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Reba, Brooks & Dunn: Wild West Show

“We go on vacations together. We love hanging out, and we love playing music. We figured, let’s do it somewhere besides a campfire so some folks will show up and hear us again.”
—Kix Brooks

The first time he performed with Reba McEntire in 1992, Ronnie Dunn recalls her noticing his Cheyenne belt buckle and “sizing him up,” wondering just how much of a cowboy he was. Reba’s father and grandfather were champion steer ropers — real cowboys — and she wasn’t sure about Dunn. Years later, after they became close friends, Dunn got a giant “COWBOY” tattoo on his forearm to hammer home the point, and Reba still won’t let him live it down. Dunn recently joked about it during a show at The Colosseum: “I’m not even gonna start on the tattoo thing. It was a long tequila night in Los Angeles,” he said with a pause, adding, “I’ll never play a rodeo again.” This is the type of good-natured ribbing and storytelling Reba, Kix Brooks and Dunn bring to the Caesars Palace stage, often poking fun at each other while talking about the inspiration behind the lyrics of some of their most famous songs.

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