & CasinoWhen “Don’t Stop Believin'” is performed to great enthusiasm during ROCK OF AGES, Troy Burgess is swept back to his youth—more specifically, to the car of his youth. “I’m in my old Volkswagen Rabbit,and I’m listening to Journey on the cassette player,” says Burgess, who plays Bourbon Room proprietor Dennis Dupree in the stage musical at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. “That was the anthem of my life.”

These days, Burgess cruises Vegas in his white Eco Diesel 1500 RAM pickup,equipped with air-conditioned seats and Wi-Fi in the cabin. “I look at my life, in general, and go, ‘Come on,’ “Burgess says. “I seem to have the same consistent, happy feeling all throughout my days here. I really do.” There’s a lot for Burgess to celebrate, as ROCK OF AGES roars into its fourth year in Las Vegas.

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ROCK OF AGES is performed nightly at 7:30 p.m. at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Tickets can be purchased by calling (702) 777-2782 or online at

Set in 1987 on L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip, the metal musical tells the story of Detroit boy Drew, and small-town girl Sherrie, both chasing their dreams with hopes of making it big. Burgess, donning a multicolored shirt that fits snugly around his belly and underneath his fringy leather vest, plays the slightly addled visionary operator of the Bourbon Room — a place to which Burgess readily relates to.”Every tiny bit of it sings to me,” he says, adding, “other than there’s no PBR [Pabst Blue Ribbon] on tap. Then it would be spot-on. But my dressing room looks exactly like the Bourbon Room. I’ve got memorabilia all over the walls.”

While not in his plans, Burgess moved to Las Vegas when his wife, Yesina, landed a job as a dancer in the stage production “Fantasy.” “Vegas was never on my radar, not even for a second. But it is probably one of the coolest surprises in my life, to live and work here. “Another cool surprise came when a famous rocker visited Burgess after a performance and related a story of a song he co-wrote when Burgess was a teenager. The artist was Jonathan Cain. The song? “Don’t Stop Believin’.” He comes up to us after the show and you find yourself thinking, ‘Wow,I’ll be lucky to spend fifteen or twenty seconds with him;’ and it was actually about five minutes,” Burgess explains.”He told us the whole story, and we were there listening to him; and I have to tell you, that was definitely a standout moment.”As the cast of ROCK OF AGES sings in every show—hold onto that feeling.

Photos Courtesy Of Rock Of Ages/Denise Truscello

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