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Haute Chocolate: Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Maker A First For The Las Vegas Strip

There is something about chocolate that takes us all back to those carefree days of our youth when we were rewarded with a taste. As we age, chocolate continues to  play a  starring role in our lives, often as a decadent treat to cap off a meal. Knowing the popularity of the sweet indulgence and the pure joy it brings, chefs Matthew Silverman and Matthew Piekarski decided to leave the kitchen and get into the chocolate-making business in 2015. After a year of traveling to learn the business, they opened HEXX kitchen + bar at Paris Las Vegas. Their rise to talented chocolatiers has been nothing short of remarkable.

“Chocolate is the number-one flavor profile in the world. It resonates with everyone,” states Silverman. “For us, it’s about making the best, most pure chocolate we can.” The pair accomplishes this by buying directly from bean growers. They pull their cacao beans from six countries, all of which are located either 20 degrees north or south of the equator. And while large manufacturers mask the taste of their chocolate by roasting the beans at a very high temperature for a more generic flavor, HEXX preserves the nuances and regional flavor identity of each bean.

“We want our chocolate to taste like the country where the beans are grown,” Silverman explains. “So every time you get an Ecuador, Peru or Venezuela bar from us, they taste uniquely different from each other.” Today, these modern-day Willy Wonkas are producing up to 5,000 snap-perfect chocolate bars daily and 30 tons of chocolate yearly—all from the small room visible in their Strip-side shop and tasting room.

“We want people to come inside and teach them how chocolate is manufactured, how to taste it, and how to appreciate fine-flavored chocolate,” says Piekarski.

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